Thursday, June 30, 2011

I know I know I am such a slacker....
Not much has been going on though so that is a good thing, If something goes on I always post it on Facebook.

This past month has flown by the kids got out of School on June 9th and have been driving me crazy ever since. They had there 10th Birthday Party at the Skating Palace on June 11th there friends from School showed up and they had a great time they really made out got lots of gift cards and money from family. We celebrated Father's Day at my Mom's house. The girls Birthday happened to fall on Father's Day this year so we had a Barbecue.

The next day after the girls Birthday Party they came down with Strep Throat, then Logan and I got a bad cold it took over a week to get rid of. I am so glad we are all healthy now.

Last week we had Tile installed in both bathrooms upstairs, they did a really good job everything looks really nice.

Richard got home this morning so he has 4 days off which I am excited about. get to spend some time together.

Next weekend Richard is taking a few days off because we are going to California to visit family then we are going to Huntington Beach on Saturday, then Sunday we are going to the water park. The kids are really excited just a mini vacation. Want to get away from the heat in Vegas.

Other than that everyone is doing good. My Neighbor is having a block Party/Barbecue Monday then we plan on letting off a lot of Illegal Fireworks. LOL