Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The painting is all done in the family room now I am wanting to do the Bathroom and Kitchen next I am just tired of seeing white walls everywhere I go. Richard is not thrilled about painting again but is always there to lend a hand. I am very happy with the color I love it. It makes everything POP. Today while the girls were in school we got alot of Christmas shopping done. It is really nice having him home on vacation this week, I am loving it. We went to Babies R Us today and bought Logan a Little Tykes swing and he loved it the higher and faster it went the more excited he got. He was in it for 1/2 hour which I though was a long time and he never cried. Everyone is healthy here in the Lee household. The girls are doing good they can not wait until Friday night. Logan is doing great nothing new to report here. We had alot of fun in California Sunday it was a very short trip but worth it. I always love spending time with my cousin. Thanks for checking up on us.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

I though I would post something very quick, wanted to let everyone how we are doing. We are great. Richard started his Vacation Friday so we went out and ran errands together while the girls were in school got lots done. Then this morning in Southern Highlands (other side of town) we went to the park were they had booths set up for trick or treating and different charities were there, well Children's Heart Foundation was invited for the first time and of course we went. We received a Free Lunch and T-Shirts we had a really nice time My Very good friend Kathy (Isaac's) mom met us there we did not have time to visit at all it was just so loud there with the music blaring I was enjoying it they played some really good music but of course Logan cryed the whole time we were there so we only stayed for an hour. The girls enjoyed themselves for the short time we were there. We never take Logan out anywhere so we just have to slowly introduce him to new things. Sunday we are going to Victorville, California for the day to visit my Aunt and Cousin so they can see Logan. We start painting the walls on Monday we already painted the trim and put up tape everywhere. Have to get dinner started. Thanks for checking in on us.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

OK so Logan went and saw his GI Surgeon today because of his Hernia and she said she does not need to operate. The hernia is the size of a marble and it is not big enough to go in and take it out, so in 3 months we go back in and have an upper GI to see if it is getting bigger, for now she will just watch it to make sure it does not grow any bigger. I was kinda hoping she would operate so she would redo his fundoplication. She said he is just to complex with him having a big Liver and all his organs reversed it is just to hard to do. The only way she will go in is if the Hernia gets bigger. And I said what about him throwing up every single feed. You know what she told me well just put him on a continues feed yeah right and when is he supposed to get down on the floor and play, roll over, sit or learn to walk NEVER... You can tell I am not happy. She Suggested a GJtube I said no way I do not want him in the ER every week because it falls out also having a bag attached to his hip that would really set him back. So for now I will just continue to dilute his formula give him his meds and watch him throw up every 3 hours. She did not want me diluting his formula because then he is not getting the calories he needs, well I am not worried about that right now she said he is a chunk, he is a big boy but he did lose a pound even though you can not tell. He is in the 75th percentile on his weight and height. He is now 14 1/2 months old 31.9 inches long and 23lbs 4oz.
Other than that is is doing great He is all over the place. When he is on his back he pushes his feet on the ground to slide everywhere even the tile after a couple of minutes he will start to cry because every time he lifts his head up it will hit the tile OUCH, I have to keep an eye on him.
I also have to add that he has been a very happy baby lately (at home) just laughing all the time and screaming and saying dada really loud he does not know what he is saying but my husband is loving it. Thanks for all your prayers for my Dad he is getting better every day.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Well Not much went on this weekend with the kids, everyone is healthy which I am very thankful for. We all got our Flu shot because of Mr. Logan.
I asked Richard to take the weekend off and spend time with us, actually I put him to work all day Saturday doing things around the house. We also went paint shopping next week when Richard is on Vacation we plan on painting the family room a Peanut Butter color it is very pretty I love the color. I will take pictures and post when we are all done. This week I plan on painting the trim and doors white so by the end of the week I can tape so we can get started this Saturday with moving the Furniture. If we are not to tired I also want to paint the Kitchen. Might as well get it all done when he is on Vacation right :)
My Dad got released from the hospital Saturday So today we went to his house and spent most of the day over there. He is doing better but still in alot of pain, he is expected to go back to work in a few weeks. Thanks for your prayers and concern. Logan has P.T. in the morning I hope he shows off for Nora and shows her some improvement in his sitting. Hope everyone had a nice weekend, I am off to bed I am exhausted.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Elizabeth went and saw Dr. Weingarten Wednesday and we found out she will be having a Bilateral Myringotomy with Tubes and an Adenoidectomy on November 6th. She also had a hearing test done and found out she has a little bit of hearing loss in her right ear. Even with all of the Antibiotics she has been taking she still continues to get infections so this should do the trick. She had tubes put in both ears when she was 3 years old and they fell out about a year ago since then she has been having alot of problems.

Elizabeth is doing a little better in school but not at home when it comes to doing school work she really struggles. I got a letter from her teacher saying that certain kids that need the extra help will study and take different spelling tests than the other students. So because both of my kids need that extra help they will be given different spelling tests. Every Thursday they are given a pretest and if they pass they do not have to take the spelling test on Friday, well today both my kids got a 100% on there pre-spelling test I was so excited for them that was huge they have never received a 100% on a spelling test before. They were so proud of themselves.

Logan had Therapy this morning and he did so good, he sat by himself for 1 minute, I was so excited. His therapist said he should be sitting in no time, I am hoping by Christmas but we will see. He gets to a point were he sits for a very short time then he will throw himself back, his P.T. said it could be behavioral problems. I don't think it is, he is only 14 months old of course he does growl at me :)

My Dad had his surgery Tuesday they removed his Eleventh Rib to get to his Kidney and removed the top half of his Kidney, it was cancer they got it all. He is doing good, he had to have 2 blood transfusions today. He is in a lot of pain, We hope to see him home in a few days.
Richard is doing good, He took last Saturday off and we were able to spend the weekend together as a family it was really nice.
Logan sees his Surgeon Tuesday to talk about having surgery for his Hernia. I am doing good hanging in there just really tired all the time. Have to go, Thanks for checking in on us.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Sorry it has taken me a couple of days to post it has been very hectic around here all weekend. Well Logan went to have his Scope done and they found out he has a Paraesophageal Hernia: Definition is: This occurs when the stomach twists upon itself and moves into the chest alongside the esophagus. Patients may have difficulty swallowing or reflux symptoms. There is a risk for the stomach to loose its blood flow and potentially rupture. If patients have symptoms these should be repaired laparoscopically. Repair by the traditional method through the chest can result in tremendous morbidity.
They also saw some abnormalities on his stomach wall they Biopsied it and I will have the results Wednesday. I already have an appt. to see his G.I. Surgeon on Oct 21st. to see about an operation to remove it. If they are going to operate I will try and talk her into redoing his Fundoplication. This Hernia might be the cause of all his vomiting his G.I Doctor told me. So we will have to wait and see what happens. Sorry to keep this so short but Logan just vomited and I have to go. Thanks for checking in on us. Karen

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Well not much has been going on in the Lee household this week. I did have some family down from California it was a very short visit, My Aunt an Uncle got to see Logan for the first time They just loved him to death. Logan had therapy this morning and he did good sat up on his own for about 7 sec. he is slowly getting there. Now that Elizabeth switched Teachers she is doing a little better in her class. The work she brings home is 100%. But she does have alot of help doing it. I plan on going to the Library this week and getting some hooked on phonics for her reading and work with her on the weekends. Alicia is doing good in school she loves to read to me at night and is doing very well. Logan has been throwing up alot this week, almost every feed I give him and I don't know why. He is still having his Scope this Friday and I am glad. I hope by doing this they will see that he has to have his Fundo redone. I found out a few weeks ago that my Dad has Cancer, he will be having surgery Tuesday to try and remove it from his Kidney if not they will just remove his Kidney. So I have been sad and depressed lately just stressed out alot about my Dad and Logan always throwing up. Richard having to work every weekend. I am really looking forward to his vacation in a few weeks.
I better get going I have laundry to do before I go to bed. I will post again Friday night to let everyone know how Logan did.

Monday, October 6, 2008

We all had a really great weekend, Saturday Logan ate a whole jar of stage 2 Mango Fruit in one sitting, I was so excited then 3 hours later he almost ate the whole jar of stage 1 sweet potatoes. Way to go buddy. We were at the park alot this weekend it was just so pretty in the high 80's perfect weather. I was at my Mom's house again all day Saturday while the kids played with there friends. Richard got back into town early Sunday morning so we went back to the park and played some more. The girls rode there bikes and Richard tried to fly his kite there was just not enough wind and Logan and I took a long stroll around the park I was able to get in some exercise.
I straightened Alicia's hair this morning before she went to school I think it looks really cute very mature. I took a picture of Elizabeth today talking to her Grandma on the phone I swear that girl can talk for hours on the phone about anything. And Logan he is just talking up a storm today all day he has been saying BABA and MY BABA just out of the blue for no reason and he has been screaming alot, he has been very vocal today. Well that is about it. I have to start dinner and help the girls with there homework, get all three kids a bath and do it all over again tomorrow. Thanks for checking in on us. Lots of hugs Karen

Friday, October 3, 2008

Elizabeth went and saw the ENT today his name is Dr. Weingarden and he is very nice I really like him. She has been on meds for 10 days and she still has a little bit of fluid in her ear.She ended her Antibiotics Thursday so he wants her off of her Antibiotics for 10 days, we go back Oct 15th and he will do a hearing test and check her ears to see if there is still fluid in them, if there is he will be putting tubes in and taking her Adenoids out. Logan also went to see his Chiropractor which he sees every week, and the doc said he is doing good really loose, I know it helps him I see the difference in him since we have been going.
After that we went to my mom's who only lives about 20 min. from me and the girls played with there friend next door and road there bikes. We all sat outside today and watched them it was such a nice day today with a nice breeze, I actually got to take Logan outside for a while, he loved it. The kids and I will be going to the park in the morning to meet with my Friend and her kids it is supposed to be 85 tomorrow a perfect day for the park of course they did say a chance of rain, we will see. Richard will be working again and will be home Sunday. I am looking forward to spending Sunday afternoon with him before he goes back to work Monday.
Richard Does have some Vacation coming up he will be taking the last week of October off. It will be nice to actually get to spend the whole week with him while the kids are in school during the day. BUT I will be putting him to work I want to paint the Family Room/Living Room and our Bedroom.
Hope everyone has a nice weekend. Love ya Karen

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Well O.T went very well for mister Logan, he was very good for Robert he smiled at him tried to grab his foot and pull on his shirt. He sat up very good for a couple of seconds with out any support, He is slowly getting there. I am so proud of him :)
We went and so our Cardiologist today Dr. Acherman who we love so much. Logan had an EKG and an ECHO his Sat's are 85 which are perfect for Logan. His ECHO showed that is Heart Valve is still leaking mildly and that we are looking at having his next Heart surgery in 6 months to a year. If his Saturation's happen to drop below 80 then they will operate immediately. Dr. Acherman did take him off of 2 meds, Furosemide and Digoxin for a month. We go back on October 31st to have another Echo but with Sedation this time he wants to see how his heart will do being off of these medications for a month, also because he just screamed the whole time. He needs him a little calmer so he can see what happens. I am curious to see how Logan does with out having any Lasix to help him Pee.
Tomorrow is no school for the girls it is staff development day. So Elizabeth will be going to the ENT (ear nose & throat Doc) in the morning to see if she needs tubs put back in her ears. It has been 4 years since her last set was put in. She has just been having so many ear infections and fluid in her ears her pediatrician wanted her to see a specialist. I don't know what is causing this though, maybe because her asthma is getting worse as she gets older who knows. I better get going I have to put the girls to bed, I let them stay up late because of no school.
Lots of hugs Karen

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Logan had a really nice day yesterday with his new play mate Isaac, I met Kathy through Logan's P.T. Isaac also has a G-Tube and a Heart Defect so we got along just great. She only lives 20 min. from me. Kathy is such a sweet person and Isaac is such a joy. Logan tried so hard to get Isaac's attention by touching him and Isaac was in his own little world. Isaac slept for a little bit, but then when he woke up from his little nap Isaac started crying so Kathy Broke out her cell phone and turned on Yo Gabba Gabba and the boy was in heaven it was so cute how he was just glued to the cell phone. he he.... Maybe next time.. Logan did really good with Kathy being in the same room as soon as Kathy came over Logan greeted her with a smile and she was actually able to touch Logan and he did not even cry, that is huge. We had a really nice visit. I look forward to our next one.
I got Elizabeth's hair cut over the weekend. She wanted it short so it is short, I really love the hair cut how it is a little shorter in the back and comes forward in the front. Of course I saved all of the hair. Logan has O.T. this morning Robert from N.E.I.S. is coming over and hopefully we will be able to accomplish something other than screaming.
Logan's Scope has been scheduled for Oct 10th, he is still throwing up alot so hopefully they will find something out.
Thanks for checking up on us, lots of hugs to everyone. Karen