Friday, December 23, 2011

This week has been full of Doctor appointments...

A few weeks ago Logan went to see his Orthopedic Doctor for a regular checkup they did X-Rays of his pelvic to see how his joints are growing and everything came out good.

Last week we went to see his Neurologist so Logan could get hooked up for his at home 24hr EEG. It was so crazy his head was full of electrodes. He was pulling on the strings trying to get them off his head, He was falling down all over the place I think it through off his equilibrium having the electrodes and having his head wrapped. Trying to keep a 4 yr old occupied by not pulling on his head was very challenging.

We went to get his results on Monday and he was diagnosed as having Left Temporal Lobe Seizures. He was fine during the day it was all night. The Activity was very high. The Doctor raised his dose to 3.5 ml 2 times a day for now. She also wants to order him an MRI so we are waiting to get approval from the Insurance Co. His last MRI was when he was 1 yr old.
He also had a stroke on the left side of his brain when he was a baby so I asked if this had anything to do with his seizures and she said no it's just a coincidence.

Richard, Elizabeth and Alicia went to the Eye Doctor Tuesday for a check up both the girls eyes got worse so we got them new glasses they are so cute. We should get them in next week when we do I will take a picture and post. Richard's eye site only changed a little but his glasses are scratched so he will also be getting new glasses.

Thursday Logan had a check up with his Gastric Doctor he is doing really good eating more by mouth he will snack all day and sometimes I can get him to eat dinner and not even give him a G-Tube feeding. Just water and Meds. So the Doctor wants to change his feedings and formula he was on Nutren Jr w/fiber to Kid Essentials 1.5 w/fiber it has more calories and he will only be fed 3 times a day instead of 4-5 times. He wants him to eat more by mouth. He eats good you just have to starve him for 5 or 6 hours in order for him to eat a good meal. So this should help him.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Well it has been awhile since my last post so I thought I would catch everyone up on what has been going on. I post a lot on facebook but some of my family don't get a chance to go on there.

Right now everyone is healthy, Knock on wood. Elizabeth had her Tonsils out on November 19th. The first 8 days were awful she would not eat or drink, She got so dehydrated from not drinking I had to take her to the ER November 23rd. I can understand the not eating because her throat was sore but I tried everything I could to get her to drink, She was so week and so pale I was worried about her. So we took her in and she was dehydrated they hooked her up to an IV and gave her fluids and she looked so much better she really needed that extra push to get her going. Of course the next day I fight her again to drink even a small amount. For eight days it was a fight. I am so glad that is over and she is back to herself eating and drinking again.

On Thanksgiving day Logan had so many seizures. It was very scary his lips were blue and his sats were very low with a very high heart rate. I almost rushed him to the ER that's how bad I was freaking out. He continued to have them all day I tried giving him pedialyte and he would not keep anything in. He took a few naps on the floor because the seizures really wore him out. We go back to the Neurologist on December 12th to have a 24 EEG at home. Hopefully they can Diagnose him with what type of Seizures he is having.

He woke up Thanksgiving morning and was fine I gave him a bath got him dressed he played with his sisters for about 15 min. Then all of a sudden he starts to lay on the floor and does not move and just stares out into space. Richard picks him up and brings him down stairs and we put him on the couch and he is so limp and pale and will not move and now his lips are starting to turn blue I check his sats and his heart rate was 220 and his O2 Sat was 73. At first I thought it was his heart them I realized he was having a seizure.
This went on for most of the day. And by the end of the night around 7:30 after laying around all day taking naps he just snaps out of it gets up and starts running around like nothing ever happened. I did some research online and found other toddlers that experienced the same thing as Logan. So we will just have to wait and see what the Doctor has to say.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Logan had his EEG on Monday and we went yesterday to get the results and I was shocked and sad to hear them say his test did not go well. It showed him having a lot of activity (seizures) in the 26 minutes that he was asleep. She showed me all of the spikes and there was a lot. His Seizures are happening at night and who knows how long this has been going on for she could not tell me. Ever since he came home from the Hospital when he was three months old, he has been waking up several times during the night. I asked her could this have been because of the seizures she said probably. He wakes up every night 1-2 times. I thought it was because he was having night terrors, Now to find out it was him having a seizure. She put him on Keppra 2x a day 1.7 ml for one week. Then we up it to 2.5ml 2x a day and see how he does. If he is still waking up during the night he will have to be monitored at home with a device on his head while he is sleeping at night.

When she told me all of this I was so shocked I could not believe it, I was expecting her to say we did not find anything wrong. On the way home I had tears in my eyes. There are side affects to this drug so I am hoping everything will be ok with him. We go back in 4 weeks for another check up.

It's been awhile since I have posted pictures I will try and do this next week.
Thanks for checking in on our family.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Everything is going good on our front. Logan has not had anymore seizures since his last episode. We see the Neurologist next Wednesday for his EEG.

It has been a month since I last posted. So wanted to say that the kids had a great first day of school. Everyone likes there teachers. The girls are now taking the Bus to and from school so we decided to buy them a cell phone, which I said we would never do. But they wanted to start taking the bus so I felt more comfortable with them having a phone on them. They each have one now. I was wanting to wait for Christmas but it was just to far off. They have been very responsible with it so far.
Logan also takes the bus to and from school. They come right to our house for pick up and drop off. So I love that part.

We bought a new computer we were sick of our old one we had since 2006. So I love our new one. It runs great. We still are using the other computer, the girls play on it. So it is nice having two computers, well nice for me anyway now I can print more coupons :)

Since the girls have started school they have been busy every weekend with birthdays and sleep overs. They have another Birthday party to go to on Monday which I think is kind of weird to have it on a school night it is from 5:45 till 8pm. So they will be going to that one to.
Elizabeth has a Check up with her Asthma Doctor today. Other than that no much has been going on just busy with school and lots of homework.

Thanks for checking in on our family.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

A lot has been going on this week. But the worse of it is that Logan had his first Seizure on Sunday. It was very scary. He was so unresponsive it really scared us all. He is doing so much better now.

Monday we went to get his 4 YR shots he was due to have 4 of them but because of the seizure the Doctor only gave him 2 and we go back in 2 months to get the other 2. Tuesday morning Logan woke up with a fever of 101 and was pretty much that way the rest of the day, It was because of his shots. He never gets a fever after shots but this time he did, I think it may have been the type of shot he got.

Tuesday we went to see his Neurologist Dr. Maller she is the best Alicia saw her when she had her seizure's when she was younger and Maller really took care of her. The Doctor wants Logan to have an EEG and the soonest they can get him in is September 13th. I was like that is really far off, but the Doctor said it was not urgent. Of course I disagree.

Wednesday we went to see his Cardiologist Dr. Acherman. Logan had an EKG and an Echo everything looked good, his valve is still leaky but is very mild. His next Hearth Cath will not be until 2015 so I am very excited about that.

Today we went to Precision Orthotics do get measured for special shoes so he can wear over his SMO's. I found a cute blue pair they are on back order so I will be getting them the second week of September.

Tomorrow is Open House at the school where we get to meet the teachers and drop off school supplies. The kids start school on Monday I am really excited for them. The girls will be going into 5th grade and Logan will be in his second year of Pre-School.

That pretty much sums up my stressful week. Thanks for checking in on our family

Friday, August 12, 2011

So I am going to try and get better on posting on my blog more often I promise.

The girls had there friend Alexis spend the night the last 2 nights so tonight it is time for her to go home. They have had a fun past couple of days playing.

Sunday Richard and I will be Celebrating our 12 Year Anniversary, I tell Richard 12 long agonizing but if he can put up with me then he is a pretty amazing husband. We plan on going to the movies and a nice dinner.

Logan slept in till 10am this morning that is the longest he has ever slept, I could not believe it. So I decided to make him 2 waffles with butter and syrup trying to add on extra calories and he ate almost all of it. So no G-Tube feeding for breakfast I am so excited YEAH for Logan. So we will see what happens for lunch...

Last week we went to R.C. Willey and looked around for Bedroom Furniture and ended up buying a new Dresser 2 night stands and a new King size Temper-Pedic Bed we love it and sleep so much better, our other Mattress was 12 years old we bought it when we got married so it was time for a new one.

Here are some cute pictures of Logan being goofy, I promise to get pictures of his Birthday very soon. Thanks so much for checking in on our family.... Oh sorry for the spacing, I have tried to fix so many times but Blogger will not cooperate so any suggestions would be great.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

This Summer has just flown by the kids go back to School Monday August 29th. I can not believe the girls will be starting 5th Grade and Logan will be in his second year of Preschool. The ,kids are getting so big and growing up so fast gosh I feel old.

It has been awhile since I last blogged so I will try and catch up on everything. I do most of my posting on Facebook. The second week of July we went to California and spent time with my family we went to Huntington Beach and spent the entire day there the next day was spent in Redlands at Pharaoh's Adventure Park they have an awesome water park we all had so much fun, Logan loved it.

I had to take Logan to the Orthopedic Doctor because he is not walking properly he has been walking on the inside of his arch so they made Special Orthopedic Shoes for him they should be ready nest week.

Logan has been doing really good. His Heart is doing great no problems at all we see his Cardiologist in 2 weeks for a check up everything should go fine. He is talking so much more and eating more by mouth. He still gets his G-Tube feedings every three hours but he is getting less milk.

Logan turned 4 Yesterday and we celebrated his Birthday on Sunday some friends came over and helped us celebrate. He was so excited to open up his presents. He really is our little miracle :)

The girls are doing great, been busy hanging out with there friends. Richard is still working a lot of hours. We will celebrate our 12 year Anniversary this Friday. We will be going out with no kids so I am looking forward to that :)

Thanks for checking in on our family. I will post pictures of Logan's Birthday later, Richard took the pictures and they did not turn out at all. So I will be getting some pics from my Mom.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Our Neighbor Hosted this year's 4th July Party and Brad you did such a great job we had so much fun. There was so much food and a lot of people showed up to enjoy the fireworks. We started at 8:30 and stopped at midnight Our entire street lit up the sky, It was a blast.

Logan did not do so good when the Fireworks started he just cried and screamed. So I ended up going home giving him a quick bath and put him to bed he slept through the entire thing I could not believe he did not wake up.

The kids had a great time, I always enjoy hanging out with our friends and neighbors. It was hot and really humid.

I have a funny story to tell you.

Richard wanted to let off some fireworks during the day on the 4th so we were all out front, but for some reason Logan wanted to go inside the house through the garage door he walks in the house and locks it then walks through the laundry room door which leads to the family room and he shuts the door. Well after doing this he can not open the door because there is a safety handle on it. So after a few minutes of him walking in I wanted to go check on him I try to open the door and it would not open I yell at Logan to unlock it (he knows how now) and nothing, I hear no noise so I start to freak out because all of the doors in the house are locked and all of the keys are inside the house. Richard jumps the gate to get in the back yard and he see's Logan sitting on the rocking chair with his hands behind his head and he's watching Spong Bob. (can you believe that stinker) So Richard try's to get Logan's attention to come over to the sliding door to try and get him to unlock it, after 10 minutes Logan finally unlocks the back sliding door. Richard comes out and tells me what happened and I start busting up laughing. Needless to say we went to Home Depot and had a key made and hid it in the garage so this does not happen again.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

I know I know I am such a slacker....
Not much has been going on though so that is a good thing, If something goes on I always post it on Facebook.

This past month has flown by the kids got out of School on June 9th and have been driving me crazy ever since. They had there 10th Birthday Party at the Skating Palace on June 11th there friends from School showed up and they had a great time they really made out got lots of gift cards and money from family. We celebrated Father's Day at my Mom's house. The girls Birthday happened to fall on Father's Day this year so we had a Barbecue.

The next day after the girls Birthday Party they came down with Strep Throat, then Logan and I got a bad cold it took over a week to get rid of. I am so glad we are all healthy now.

Last week we had Tile installed in both bathrooms upstairs, they did a really good job everything looks really nice.

Richard got home this morning so he has 4 days off which I am excited about. get to spend some time together.

Next weekend Richard is taking a few days off because we are going to California to visit family then we are going to Huntington Beach on Saturday, then Sunday we are going to the water park. The kids are really excited just a mini vacation. Want to get away from the heat in Vegas.

Other than that everyone is doing good. My Neighbor is having a block Party/Barbecue Monday then we plan on letting off a lot of Illegal Fireworks. LOL

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

This past weekend we all had a great time. But I am sad to say our next door Neighbor who we are good friends with is moving to Colorado. A couple of families on our block all went over to his Brother's house and had a going away party. Lots of people showed up to wish them well. They will be missed. The girls went swimming all day and Logan just mingled with everyone chatting and dancing he was a hoot.

We are always having block party's on our street will this time it's our turn to host, well actually I volunteered I love having people over. It will be a Memorial/B-day get together. My Dad's Birthday is Saturday, My cousin Jeni is Sunday and my Neighbor's is Monday. So there will be a lot of people over on Sunday. Richard will be Barbecuing Chicken and everyone will bring a dish.

Everyone is doing good around here, Elizabeth is working on her last School project for Social Studies and it is do Friday. I have been helping her I did all the typing, I know don't judge me :)

Logan is a little spit fire. He is like a sponge right now just repeats everything you say. The thing is he has no idea what he is saying and does not understand so we have been doing the best we can in trying to make him understand that we do not say mean words. Like Shut Up. Which he learned from his Sisters. They have been fighting a lot lately and he picks up on that and it has been driving me CRAZY... So I have been trying to learn patience which has been very hard.

I have Logan's I.E.P. meeting this Friday morning with his Teacher, I am really excited to find out how much he has progressed and to make new goals for him. I will let you all know what happens.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

WOW this School year has really flown by, I can not believe there is only 3 weeks of School left, I am excited about it though. No more Homework, No more getting up early every morning, and a lot less stress. I AM SUPER EXCITED :)

This morning at School we got there early because today was Muffins with Mom day. We got there at 8:15 when they told us to show up and there was already a line and most of the muffins were gone. I got a bagel Alicia got Banana Nut and Elizabeth got Strawberry. Logan did not eat anything because he already had a G-tube feeding and I did not want him to throw up. I ate mine but the girls did not they hate muffins they only wanted to go because of me, which was very sweet. SO off to the cafeteria we went and they ate School Breakfast which i bought them. I was not going to send them to class on an empty stomach.

Two weeks ago Elizabeth received a Citizenship Award for showing outstanding citizenship. She got to eat lunch with the Principal, she also got to pick out a prize and she also received a free lunch at In N Out Burger. I was so proud of her. This is the second time she has received this award.

Alicia is doing very well in School she has shown so much improvement since she started 4th grade. She is really catching on in Math.

Everyone is doing great Logan is learning to walk up the stairs with help, and he is no longer needing the Wheelchair at School which is so exciting. I do bring a umbrella stroller for emergency's. The School requested that I do. When he comes home from taking the Bus he know comes out the front door and uses the step to come down with help of course. But he has come so far since he started School and has made leaps and bounds. We are all so proud of him :)

A weeks ago we decided to get rid of the Swing set because it was old and falling apart and get an above ground pool. The kids love it and want to swim every day. It is 12' feet wide and 36" deep as you can see that is all that will fit in our backyard otherwise we would have gotten a bigger one :)

Most of you know I love to coupon but since "Extreme Couponing" has come on the air I have really gotten back into it. I love to shop so this makes it all better because I can go and buy things and get it mostly for free. Now I am not like the ones you see on TV because here on the West Coast they do not double coupons so I do the best I can and order multiple inserts when I know there will be a good deal. In the morning when the kids are at School I spend a few hours on the computer looking for deals on Coupon boards and then hit the stores. I love it :)

I do have a small stock pile of health and beauty so I am good for awhile. If I could just find good deals on Food and have coupon's to go along with it, I would be great...

Thanks for checking in on our family

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Brooklyn,Cierra, Diego and Logan

Last week was fun and crazy because it was Spring Break :)

The girls Best Friend Maddie spent the night three days in a row, if that tells you what a crazy week it was. I took them all to see RIO the movie and they loved it, it was very cute. We also made several trips to the park and spent basically our entire Spring Break outside riding bikes and playing. The weather was beautiful. We also had a Barbecue a few times this past week at our house and had our neighbors over, we had a lot of fun.

Logan had a great week also, he got to spent time with Nana while I took the girls to the movies. Logan loved playing at the park and could not get enough of it. When it was time to come in at the end of the day for a Bath he would cry and throw a fit. He loves being outdoors and will go out every chance he gets. Now that he is walking he is always wanting to go outback and play. He is talking so much more and is becoming very vocal about what he wants.

We had a really nice Easter, we woke up Sunday morning and a couple of our neighbors got together and we all went to the park across the street from our house and had an Easter Egg hunt all of the kids were to find 17 plastic eggs each all filled with candy. Logan did not really get into it like I thought he would. The big kids were at the big park and the little kids were at the small park when it came time to find the eggs it was only fare this way. And all Logan wanted to do was go with his sisters to the big park and find eggs with them. So he really did not get into it at all. I was a little bummed but hopefully next year.

My Parents and Brother came over later on and I made a Ham and my Mom brought over some potato salad and jello salad we had beans and rolls and Carrot Cake for dessert. Everything was so good.

Now Monday comes around the corner and it's back to School. Spring Break just flew by. None of the kids wanted to get out of bed yesterday morning. Logan came home from School and fell asleep during his G-Tube feeding he was so tired. The girls came home from School cranky with a bad attitude. So everyone went to bed early last night. Hopefully today will be a better day for everyone......

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Logan has learned to open doors now, That is all he does is open and close doors he finds it very fascinating. So I had to go to Target and pick up some door handle covers and put them on all the doors downstairs. Every time I go to the Laundry room and he sees me heading for the door he will run and get inside the laundry room so he can turn the lights off and on and open and close the door.

Everyone is doing really good. The Girls have been working on a Science fair project for the past month and turned it in yesterday, It will be showcased in the Science Fair tonight at School all of the 4th and 5th graders had to do one. Elizabeth's project was How long will it take a drop of Food Dye to clear a glass of still water. Alicia's was Do all objects fall to the ground at the same speed? They were really excited about doing these projects and I am excited to go to the fair tonight to see them on display. I am so proud of them and there work they put into it.

Spring Break is coming up next week for us. I will be keeping the girls busy by taking them to the movies and the park and having play dates with there friends. I am looking forward to spending time with them.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Logan is wearing the Grey Jacket

Sorry for the lack of posts, we have had family staying with us for a while and they are sleeping in the office so it is kinda hard to get to my computer some times.

All is well in our neck of the woods. Everyone is doing great Logan is a walking fool that is all he does is walk walk walk :) oh and gets into everything and I mean everything.

We are now trying to teach him to walk up the stairs, he does OK with help of course. He is just doing awesome at School they have him holding on to the rope now every morning, I was able to snap some pictures. He is such a big boy now. Today was picture day at School I was able to stay there while he had his picture taken and he would not smile I tried everything I could, he was just horrified kept on fussing. After several pictures being taken it was time for him to get off the wooden box he was sitting on, he gets down from it and smiles, blows kisses to everyone there and says bye. I swear that little stinker...
After the individual pictures were taken it was time for the class photo, It almost brought tears to my eyes seeing him stand there with his class for his first class portrait and not having his wheel chair he has come so far and we are so proud of him.

I was able to pick the picture I wanted he is not smiling or crying he just has a little horrified look on his face. It was the best one there.
The girls are doing great. Nothing new going on with them. Last week I had to go shopping for Summer clothes for both of them. I went through there closet and nothing fit them from last year, I swear they are growing like weeds.
Richard is doing good, working like a dog and still playing in the snow. He drives to Northern California and it is still snowing there he can not wait until it stops. It's really hard and stressful on him. Last weekend he and a neighbor did some more planting on the side of our house. It looks really nice.
Yesterday we had Solar screens put in on the front of the house, the girls room faces the street and during the summer it gets so hot in there room so this is really going to help. Plus it looks really nice. Then we decided to have him install a security door which I love having you get a great breeze going on when you have the back sliding door open. It really makes the house POP. Great curb appeal.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Logan is so proud of his Kings Hat he made at School

Elizabeth & Alicia with there Friends at Springs Preserve

Elizabeth at Springs Preserve

Well I did curse myself Logan got sick again and so did I, but I had it pretty bad.
Two weeks ago I had the flu got better for you day then turned around and got Bronchitis pretty bad. I finally went to the Doctor and he gave me a script for antibiotics and now I am all better. Everyone is once again healthy of course I should probably stop saying that :)

So much has been going on in our household with Logan he is doing super Awesome he is walking all over the place, He is saying three and some four word sentence's. "Mommy play with me" "Mommy wait for me". He is always wanting to talk on the phone, he will say Call Nanny, call Papa. So we call Nanny 10 times a day I am not kidding he loves to talk on the phone. He is just talking all the time and 90% of the time we understand him. Also Logan knows the Alphabet, this is so huge. I will sing the song and he will sing right along with me. He will not say it on his own you have to sing with him.

When we get to school I get him out of the car and make him walk all the way to where he meets his Teacher. And for the first time today they had him hold on to the rope with the other kids. They put him in the front of the line so he will hold on and not let go. I will bring my camera to School on Monday and snap some pictures he is just so cute to see.

During School and after the girls have been doing Cheerleading so they come home and show me there new moves, well Logan always has to join in he never wants to get left out of anything. Well here is a video of Logan showing off his Dance moves trying to sing "Rise and Shine" a song they sing everyday in School. He wanted the girls to see with him and follow along.

These past few months I have had a house full of kids on the weekends. These past two Monday's there have been no School because of the holiday and staff development day so there friend from School has been spending the night and then we have other friends that come over and play. I do have to admit I am have been very tired, Cleaning up after everybody feeding the entire neighborhood is getting tiring and expensive. Don't get me wrong I enjoy having the girls have there friends over but this weekend I said no kids aloud we have family coming into town from California that will be staying with us and I am so excited to have my Cousin and her Daughter visit us.

Richard has been stressed out lately he is tired of being away from home and tired of driving in the snow he wants Winter to be over with. He has nearly missed being in multiple accidents because people want to drive stupid in the Snow. They are supposed to be rebidding at work so when they do he hopes to get a run where he is home every night instead of being away every other day.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Well I probably should not say this because I might curse myself, But everyone is healthy once again. YEAH!!!

Logan missed School yesterday because of his Cardiologist Appointment which he screamed the entire time for no reason. The Doctor said everything looks great his Heart is doing really good. His next Heart Cath will not be until 2015. I was so excited to hear that he is doing so good. I always get a little worried when he see the Doctor.

This Saturday night Richard will be taking me out for Valentines Day we will see a movie and get some dinner, I am really excited about getting to go out it has been awhile since we have gone out by ourselves with out any kids.

Speaking of kids everyone is doing good I got a call from Alicia's Special Ed Teacher and her reading is doing great she has really improved these past few months. Alicia still has to work on her attitude at home though. All the kids will be having a Valentines Party on Monday so I have a lot of shopping to do tomorrow, Target here I come :)

Not much else has been going on in our household just same old boring stuff.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I spoke to soon when I said everyone is feeling great. Logan came home from School last Thursday with a runny nose and water eyes at first I thought allergies but then he got worse. Sunday I woke up with a cold and not feeling good and at all. Alicia and Elizabeth are now also sick they were home from School yesterday with a slight fever and are getting better so I sent them back to school today. I kept Logan home for one more day, he will be going back to school tomorrow. I felt like crap yesterday but am doing better today. I lost my voice but am starting to get it back. My kids have missed so much school this year than ever before it seems like.
Since Logan has started to school he gets sick all the time and then passes it on to everyone else. The boy has got to stop putting everything in his mouth at school.

Richard is the only one healthy he took care of all of us yesterday. I have such a wonderful Husband :)

My Mom stayed home with Logan on Saturday since he was sick so I could take the girls to the Springs Preserve with a friend of mine and her kids. We had a lot of fun saw a bird show did a ton of walking around and then went on a Treasure Hunt using a compass and found some treasure. It was a beautiful day to be out.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I posted on my facebook page a few days ago a video of Logan walking YES I said walking, which he is doing 80% of the time now without the use of his walker. He is doing so good, I am just amazed. What a blessing I never thought this day would come. Of course he falls down but gets right back up again and continues to walk. He proved his Doctors wrong :)

His speech is really coming along great he is saying more words every day. As I sit back and reflect on the past and think about what he has been through and what it took to get were we are just amazes me. I thank God every day for the miracle he has given us. His personalty just shines he is always laughing and smiling all the time.. OK I am done bragging about my awesome son :) Also Logan has developed a love of books he loves to be read to, I will sit him in my lap and read several books to him through out the day, He loves it.

Everyone else is doing great. Richard is all better. His reflux has been acting up so he went and had an Upper GI he follows up with his Doctor in two weeks for the results.

Alicia is doing really good in School her grades are improving and her reading is great. She still struggles in Math but we are working on that. And her attitude, she is a real spit fire when she wants to be. She has a tendency to talk back way to much lately.

Elizabeth is doing good she is also struggling in Math, but her reading and comprehension is doing much better.

These past few days every time she goes to scratch herself she develops a rash on her body so I have been giving her Benadryl and that seems to be helping. I have not changed anything in her diet or soap or anything so I have no idea what she is allergic to all of a sudden. She has a Doctors appt with her Allergist next Monday I am hoping they will do a skin test since her last one was almost a year ago.

I am doing good, I have felt stressed out lately because of the kids fighting and arguing so much. They come home from School and it all starts. Elizabeth's Teacher has decided to give everyone in the classroom more homework for some odd reason. So trying to help each one with there homework and Logan trying to get into everything, and trying to cook dinner at the same time has become a challenge for me lately, I have felt very overwhelmed so I am trying to relax and not yell at the kids so much, which can be really hard.

I better get going Logan fell asleep in his feeding chair and it is almost time to tuck everyone into there beds and for me to relax and breathe. Thanks for checking in on our family.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Monday I took Richard to the Doctor because he had to give blood for part of his Physical well since he was there He asked the Doctor to look at him because he had a cold and was no feeling well. He took some X-Rays and discovered he has another Sinus Infection and an Pneumonia in his right lung, he gave him another stronger prescription and told him to take Mucinex DM. He will go back in 2 weeks to get more X-Rays just to make sure everything is ok.

Logan is back to his old self, laughing at anything you tell him. It is the cutest thing these past few nights he has been laughing at nothing his personalty is really coming out. He is a ball of laughs. The girls are doing great Elizabeth still has the sniffles but her Asthma is so much better.

I am doing just fine, knock on wood I am still healthy. Trying to sanitize our home so we all don't get sick again.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

What a week this has been, I am just glad it is all over. Tuesday I took Logan to the Doctor, Wednesday I took Elizabeth to the Doctor and Thursday I took Logan back to the Doctor.
Logan stayed home from School all week, Elizabeth stayed home from School Thursday and Friday.

Elizabeth had a very bad cold along with her Asthma acting up, with a ton of meds she has been taking she is feeling so much better and will be able to return to School on Monday.

Alicia has had the sniffles all week, and a slight fever Thursday night when I told her she will probably have to stay home from School on Friday she started to cry she really wanted to go to School. So I told her if there is no fever in the morning she can go to school, well she woke up and the fever was gone so I let her go to School. I have been giving her Claritin and that seems to be helping and she is starting to feel better also.

Now on to Logan, I was so scared all week that he would end up in the hospital. I was giving him Pedialyte for 3 1/2 days straight and his Urine output was not that good. After each feed he would just have diarrhea and was very week. I was holding him all the time (this is the only part I loved) I took him back to the Doctor Thursday and they told me there was nothing they could do for him as long as he's having one wet diaper a day he will get over it soon. Well that was not good enough for me. So they gave me some containers so I could collect stool samples and return to Lab corp. Wouldn't you know we get home Thursday night from the Doctor and he never had diarrhea again. Friday he gets up and is doing so much better he starts to get color back in his face, he's talking more and doing more. So I slowly start to add formula back into his feed on Friday and today he is peeing up a storm I am changing his diaper ever hour. Right now we are half formula and half Pedialtye by Sunday he will be able to take in all formula. I am just so thankful he is doing so much better. I was really scared, of course I always am when it comes to him because of his heart. He will be able to return to School on Monday.

Today we have all just been hanging out at home, Richard is working and will be home in the morning. I am doing great, knock on wood....

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow.....

Silly Face

Sneaking chips and Dip

I cannot believe 2011 is already upon us. The kids and I had a nice New Year's spent it with my parents then we came home and shared it with friends.
Monday the kids went back to school, but I was not so sure that was going to happen because it started to snow at 7am it only snowed for 2 hours t then started to melt later on in the day. We got about an inch, it was very pretty to see.

After I took the kids to School I get a phone call 45 min later saying that Logan has liquid Diarrhea and to come and get him. Later on in the day he started to throw up and have more Diarrhea. Tuesday morning he wakes up and throws up again, at this point I started giving him only Pedialtye. I called the Doctor and was able to get him in today and they said he has Rotavirus, There is nothing they can do for him just keep on doing what I'm doing. Well this happened last month the same thing I cannot believe he is sick again. No fever though.

I think the formula is out of his system and the pedialyte is working because the last 2 diaper changes have been no diarrhea, But no peeing either so now I am really worried has he ever been peeing before, I could not even tell so I will give it to the morning and if nothing I will take him back to the Doc.