Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Today was a rough day for Logan and myself. For some reason Logan decided to wake up screaming like someone is trying to hurt him at 4:30am. He would not go down for a nap either. I am completely exhausted, I am in for a long night when he gets up this early and has no nap he will wake up every two hours and just scream his head off, I just put him to bed after his feed. He was doing really good and not having any night terrors but for some reason they are back again, and he has been waking up several times during the night.

I just feel so bad for him, he has been so cranky all day today just crying, I can not even leave his sight or he will throw a fit.

This morning he had Speech and O.T., Speech was good he is really trying to say new words everyday. O.T. on the other hand is a different story. Every time he was given an activity to do with help from the Therapist he would just throw the toy down on the ground over and over and over, he was being very defiant today. I could say it had something to do with getting up very early but he has been like this every week.

The girls are doing much better today there attitude has improved greatly, I guess yesterday was just a bad day for them. They had Activity day today and they scrap booked they loved it, They always enjoy scrap booking with me and they do such a great job. Here is a picture of what they each did.
Here are also some pictures from The Shark Reef at Mandalay Bay from when we went on Saturday, they were celebrating Shark Reef turning Ten.

Thanks so much for checking on our family.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Well I have lots to talk about especially Logan. We had such a great weekend Saturday we went to the Shark Reef Aquarium at Mandalay Bay, we had a really good time this was our first time going. Logan really enjoyed it he loved seeing all the fish and shark. I will have to post pictures another day I left my camera at my mom's house. After the Shark Reef we had lunch.

Sunday we made it to Church then we went over a Friends house for a Barbecue.

Today Logan had P.T. and he did fabulous. We worked on Standing and walking the entire hour. He would sit on a stool and I would hold my hands out while he pulled up to stand. Then with help from the therapist she would blow bubbles while Logan would stand up with hardly any help from me, after that she brought in the walker and he stood there with his hands on the walker and took two steps all by himself, at this point I was so excited I started to cry, I could not believe my baby took two steps all by himself. So after that he walked out in the hallway using his walker standing straight up and the therapist would hold his hips, he walked holding on the the walker about 15 feet. We were all so excited. In the past Three weeks he has really made improvement so fast.

Just the other day Elizabeth and Alicia were taking turns holding up Logan so his feet would touch the ground and he would take a few steps, when they put him down he said "more" he wanted to walk some more. I am just so excited at the progress he is making.

It was so funny today in therapy I was blowing bubbles while Logan was standing and one landed on his leg and he says "mean bubble" clear as day we all started to bust out laughing.
The girls call each other mean and he learned it from them.

Speaking of the girls they have been just a pill today, ever since they got up this morning calling each other names, hitting, yelling, fighting. I am so tired of it today so I told them no T.V., WII, Computer or the D.S. I sent them up stairs to clean there room and the loft, then when that's all done they will be reading a few books.

So that is how my day has been going so far :) Here are some pictures from the beach...

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

We had a blast on our mini vacation. We left early Friday so we could make a stop in Barstow and shop at the outlet, I just love Old Navy and The Gap. I ended up buying some cute clothes for the kids and some shirts for Richard and myself. We got to my cousins around 5pm, and she made us an awesome dinner. Saturday we went to the Beach and spent the day there it was so nice 77 degrees and the water was cold. I heard it was 113 in Vegas so I am glad we were not there. It was just perfect actually is was kinda cool, wish I would have brought a jacket. We did not go all the way in the water, we just let the waves hit us. The water was just to cold. Logan did so good on this trip, he also loved the Beach, it was his first trip. I bought him a bucket with a shovel and he would scoop his sand in his bucket and had a blast. When his feet first hit the sand he was very unsure it got in between his toes and was like what is this. After awhile he got used to hit and just dove right in. We put his feet in the water for a second and his feet turned blue and purple that is how cold the water was. So he stayed out of the water.

I got burned and so did Richard. I was only in the Sun for half an hour. The girls had such a great time, they want to know when we will be going back :)

Sunday we got up early and went to the swap meet, Victorville has the best swap meet we only stayed for 45 minuets it was just to hot and I was sun burned. We will have to make another trip in the fall when the weather is cooler. After that we headed back to my Aunt's house she has a pool and the girls went swimming all weekend long. We headed home Sunday night. Thanks you guys we had such a great time :)

Monday Logan had P.T. we tried using the walker again with support he did ok, I had to keep telling him to put his hands on the walker.

Tuesday he had Speech and O.T. he got to sit on the swing which he loves doing, they also make him lay on his tummy on the swing so they could get him to lift up his head and he did a pretty good job, I have never seen him raise his head that high before, blowing bubbles helped a little.

Wednesday (today) he had his Cardiologist Appt. He had his EKG and ECHO and the Doctor said everything looked great he still has a minor leaky valve, but it will never go away. I always pray it does not get worse because then we are in trouble. We go back in 6 months.

We have just been really busy around here running errands and everything. The heat is so bad here 111 degrees, today was better only 108 :)

Here are a few pictures of Logan at Therapy, I will post pictures of the Beach tomorrow.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Everyone is doing good around here, we Leave for California in the morning. Richard works tonight but got Friday off so we could go as a family. My Cousin lives in Hesperia and I am really looking forward to seeing her and her daughter my Aunt and Uncle. Saturday we are going to Huntington Beach all day then Sunday morning I wanted to hit the swap meet there in Victorville then come back to my cousin's house and go swimming in her pool. The girls are so excited and this will be Logan's first time going to the Beach. I am hoping Logan will do good on this trip it is only a three hour drive, But Logan has never spent the night anywhere except my Mom's house so I am hoping he will do good. I will post pictures next week when we get back.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Sorry for my lack of posting I promise it will get better. There is so much to catch up on, let's hope I remember it all.

Last week Richard was on vacation all week so we were able to get a lot done with working on the house. The girls went to the movies They saw Toy Story with us and then last Saturday my Mom took them to go see Despicable Me they loved it. They played with all the neighborhood kids on the block.

Richard had to go back to work Monday night and I was very sad it was so nice having him home all week long, I really enjoyed it and so did the kids.

Monday Logan had P.T. this will have been his second time going and as soon as we pulled in the parking lot and I parked the Car he started to cry, he new exactly were he was and what he was going to go do. It was very sad it broke my heart. He has really regressed since he was last seen by his P.T. which was three months ago. He does not like to stand with support or sit in a chair without a table being in front of him.

Tuesday (today) he had Speech and O.T. In Speech he cried the first 10 minuets, I can no longer sit in the waiting room I have to go in the same room with him, (which is not a problem but I am trying to prepare him for Preschool) and he still cries out my name. It is all very sad. I have no idea why he is acting like he is. He is so afraid I am going to abandon him. After crying for 10 minuets he stops and is now happy, he did very good on his flash cards and saying a few new words. We then go into O.T. and he starts to cry again about 20 minuets into therapy he stops. When the therapist does make him stand up with support he screams and cries and throws a tantrum and then throws all of his toys on the floor. I just feel so bad but he does need all of this Therapy. I am so sad thinking he will never walk it brings tears to my eyes every time I think about it. As I wipe my tears away...

Thank you for checking in on our family...

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I finally have a chance to post, Logan is sleeping, Richard is watching his TV show and the girls with all the neighborhood kids are in our backyard playing. I have been such a slacker this past week on posting on my blog. I cannot even remember what I did last week or even this past Saturday.. See what happens when you get old :) But I do remember what we did Sunday night :) Our Neighbor had a 4th of July party and we had so much fun, ate lots of food, Danced.. well I danced Richard just watched. We were the first ones to leave and it was 11pm thank goodness we live 3 doors down :) We would have stayed later but we all had to get up at 7am.

Monday Logan started his first day of P.T. and you guessed it, it did not go very well at all. It has been three months without P.T. Because the company fired his P.T. So he did the best he could in between crying. After that we went over my Mom's house and she and my Dad watched Logan. My Dad just adores Logan and does not get much of a chance to see him because he works a lot so yesterday was a real treat. Richard and I took the girls to go see Toy Story 3 and it was really good we all enjoyed it and I even had a few tears in my eyes at the end, I am a big softy at heart. After the movies we went back to Grandma's and Richard Barbecued for all of us.

This morning Logan had Speech and O.T. I took him while Richard and the girls organized the Garage, OK Richard organized the garage while the girls looked through the donation box's trying to take stuff out.. He did such a great job when I got home it was all done. We had a car full of things to donate.

When I got home I dropped off Logan then I headed over to the DMV to register our new Car. I went over to the Disabled access only and asked them a question and they told me that Richard had to register the Car or I could take this form back home and have him sign it so I could do it. His name is on the green slip. (I had no idea) Thank goodness I did not stand in that long line I would have been so mad. So tomorrow he will be going to the DMV :) I can't stand going there.