Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Our Neighbor Hosted this year's 4th July Party and Brad you did such a great job we had so much fun. There was so much food and a lot of people showed up to enjoy the fireworks. We started at 8:30 and stopped at midnight Our entire street lit up the sky, It was a blast.

Logan did not do so good when the Fireworks started he just cried and screamed. So I ended up going home giving him a quick bath and put him to bed he slept through the entire thing I could not believe he did not wake up.

The kids had a great time, I always enjoy hanging out with our friends and neighbors. It was hot and really humid.

I have a funny story to tell you.

Richard wanted to let off some fireworks during the day on the 4th so we were all out front, but for some reason Logan wanted to go inside the house through the garage door he walks in the house and locks it then walks through the laundry room door which leads to the family room and he shuts the door. Well after doing this he can not open the door because there is a safety handle on it. So after a few minutes of him walking in I wanted to go check on him I try to open the door and it would not open I yell at Logan to unlock it (he knows how now) and nothing, I hear no noise so I start to freak out because all of the doors in the house are locked and all of the keys are inside the house. Richard jumps the gate to get in the back yard and he see's Logan sitting on the rocking chair with his hands behind his head and he's watching Spong Bob. (can you believe that stinker) So Richard try's to get Logan's attention to come over to the sliding door to try and get him to unlock it, after 10 minutes Logan finally unlocks the back sliding door. Richard comes out and tells me what happened and I start busting up laughing. Needless to say we went to Home Depot and had a key made and hid it in the garage so this does not happen again.