Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!!!!

Logan loved opening all his presents.

Alicia's Monster High Doll

All the kids got Bean bags from Nana & Papa

Logan's first Spiked Hair cut, he would not cooperate when
it came to taking a picture.

I cannot believe it's already New Years Eve this entire year has gone by so fast.
I have finally got around to posting Christmas Pictures, we all have been super busy around here. Monday I took the girls to the Dentist for a check up and teeth cleaning I can report it was a good visit no cavities and the funny thing is the Doctor said the girls have the exact same X-Ray she thought it was the funniest thing. The rest of the week was spent running around and having neighborhood kids over.
Christmas Eve my parents came over it was very low key we had deli sandwich's and pasta it was all very good. We let the kids open one present both the girls got a pillow pet which they loved and so did Logan he jumped on it and started to love on it as soon as it was opened then when Alicia took it away from him he got very mad and started to scream, So you know me, I had to run out before the store closed and bought him one. I went to Walgreen's around the corner from us and they had one left it was the Green Frog. When I brought it home his face just lit up he was so excited over his pillow pet. He loves this thing...
Christmas Day we opened up presents and the girls got everything they wanted from Santa and us and family members. We then headed over to my parents house and opened up presents over there. We had a delicious Turkey Dinner and all the fixen's, Thanks Mom it was awesome.
Everyone is doing great and healthy well almost. Richard went to the Doctor to get a prescription refilled and found out he had a Sinus Infection and had no idea. He has been having head aches off and on and told the Doctor this so he decided to do an X-Ray of his face and that's when they found out he had an Infection he also found out he has no sinus cavity above his left eye, He was never born with one. So they gave him a prescription for Amoxicillin fro 10 days. He is feeling a lot better now.
Unfortunately Richard is working and will be home Saturday morning so we will not be spending New Year's Eve together he works it every year.
My Parents invited the kids and I over for Dinner so we will be going over there house later on today. Then when we come home my next door neighbor is having a get together so we will head on over there after I put Logan to bed. I love that there right next door and Logan's Monitor works great I can hear everything. We will all be out front in the driveway with a fire pit and hopefully heaters it is going to be so cold tonight a high of 25 degrees, right now it is 34 degrees and windy so that makes it even colder. (I know you East Coasters think I am a wimp.) We got some snow flurries here yesterday nothing stuck to the ground but it was very pretty to see.
I hope everyone enjoys there night tonight. Have fun and be safe.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

OK It has been raining non stop since Friday I wish it would stop so I can go get a few more items for the girls and go get Christmas Eve Dinner. We are having my parents over and we will be having sandwich's on rolls nothing fancy, just don't want to cook. Christmas Day we are going over to my Parents house to have Turkey and all the fixen's and I will be making my fabulous Banana Sour Cream Cake which is the bomb.

The kids started there two week Christmas Break Saturday, they are so excited to have no homework and be able to play with there friends. Logan is Logan getting into everything, he is doing very well considering. I was able to snap a few pictures he really did not want to cooperate so I could get a good picture of his arm. We got to pick what color the cast would be so I picked blue.

I have not even begun to wrap anything yet I always procrastinate every year and always wrap on Christmas Eve and rush to get it done. Richard will be off Friday through Monday we are all excited to have him home.

Everyone Should have gotten there Christmas Card by now, I decided not to do a letter this year and just pictures of the kids. All my family and friends have my blog and read so they already know what is going on in our lives. I took the kids picture and went to Walgreen's the pic turned out so cute I decided to post the pictures so everyone can see them again :)

Thank you everyone for making me feel better especially you Jeannie :)

Monday, December 20, 2010

I have been meaning to post all week long but it has been very crazy around here, I am about to leave to take Logan to his GI Doc for a check up and I thought I would post really quick more to follow tomorrow.

Last Tuesday night I had to take Logan to the ER he was scooting up the stairs like he always does and this time he decided to stand up and he fell down I could not get to him in time. When I did he was crying and holding his left arm, just to be safe and so I could sleep at night I took him to the Hospital and they did an X-Ray and found out he had a Buckle Break at his left wrist. He did break it but not all the way so they put it in a splint and I called his Ortho the next day and they got him in. The but a cast on and said it would be on for 3 weeks and to have no extra activity for 5 weeks. We go back January 7th to have it taken off. I felt so bad I was crying, I felt like such an awful Mom. SO from now on he is not allowed on the stairs no exceptions.

And it seems like since he has had this cast on he is getting into everything and I mean everything opening drawers in the kitchen getting into my purse on the counter. Getting into everything he can get his hands on, I never sit down because as soon as I do he is into something. HE has become quite the handful lately.

Oh and every time you tell him to do something he says WHY he is in that stage now everything is WHY WHY WHY... He is also taking more steps every day. HE is always using his walker. He is just amazing me every day.. OK that is enough bragging for one day :) I will post pictures tomorrow.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Saturday we went to a Birthday party for most of the day, Sunday Richard came home and we spent the day together as a family.

Richard was also home on Monday so I had to take my car into the shop all day yesterday because there was a seat belt recall in the second row oh and they had to replace the steering column because it was making noises. They call me back last night to tell me they fixed the steering column but the seat belt that came in was the wrong color it was a dark grey instead of a light grey, they are going to have to order the correct color again and then I will have to bring my car back AGAIN in a few weeks. They can not even get it right the first time...

Logan stayed home from School on Monday because he woke up Sunday with a cold he could have gone to school because he had no fever and was acting fine but he is very congested, runny nose and coughing. I sent him to school today he is still the same no change but since he is acting fine I said to my self why not.

After I dropped the kids off I came home and made some chocolate dipped spoons to give away with some hot cocoa mix for gifts to the bus driver and teacher helpers at School. For the kids Teachers I bought them gifts. I plan on doing some baking for my neighbors. I found this Thrifty site and it gave me an idea to do the dipped spoons check it out here

Monday, December 6, 2010

We had a fun weekend Saturday we spent the day with a friend of mine and her kids at the Amazing Clown Indoor Party Park here in Las Vegas. The kids had so much fun they had a D.J. and were playing music, Karaoke and There was a booth to have your pictures taken, They had a Jump House, Train, Arcade games, Magic show. I recorded Alicia dancing with her friend she has no idea I posted it on the blog. She is the tall one of course to the right. Logan also came with us even though he could not do much he enjoyed watching everyone. We all had a good time. There friends came over after and spent the night, I had a house full of kids all weekend.

Richard worked on Saturday but was home Sunday morning, When he got up we took the girls friends home and went and did some errands. I had to go to Target and get the kids Teacher's gifts for Christmas, I am almost done shopping for the family I just have to pick up a few more items.

Yesterday I was able to get video of Logan dancing he loves to play with this Christmas stuffed Santa and Mrs Clause that sings. I got it at Hallmark about 5 years ago he just loves to squeeze the hand over and over. We also have a Snowman that stands about a foot high we have also had this for a few years and every year we put it out for Christmas and he is just terrified of it. You push a button and it sings "Shake your groove thing" and it turns around and the butt shakes, it is so cute. Well this year he finally came up to it and pushes the button and scoots away as fast as he can. When it is not playing he will go right up to it and take it's scarf of it's neck and put it around his own neck, It is the cutest thing.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

WOW everyone is finally healthy now. Alicia got sick the night before Thanksgiving throwing up and having Diarrhea. Then this past Sunday night I was sick it was just for 24 hours though, Thank goodness. I am just glad that everyone is healthy again now I can sanitize my house and clean oh YEAH....

We spent Thanksgiving at my Mom's house it was very nice to spend time with the family we all ate way to much I swear I gained 20lbs. Richard went back to work Tuesday night after having 6 days off, it was so nice having him home I miss him already.

Logan went to see Dr. Stewart his Orthopedic yesterday. I told the Doctor he is pulling to stand, cruising around the kitchen table and couch and is able to walk with the help of his walker. He said it sounds like he is doing great and he looks good to. He said he can't believe he is doing so good, he does not see him needing any surgery's now or in the future and to come back in a year. Well I could have told him all that.

My Aunt and Uncle are in town so we went over to my Mom's house last night to visit and have dinner. It was nice seeing them again.

I will get some pictures of the kids and post later. Thanks for checking on our family.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Sickies are still going on in our household, I thought Logan was feeling better so I gave him milk with a little bit of Pedialyte at 1pm and at 3:15 when I was at the girls school waiting for them to get out I hear it he just went diarrhea in his pants and it is every where. I get home change him and give him a bath I go in the garage to throw everything out and before I even walk back in the door he went again, So I clean him up and give him another bath again. This went on for about an hour and finally it was all over.

I put Logan to bed at 7:15 last night because he did not have a nap and he slept through the night until 10am this morning. I could not believe it he has never slept that long before ever. He woke up this morning and he was fine just a very wet diaper. I gave him 3 oz of 7-up in his cup and he drank all of it through his straw, when he was done he said he wanted MORE PLEASE so I gave him another 3oz and he drank 2oz of it. He must have been very thirsty to drink 5oz by mouth because he has never drank that much before at one time ever.

Richard made it home this morning feeling a little better, let's just hope he stays that way. He is now sleeping so I hope when he gets up he will be fine.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I took Logan to the pediatrician last night, He started to have Diarrhea every 10 minuets and was throwing up. They checked him for strep throat because his throat was red and it came back negative, they just said he has a virus and it will pass just to keep doing what I am doing. So this morning he wakes up and is happy and acting like his own self. He did have Diarrhea once when he first woke up this morning but nothing since and it has been 5 hours so I am pretty sure he is done with that. He is all over the place talking up a storm and being silly so I would say he is all better.

Richard on the other hand is not feeling so good he called me last night on his way to Northern California and he is nauseous and having diarrhea. He finally got there a little bit ago at the hotel and is sleeping. I just feel so bad for him, it is no fun being sick and driving. We are just passing it along over here one by one. Knock on wood but Alicia and I are doing good.

Since Logan is feeling better, I decided to make Pumpkin Bread and Banana Bread. Tomorrow I will be going to Marie Calenders to pick up some pies for Thanksgiving day, I buy them there every year and I think they have the best pies.

Monday, November 22, 2010

I am happy to report that Elizabeth was feeling better on Friday but I still kept her home just to make sure. She just had the 24 hour flu. I am sure glad that is over with.
BUT Logan woke up throwing up very early Sunday morning, he only threw up one time but he does have a fever of 100.4 just like Elizabeth. He has been very clingy all day Sunday, I have been holding him and rocking him all day long and I am loving every minute of it. The fact that I get to love on him that is. I always hate to see my kids hurting. I am hoping he will feel better on Tuesday.

I have been giving him Pedialyte with a little bit of milk through his g-tube and so far he has been keeping it in, he has been gaging a lot though. I will ask him do you want Mommy to hold you and rock you, he will say YES. It just melts my heart. I have been giving him Ibuprofen every 4 hours and that seems to help give him a little strength, other than that I have been holding him all day. He is in his chair eating right now so I decided to right a quick post.

Everyone else is doing good so I hope Alicia stays healthy for Thanksgiving which we will be having at my Mom's house.

Thanks for checking in on us.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Elizabeth stayed home from School today, she woke me up at 4am saying her stomach hurt real bad so I had her crawl into bed with me and a half hour later she threw up all over my carpet in the bathroom. Poor thing she is just miserable not being able to hold anything in and she now has a fever of 101.3. She was not able to eat anything all day but I was finally able to get her to eat some toast tonight and she has kept that in so far. I have been giving her Tylenol/Motrin all day long. She will not being going to school on Friday. She told me that some boy in her class threw up in the classroom yesterday, so that is how she got sick.

I am just so mad at myself I always get everyone the flu shot in October but this year I some how procrastinated. I was going to get them there flu shot this weekend but it looks like I am going to have to wait for Elizabeth anyway.

I am praying that no one else gets sick. Please say some prayers.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Logan takes his first steps

I had a really nice weekend, I had my cousin and her Daughter in town they left Sunday and I was very sad to see them go, But happy to know they will be back in January YEAH...

First off Logan has been standing up in the middle of the room all by himself for the past two weeks. Well this past Friday he stood up and actually took two steps forward all by himself, I was so excited. I got it on video. Also Logan has been using his walker a lot he is a walking full with his walker which I also got on video. He is all over the house using his walker, he is doing so good we are just so proud of him.

Elizabeth and Alicia are doing good. Elizabeth's Asthma has been acting up, it is that time of year again. I have been giving her extra treatments she is starting to feel a lot better. Alicia has developed a cough, so I have been giving her medicine to help with that. This weekend every one will be getting there flu shot, we are running a little behind this year.

Richard is doing good staying healthy. He has Thanksgiving day off but I am not sure about the day after he will find out in a few days.

Not much has been going on around here still trying to get organized I have been procrastinating lately so it is time to get my but in gear Enjoy the video's.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Richard went back to the old grindstone last night, after having nine days off it's time to go back to work. WE have really enjoyed having him around the house, I was sad to see him go last night. He has another five days off at Thanksgiving so it is something to look forward to.
We got so much done around the house inside an out. we are so proud.
We also got a lot of Christmas shopping done for the kids, I am so excited I am almost done with them.
I love it when Richard is home but it throws my entire schedule out of whack, So I have tons to catch up on. I need to organize my scrapbook area but have been procrastinating lately. I borrowed my mom's carpet cleaner so I will be doing that tonight after the kids are in bed. My carpet is so dirty from so much foot traffic from all the kids that come in and out of my home. I also need to go through the kids summer clothes and donate them. And I am sure there is lots more just can't thing of them right now :)

Richard's step sister Joyce was in town this past weekend and we had a really nice visit she came down from Shreveport, LA for a pool tournament at Bally's Hotel so we met here there and spent the day together. It was really good seeing her and she got to meet Logan for the first time. The last time she say the girls is when they were 3 years old. So this was a real treat for her.

This Friday I have my Cousin and her daughter coming in from Victorville, CA to stay with us. I am really looking forward to that visit.

So Logan likes to watch Ni Hao Kai-Lan on Nick JR. He loves this show and he really pays attention to it. Every time a character tries to get someones attention they will say "TING", So last night before going to bed Logan was trying to say good night to Elizabeth. Logan says nightnight LaLa and Elizabeth did not hear him so he says LaLa hello TING. It was the cutest thing ever Richard and I laughed so hard. So Logan goes around all the time saying TING TING TING he is so cute he is always making us laugh.

Logan's P.T. from School called me today to let me know that Logan used his walker and walked down the hall today all by himself with no help, he would stop every six steps to take a break then start walking again. I was so excited to hear this.

I asked the teacher if I could come and visit Logan's class to see what they do and how Logan does she said OK how about Tuesday so I took him inside his classroom and as soon as we got inside he started to cry to I stayed for about 2 minutes and it just got worse, I was so sad I really wanted to stay and see how he does. I left the classroom and stood outside the door and watched through the glass window for about 20 minutes after he stopped crying I left. I was so sad I wanted to go in there and scoop him right up. I really thought he would do good but I guess with me being there was to much for him.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

We had a great Halloween. I passed out candy and Richard took the kids trick-r-treating. Richard said Logan did so good he did not cry at all. There were a few doors that the girls would not walk up to because they were scary but Logan had no problem at all he was pushed around in his stroller looking and watching everyone else. People were giving Logan more candy because he was so cute. We had so many tricker treaters just like we did last year. All the kids look so cute dressed up.

The kids finally went back to school today after having five days off. It was hard getting them out of bed this morning.

We are doing really good around here. We have been so busy doing a lot of yard work and doing things inside the home. The front yard looks so nice we added plants, rocks and solar lights leading up to our front door and pavers/stepping stones on the side of the house.

Logan is doing awesome he is now trying to stand up all by himself when he is in the middle of the room. We are just so excited at how much progress he has made.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Logan loves to eat Pizza!

Logan and Daddy


Sorry for the lack of posts things have been busy around here.

This past Friday the kids School had a Spuktacular Event it was fun they had games, cake walk a Haunted House, We all enjoyed ourselves. Saturday we took the kids and there friend to Chuck E Cheese's we were there for hours they all had fun, even Logan got to ride a few rides with out crying that much.

Everyone is doing great. Richard starts his Vacation this Friday. I already have the first few days planned out for him, I know I am such a great wife :) Friday we are having 3 tons of rock delivered for the side of the house and Richard will be pulling out a big bush and planting a different kind of plant instead, then planting a tree on the other side of the house. This will keep him busy for two-three days. I don't want him getting to bored.

Saturday night we are having a Halloween party at our house this year all or friends and neighbors will be coming over. It will be potluck. We are always having party's in our neighborhood, I always have so much fun it gives me a chance to interact with other adults and all the kids have fun playing together.

Oh I almost forgot to mention our date night last Saturday night. We had a great time we went to see the movie RED it was very good we really enjoyed it. Then we went and had dinner at Claim Jumpers we love there food, I had the New York Steak and Richard had Porterhouse Steak. We got to my Mom's five minuets later to pick up the kids and I got sick I think it was food poisoning not sure but I felt better a few days later.
Logan is just making strides every day. He s always pulling to stand every chance he gets. He is also holding on to things and walking. I think he will be walking all by himself in six months. We are all just so excited at how much progress he is making. His Speech is really coming along also.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

We took the kids to the Pumkin Patch this past weekend and they had fun riding down the slides and playing games to win prizes. We were wearing shorts in the middle of October it was hot 87 degrees. They had a little petting area but none of the kids wanted to go in so I strolled Logan on the out side of it so he could look at the animals.

Every one is doing good and healthy. The girls are doing a lot better in School. I new it would take a couple of months to get back in the groove of things. Instead of taking an hour they are done in 25 minutes with there homework.

Today was Donuts with Dads day at School and since Richard is out of town I took the kids and we all ate donuts and bagels. YUMMY...

For some odd reason Logan has been crying this week when I drop him off at School, and the Teacher told me today that he felt really hot yesterday but had no fever and then last night he woke up sweaty but no fever. I hope he is not coming down with anything.

Richard is doing good. Working really hard for his family like he always does. He has Vacation coming up the first week of November which I am really excited about. We have a few things to do around the house and plan on getting them done at that time. Basically just planting more and adding more rock to add curb appeal. Our front yard is looking really nice.

I have been doing OK just feel like I am in this slump and can not get out of it. My respite nurse has not been available to watch the kids she has really busy. So I just feel like I need a break or a date night. My Mom will be watching the kids for us this Saturday night so Richard and I can go to Dinner and see a Movie. I want to go and see RED it looks really funny and I am needing a good laugh.

Thanks for checking in on our family.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

OK So Logan has really been making strides this week. All he does is pull to stand every second of the day. I was crying today (tears of joy) I can not believe how far Logan has come these past three years. I never thought he would be where he is today. I am so excited at how much he has accomplished since starting School in August. I am just so happy words can not even describe how I feel right now. This morning before I started to record Logan, He pulled to stand in front of the kitchen sink and then cruised along to the stove all by himself. So I have to start keeping the camera with me at all times.

Since last week Logan has learned to climb the first step of the stairs backwards pushing up using his feet. Well today he mastered the second step. Looks like I will be going to Babies R Us and buying another safety gate that swings open for the stairs. Because there is no way I will be climbing over a gate all day long :)

Enjoy the videos I know I have :) Thanks for checking in on our family...

Monday, October 11, 2010

So here is the video I promised of Logan pulling to stand, I will get better video during the week.

Also here is are some pictures that were taken over the weekend. We got Logan a Fisher Price Big Wheel He does not know how to use the pedals yet but I am trying to teach him. For now he will just sit and move it around with his feet. He loves his new RIDE....

Everyone is doing good on our end. Back to the Grindstone.

Friday, October 8, 2010

OK I know I have been a slacker when it comes to blogging but I have been super busy. Richard was on vacation for a few days this week and he went back to work Thursday night. We got a lot of things done around the house which is always good. Not much has been going on around here just busy with the kids and homework and church activities.

The girls are doing good except they have been getting on my nerves with fighting with each other. Other than that they are great. They have been outside playing with there friends every chance they get. The weather is starting to cool off I can actually have my windows open all day long. I am loving the weather change finally.

Logan is just a handful copying everything the girls say. The other day Logan pulled to stand all by himself for the first time I have pictures but I really need to take video. I will post video and pictures tomorrow. I was so excited we were all screaming with excitement. Now he will pull him self to stand when reaching for the couch, in his crib, every chance he gets he will pull to stand.

He is doing great in School he loves taking the bus home. He gets so excited every time he gets on the bus. His P.T. at School said he is doing great they have him use the walker down the hall at school. He is really making strides. The only bad part is, is when he stands up his feet turn in like he is standing on his ankle. His feet are very week when he stands. So I really have to make sure to use those AFO's (Leg braces).

Richard will be home in the morning to spend the weekend with us. YEAH ....

Monday, September 27, 2010

Let me first start out by saying it is so stinken HOT, today is 105 and it is the end of September..

OK this past week has been so crazy I had no time to post. I just put Logan down for a nap so now I have time to catch up.

Little Mr. Logan has had quite the personality he is learning and doing so much every day. We will copy almost everything you say and do, that being said I hand the girls have to be very careful about what we say around Logan. He now knows how to say and use MEAN in an appropriate manner. When the girls are playing around and being mean to each other Logan will say Meany to them. Then he will say "be ni" which means be nice. He will tell the girls all the time NO and NO MINE. He has quite the temper when he does not get his way or get what he wants. He has learned a lot of bad habits from the girls, he will watch them very closely at what they do and say.

Saturday afternoon all the kids were playing out front so we took Logan and his fire truck ride along out front on the side walk. Were we live the sidewalk has a slope going down and I would put him at the top were we live and let him ride down it which is about 5 houses down and he had a blast he would lift his legs in the air so he could go faster and he even stopped himself when he was done. He would laugh going down, while I tried to chase him so he would not fall off. I swear I almost had a Heart attack I was more afraid of him falling off the thing then he was. He had so much fun we did this a couple of times. And of course I forgot to take pictures. When it cools down I will take him out front and get some pics.
Over the weekend Logan kept on going into the office and by himself with out me asking he would go in and drag his walker over to me were I was sitting and say Mama and pat on the walker. So I lifted him up got him to stand and he took steps all by himself, I was so excited he did not even need my help with holding him. I did remember to get pictures of that :)

Thursday was Logan's first day taking the bus home from School. I thought I would try it out, They drop him off right out front of our house. And he loved it the Bus Driver said he never cried and when he got off he had smiles on his face. I am trying to get him to take the bus in the morning to School but I want the girls to ride with him it would be a Sibling ride along which has to be approved through the School, I should now something in a few weeks if the girls can ride along with him, I think it would be so neat if they could.

The girls are being stinkers they have been getting on my nerves with fighting and tattle tailing all week. I hope this week will be different, I can only hope right...
They have been busy with doing homework and reading to me every day oh and playing with there friends when there homework is all done.

Richard is doing great working very hard for his family he has vacation coming up the first week of November, which I am looking forward to. I told him we will have to go shopping with me for Christmas gifts since he has off. He was really happy to hear that :)

Other than that everyone is healthy and doing great just always busy busy busy....
Thanks for checking in on our family.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Back in June when we went to Child Find to get tested to see if Logan was eligible to enter the School District to go to Pre-K I was told that Logan needs to see a Pediatric Opthamologist his eyes do not look right. Well I made the appointment it took three months to get in and we finally saw Dr Nelson yesterday she discovered that Logan has Duane Syndrome is a eye muscle disorder you can read about it here The Doctor said there is a chance of him having eye surgery to correct it but he will have to be monitored to find out. The Doctor also dilated Logan's eyes and found out that he does not need any glasses at the moment. She also told me that it could over time cause hearing loss she asked me if he had his hearing checked lately I said yes back in June and everything was fine. So this is just another hurdle we have to over come and stay strong about.

After that appointment we headed on over to the Chiropractor to get him adjusted one leg is longer than the other but after she adjusted him the problem was fixed.

My Mom has been sick with Bronchitis so I did some running around for her getting her Grocery's and other things. I feel so bad for her she just feels awful.

Richard is out of town today so it is just the kids and I, We will probably stay home all day so the girls can play with there friends oh and I will most likely make a trip to the library.

Hope everyone enjoys there weekend. Thank you for checking in on us.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Yesterday was a busy day. Logan did not go to School yesterday because he had a Doctors Appointment with the Neurologist. So I drop the girls off at School and I have just enough time to squeeze in some grocery shopping so I head on over to Walmart. First I go over to the apparel area and I found some P.J's for Logan for Winter on clearance for $2 I was so excited I went through and grabbed all of the 4T Sponge Bob and Cars pajama's, well while I am doing this there is a shelf full of shirts and Logan takes it upon him self to put ever shirt in my basket which I had no idea he was doing because I was so excited I found P.J's for $2. So I put every shirt back on the shelve, did I fold them no I did not have anytime. Am I a bad person for not doing that probably so.
I continue my shopping and the next deal I find is .75 for lunchables so I wiped out there stock at this price. I pick up a few more items and Logan decides to turn around in the cart and put everything he can in his lap and try to open it so he can eat it. We get to the check out and he helps me put things on the belt to be rung up. As I am putting the bags in the cart he decides to take food out of the bag and give them to the people behind us by throwing it in there cart.

We come home eat lunch and off we go again to see the Neurologist she said he is doing OK he is still very low tone and his legs are like jello, and that he will be able to walk in a few years, everything she told me I already new. Except I think he will be walking in about 1 year.

We head home again so Logan can eat. I swear to you I felt like I was feeding and changing his butt all day long in between running errands and going to the doctor's.

By this time it is time to go pick up the girls from School they come home and we have to hurry up and do homework we finished in half an hour with A LOT of my help. We are about to head out the door again so I can drop them off at activity day's when I noticed Logan destroyed the computer room he got a hold of the Monster pencil sharpener and took the bottom out and got pencil shavings all over the place and then he got into the bottom drawer and opened up a half opened package of computer paper and riped almost all of the paper, and he took out all his medical supplies and there were supplies everywhere. I guess this is what I get for not paying him any attention and helping my girls with there homework. I love the boy to death but he has become a handful lately.

I drop the kids off at activity day's come home feed Logan again an hour later it is time to go pick them up and we have half an hour to eat so we head on over to Dell Taco were they have taco's 3 for $1. I love Taco Tuesday in our house. After this we head on over to the School were they are having Back to School night I got to talk with all there teachers and they are all doing pretty good.
We head home and it's bath time for everyone. Feed Logan again and everyone is in bed at 8:30 including myself I was so tired I passed right out. THE END

Sunday, September 12, 2010

We have all been super busy around here all week long.
This weekend was spent doing errands the entire time and doing tons of laundry.
With Homework after School everyday it has been so stressful, the girls get assigned homework to do every day and then it is due the next day, well we have been doing homework every night for 2 hours each night. SO I made a call to there Teacher's and said this is getting ridiculous there is just way to much homework to do and it is taking us 2 hours every night. I don't have the time or the patience for this. Homework should not take any more than 45 minutes each night to do. (this is my opinion) My gosh I am trying to do everything by myself. Richard is home every other day and when he is home it is for 2 hours then he has to leave again. I do believe in giving homework don't get me wrong but 2 hours every night is just ludicrous. So the teacher's said I could do 30-45 minutes of homework and that would be fine.

And Logan that boy is beginning to be a handful. He loves to spend all of time on his Fire Truck ride along riding all over the house and he has started to stand up while on his ride along and grab everything is site and throw it. I LOVE the fact that he is standing every time he is on the thing but he is just getting into everything you have to keep a close eye on this boy because he is very quick :)
Logan is starting to get adjusted to School, he will fuss every day that I drop him off but as soon as the Teacher takes him away he stops fussing. He is also participating in snack time he will eat snacks and drink juice with all the other kids now.
Logan is doing awesome when it comes to eating by mouth for lunch today he ate Mac & Cheese and drank some juice threw a straw from his cup, he did so good I did not even have to feed him by G-Tube, This will happen every so often I am just super excited.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

We had a great long weekend.

Saturday I just hung out at the house all day while Richard was out of town. The girls had there friends over all day playing.

Sunday we had over a lot of our Neighborhood friends and Barbecued Hamburgers and hot dogs. We had tons of fun entertaining.

Monday we had over my parents and we barbecued Chicken. Needless to say Richard was Barbecuing all weekend long :)

Today it's back to the old grindstone. Woke up this morning to rain. After I drop the girls off I swing around to the front of the School and drop off Logan and as soon as I pull up he starts to fuss. I bring him inside the school because of the rain and we wait inside he just starts to cry and I tried so hard to pull back my tears. When the teacher took him away he was fine, I think for him is just getting to that point. He really knows how to rip out my heart and I feel so guilty leaving him. But I do find comfort in knowing that when the teacher does take him away he always stops crying. That is what gets me through the day.

I was going to go t the Library after I dropped the kids off but it was raining so hard I had a really hard time seeing the lines on the freeway so I came home and folded a ton of laundry put it all away and now it is time to go get Logan. The 2 1/2 hours just fly by.

Home work starts today for the girls and I am not looking forward to that ):

Thursday, September 2, 2010

I pull in the parking space to drop Logan off at School Yesterday and he starts to hyperventilate and cry, he calmed down when he saw his Teacher. He had a good day only cried for 20 minutes.

This morning I pull up to the School and he starts to cry again, I think he is finally realizing that when I drop the girls off for School he is next. He did fuss when we pulled up and got out of the Car. But when his Teacher took him he was fine and he gave me 4 kisses which I loved. He did not even cry today at all when in School. He had a really good day. Now he just has to get used to being there every day and feeling comfortable to be able to have snack time.

Logan will be happy tomorrow when I drop the girls off and he does not have to get out of the Car. He only attends School Mon-Thurs. And next Monday there is also no School because of the Holiday so I hope he does not think he is never going back after this long break.

Yesterday Elizabeth stayed home from School she had no fever but was very pale, congested and just not feeling well. She caught a cold from Logan just a little worse. She is doing a little better and was able to go back to School today.

Richard is doing good, working very hard for his family. I miss him so much. I will have Sunday and Monday with him which is perfect because all the kids will be out on Monday so we will be able to do something together as a family :)

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Today was our second day of School and the Teacher said that Logan did so much better today, he only fussed for half the time he was there. He was still not wanting to get out of his wheel chair (because he feels more safe) and the Teacher told me he did not want to participate in circle time but made him do it anyway.
I am also doing a little better, I felt very nervous dropping him off this morning but it will pass.

Logan is such a cutie pie when I pick him up after School I always talk to him and ask him how his day went, ask him if he had fun, did he go on the playground to play, did he play with any kids he will always so NOOO, it's just the way he says it makes it so cute. Even though he does not talk and will not respond back appropriately and only says a few words, I still treat him like a typical child.

The girls are doing good so far no homework yet, I know that will change next week. But I am just glad that they are loving school and having a good time there.

After School we headed on over to our Church today was Activity's day and the girls put on a Fashion Show all the Mom's showed up, They walked down a made up runway and showed off clothes that they were to School. It was really cute seeing the girls show off there new outfits I bought them.

Monday, August 30, 2010

So today was the first day of School I could not believe it, these past three months have gone by so fast.

I got up this morning took a shower and I just started to cry, I just felt nauseated. I was dreading taking Logan to School this morning I was so sad. Richard was home so he was able to go with me for support which I really needed. I drop the girls off then I head over to Logan's classroom and drop him off, the teacher did not want me to stay at all. So we left and of course he started to cry. I peaked through the window one last time and then we left to go home. Amazingly I was feeling good that he will have a good time. I get home and I start to cry again. I laid down for over an hour and had a nap when I got up I was feeling so much better. I was so mentally exhausted from all the crying I have been doing these past few days.

Logan goes to School from 9:00am to 11:40am. We pick him up from School and the Teacher said he never threw up and he just wined the entire time he was there and reached for the door calling my name, Other than that he did good. He did not want any snacks or nothing to drink and really did not want to get out of his wheel chair. It will take some time for him to feel safe enough to eat and get out of his wheel chair.

We came home he eat half a PB&J Sandwich, feed him some milk through his g-tube put him down for a nap which he only slept for 40 minutes.

By this time it was time to go pick up the girls from School, they had a great day. They love there teachers. They are in different classrooms again this year. Elizabeth's Teacher is a Science freak so that means she will be doing lots of Science stuff.

I hoping tomorrow Logan will do a little better. Thanks for checking in on us.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

OK So I finally have a chance to catch up on last week's happening's.

Monday & Tuesday: Was Logan's last day of therapy in the community He will no longer receive Speech, O.T. or P.T. Since he will be starting School on Monday there is just no time, he will get it in School though but it will not be the same. I am really going to miss his therapist's I really enjoyed all of them. They taught Logan so much and he has learned so much in a short period of time.

Wednesday: I had a friend come over with her kids and we had a play date all day. My Friend Katie watches a three year old during the week so she brought him over to play with Logan and they had a good time playing together except Logan did not want to share his toys with Shawn. Shawn would get on Logan's ride a long and Logan would say no Shawn mine.. Over the past few weeks Logan does not like anyone touching his toys not even his sisters. Logan has just been a little pill lately not getting what he wants and he will start to cry and throw a fit of course that is our fault because when he is getting feed through the G-Tube and he wants something we will always give it to him so he will not scream and throw up.

Thursday: I took the girls and there best friend Maddie to the Skating rink while my Mom watched Logan. They had a great time Skating and falling down :)

Friday: It was Richard's Birthday he turned 37 wooohooo... So Richard and the girls went to the movies to go see Cats and Dogs they really liked that movie. It was also meet the teacher day, I love all of the kids Teachers and I hope they will thrive in School this year.

Saturday: I planned on taking Richard out to Dinner and a movie but Logan's Respite Nurse called and said she was sick so I went to Redbox and rented The Backup Plan and Death at a Funeral. Both movies were really good.

Today is time spent at home getting all the kids ready for School in the morning, Doing Laundry, Getting School Supplies ready and talking to the kids about going back to School and getting back into a routine. Sounds like fun right....

It is a good thing we did not go out Saturday night because Logan started to get a runny nose and now is congested, I can not believe he got sick right before School is about to start. He has no fever so far but I have been giving him Pedialyte so he won't throw up. He has been getting sick a lot lately and when he does he is sick for a week. I will take him to School in the morning because I have to talk to the RN and give her the low down on Logan and I will see what she has to say. I have a feeling he will be missing a lot of School this year. (which is fine by me).

These last few days I have been having a very hard time letting Logan go to School, I can not seem to cut the cord. We went to meet his Teacher Friday and I just broke down crying ,I could not help myself. Then last night I started to cry again and now today my stomach hurts. I found out he will be the only child with a G-Tube and the only child in a wheel chair, hearing this makes me very sad. I can see it now all the other kids are on the playground playing and Logan is stuck in his wheelchair watching the kids play, just thinking about this makes me cry. He is so very different than all of the other kids there. I just have to work even harder than I am now to get him to walk. The only reason I am sending him to School is so he can interact with other kids his age and hopefully by seeing them walk to get around it will inspire him to want to do the same thing. So we will see who does more crying tomorrow me or him...

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Not much has been going on in our household this past week, which is great. love it when it is quite. The girls have been playing with there friends, enjoying there last week of freedom before School starts August 30th.

We went out to Dinner last night at Chili's and we decided to order Logan some Mac & Cheese from the children's menu. He drank 2 1/2 oz of juice by mouth threw a straw and ate more than a half cup of Mac & Cheese, he did so good and he was able to keep it all in. We were so excited. The other day for lunch he ate half PB&J sandwich. he is really starting to get this eating down pretty good. He will no longer chew on his sippy cup to get juice out he loves drinking from a straw. But he does not know how to suck on his sippy cup to get juice out, I don't understand that one. But I guess it is easier to suck threw a straw than a sippy cup. So I will be going to the store to get the sippy cup that has a straw in it for him to dink out of for School and home use. We are just so excited at how much progress he is making when it comes to eating and drinking.