Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Logan is wearing the Grey Jacket

Sorry for the lack of posts, we have had family staying with us for a while and they are sleeping in the office so it is kinda hard to get to my computer some times.

All is well in our neck of the woods. Everyone is doing great Logan is a walking fool that is all he does is walk walk walk :) oh and gets into everything and I mean everything.

We are now trying to teach him to walk up the stairs, he does OK with help of course. He is just doing awesome at School they have him holding on to the rope now every morning, I was able to snap some pictures. He is such a big boy now. Today was picture day at School I was able to stay there while he had his picture taken and he would not smile I tried everything I could, he was just horrified kept on fussing. After several pictures being taken it was time for him to get off the wooden box he was sitting on, he gets down from it and smiles, blows kisses to everyone there and says bye. I swear that little stinker...
After the individual pictures were taken it was time for the class photo, It almost brought tears to my eyes seeing him stand there with his class for his first class portrait and not having his wheel chair he has come so far and we are so proud of him.

I was able to pick the picture I wanted he is not smiling or crying he just has a little horrified look on his face. It was the best one there.
The girls are doing great. Nothing new going on with them. Last week I had to go shopping for Summer clothes for both of them. I went through there closet and nothing fit them from last year, I swear they are growing like weeds.
Richard is doing good, working like a dog and still playing in the snow. He drives to Northern California and it is still snowing there he can not wait until it stops. It's really hard and stressful on him. Last weekend he and a neighbor did some more planting on the side of our house. It looks really nice.
Yesterday we had Solar screens put in on the front of the house, the girls room faces the street and during the summer it gets so hot in there room so this is really going to help. Plus it looks really nice. Then we decided to have him install a security door which I love having you get a great breeze going on when you have the back sliding door open. It really makes the house POP. Great curb appeal.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Logan is so proud of his Kings Hat he made at School

Elizabeth & Alicia with there Friends at Springs Preserve

Elizabeth at Springs Preserve

Well I did curse myself Logan got sick again and so did I, but I had it pretty bad.
Two weeks ago I had the flu got better for you day then turned around and got Bronchitis pretty bad. I finally went to the Doctor and he gave me a script for antibiotics and now I am all better. Everyone is once again healthy of course I should probably stop saying that :)

So much has been going on in our household with Logan he is doing super Awesome he is walking all over the place, He is saying three and some four word sentence's. "Mommy play with me" "Mommy wait for me". He is always wanting to talk on the phone, he will say Call Nanny, call Papa. So we call Nanny 10 times a day I am not kidding he loves to talk on the phone. He is just talking all the time and 90% of the time we understand him. Also Logan knows the Alphabet, this is so huge. I will sing the song and he will sing right along with me. He will not say it on his own you have to sing with him.

When we get to school I get him out of the car and make him walk all the way to where he meets his Teacher. And for the first time today they had him hold on to the rope with the other kids. They put him in the front of the line so he will hold on and not let go. I will bring my camera to School on Monday and snap some pictures he is just so cute to see.

During School and after the girls have been doing Cheerleading so they come home and show me there new moves, well Logan always has to join in he never wants to get left out of anything. Well here is a video of Logan showing off his Dance moves trying to sing "Rise and Shine" a song they sing everyday in School. He wanted the girls to see with him and follow along.

These past few months I have had a house full of kids on the weekends. These past two Monday's there have been no School because of the holiday and staff development day so there friend from School has been spending the night and then we have other friends that come over and play. I do have to admit I am have been very tired, Cleaning up after everybody feeding the entire neighborhood is getting tiring and expensive. Don't get me wrong I enjoy having the girls have there friends over but this weekend I said no kids aloud we have family coming into town from California that will be staying with us and I am so excited to have my Cousin and her Daughter visit us.

Richard has been stressed out lately he is tired of being away from home and tired of driving in the snow he wants Winter to be over with. He has nearly missed being in multiple accidents because people want to drive stupid in the Snow. They are supposed to be rebidding at work so when they do he hopes to get a run where he is home every night instead of being away every other day.