Monday, March 29, 2010

Hope everyone enjoyed there weekend. Not much went on around here. Saturday I was out all day running errands. Logan decided he did not want to take a nap and kept me up for several hours Saturday night. When he does not take a nap he makes me pay for it during the night. I think that is so generous of him.

Sunday afternoon we were invited over to our next door Neighbors house, It was a block party. Bring a dish & Soda, they supplied the Hamburgers and Hot dogs. We had alot of fun we are always getting together with our neighbors. So I said I will host next month.
We never did this kind of thing were we used to live. Heck I never even new my neighbors and I lived there for 4 years. We were only close to one Neighbor who lived next door to us and that is it. But here everyone knows everyone and we all look out for each other. I think it's great. All the kids play together while the adults chit chat. We all sit in the Driveway and Bar B Que. It was a very nice day yesterday.

Today we are just hanging out at home. I will be putting Logan down for a nap shortly, and when he gets up I will be taking them all to the Park for a few hours to get them out of the house.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Today Logan had Physical Therapy and it went pretty good, I tried leaving him alone by himself with the Therapist and he just started screaming. He has been seeing this Therapist for awhile now and he still will not let me leave the room. I am trying to prepare him for Preschool which he starts the end of August. So I thought lets give him some practice of being somewhere with out me, and it was a no go. Logan is very attached at the hip with me. He is going to hate it when he starts School.

Today Logan did alot of walking with support and he is getting a little better each time. The stander he uses at home really helps with that.

The girls are doing good. They are very excited that today is the last day of School. SPRING BREAK YEAH!!! One week off. I am looking forward to spending some time with them. So hopefully we will have a good week next week.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

My Mom came over yesterday morning to watch Logan so I could take Elizabeth to Child Find to have her testing done. It only took 2 1/2 hours I thought it would be much longer. She did have alot of breaks in Between. After 15 minutes of testing there would be a 10 minuets break I thought that was alot but they wanted her fresh for every test, so in between each test she would snack on something small. The reason she took this test is because she has problems Processing information she receives. She was being tested to see if she has Auditory Processing Disorder.
When the testing was all done I spoke with the Audiologist who tested her and he said I would not label her as having this Disorder but the testing revealed that she is border line that he wants to retest her in three years. So right now there is nothing to worry about. Don't you just love how these Specialists word things. He gave me a couple of hand outs and some Website links on the Disorder so that I will be able to help her.

By the time we got home we had Lunch then it was time to pick up Alicia from School. After that the girls had a Church Activity to go to at someones house they learned about planting a Garden and they were given a pot with some soil and they planted there own flowers and then brought them home to take care, hopefully they will start to grow pretty soon. Also while there they planted Tomatoes and this summer when the Tomatoes are ripe they will make Salsa.

Nothing going on today no appointments. Logan is doing great he has been trying to get my attention since I have been on the Computer so I better get going. Thanks for checking in on our family.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Alicia had her I.E.P. Meeting this morning at school and the outcome will stay the same, basically getting her to improve on her skills that she is lacking. Her Reading fluency is great but when she is reading she reads to fast and does not pause at the end of a period. Because she is reading so fast she does not understand what she just read. She also struggles on answering the "wh" type of questions. So I will be working on her Reading Comprehension at home.
Both girls go to the Oddessy Math Computer program after School for additional help I talked with there Teachers and they both said they can come 3x a week instead of everyday. They were both starting to get overwhelmed. They have school all day then computer lab then come home and do Homework, it was all just to overwhelming for them so hopefully this will ease that.

So my little man Logan is just a little cutie pie, As you all know he can only say a few words so that being said. All the words he can say he says 5,000 times a day, I am not joking. He will say all at once and after each name he will pause. Mama, Dada, La La (Elizabeth & Alicia), Papa, BB (BB is uncle Brian) After every time he says a persons name I will tell Logan were they are at Work, School, home etc. Richard has taught him a new word so now he adds that to the list Drawer.
Logan also watches Sesame Street 4-5 times a day only when he is being feed by G-Tube it gives him something to do other than stair at the wall, plus I know he is learning because he always will interact every time he watches it and he gets so excited. Sesame Street has a letter of the day on every episode the other day he was watching and the letter was "D" so he now says that everyday as well.

OK Last week Alicia wanted to tell me something but she wanted to whisper in my ear and told me to promise I would not say anything to Elizabeth so I said OK I promise I will not say anything to Elizabeth. She whispers in my ear that Elizabeth Loves Dane and wants to marry him.
I remember a few months back when Elizabeth told me about this boy in her class that She thinks is cute and always stairs at her. She would say Mommy this boy named Dane we are always staring at each other I think he is cute. I told Richard and he said I am not ready for that yet, I said to him neither am I :)

Sunday, March 21, 2010

It's just been busy busy busy around here as always. Logan did good in Therapy on Friday he had P.T. and he was able to take a few steps with help of course and did not resist.

Richard worked this weekend so Saturday a friend come over with her kids and we had a play date. All the kids were out back jumping on the trampoline and playing on the swings screaming there head off having a good time. Then Saturday afternoon I ventured out to do some errands and took all three kids with me, oh how fun that was :)

Sunday we had Stake Conference and Elder Neil L. Andersen of the Quorum of the Twelve was there and he gave a very good talk. We got front row seats that were reserved for us, I felt very special. And he also shook our Hand. Logan was such a good boy no crying or fussing. And the Girls sat there so nice and were so good. Then at 4pm today we have to go back to Church were the girls have a Primary Fireside were they will learn about Baptism.

Alicia has her I.E.P Meeting early Monday morning, Richard and I will be meeting with the School Phycologist, her Special Ed Teacher and her Regular Teacher. To reset her goals. She did finally qualify for Special Ed in Reading and Writing. Now she will get help in all three subjects. She has been really struggling at School now with all this extra help she will do so much better.

Tuesday Elizabeth will not be going to school she has to go to Child Find which is part of the School District and be tested to see if she has Auditory Processing Delay this will take 3 1/2 hours. And next week they start Spring Break which I am really excited about. I am going to try and find some fun things to do with them.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Today was the last day of Logan's 60 hour Diet. He did really good when it came to eating by mouth he shocked us all. Monday was OK but Tuesday was awesome. When it came to eating breakfast he did not do so good but at Lunch time yesterday he ate an entire butter and jelly sandwich minus a few pieces of crust. Then for Dinner he had half of butter and jelly sandwich including the crust and 4 Tablespoons of Lasagna. He did do some snacking in between. He only lost 8 ounces being on this diet. He went back to his G-Tube feedings with the formula tonight. His Nutritionist wants to try this again April 5th. She wants me to continue feeding him 7 1/2 oz every three hours and try to feed him by mouth in between. But he will not do as good because the Formula is filling. I am just so excited he did so well. Hopefully in a few years he can loose the G-Tube.

Today we had our Combined Therapy session with Isaac at Kathy's house. Logan did good standing with support playing with the I-phone watching Yo Gabba Gabba. He tried to use Isaac's walker but had no luck, Logan put his hands on the walker and leaned up against it with his Bum in the air. He will get there some day :)

The weather has been really nice, all week it has been in the mid 70's so Yesterday afternoon I took Logan outside to play on his Little Tykes swing and then he saw his sisters on the Trampoline and he wanted to go on and he had a blast he just loves it when the girls jump up and down. His face just lights up.

Thanks for checking up on our family!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

This past week has been busy busy busy. Sorry for the lack of posts, I will stop being such a slacker.

Richard was finally able to go back to work Wednesday night only to have Friday nights run cut because of no freight, he was able to go to St. George, UT so that was some miles. Since there was no work this past weekend he is hoping to work this coming weekend because God knows we need it.
Logan's Nutritionist from Nevada Early Intervention put him on a 60 hour diet no Formula G-Tube feedings everything is by mouth only with the exception of Pedialyte by G-tube so he will not get dehydrated and he is doing just as I expected he would not that good. Well for him he is doing OK I guess eating very very small portions just like he would as if he was getting formula by G-Tube. Shirley wanted to see how he would do if he would eat any more by mouth and he is pretty much eating the same. I Gave him alot of MCT Powder to help him gain a pound before putting him on this Diet because I new he was going to loose that pound when this is all done. He will go back to his regular Formula feedings Wednesday morning @ 7am.

Logan has a Combined Therapy Session/Play Date with Isaac another Heart Baby I know. Friday Logan goes back to his Regular Therapy sessions I cancelled today because with not eating I thought he would be to weak.

Other than that everything is pretty much the same, Girls fighting/arguing everyday when they come home from school until they go to bed and Logan throwing tantrums when he does not get his way. Oh how I love my life :)
I keep on forgetting to post Elizabeth's Pictures from her Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory Program. They made candy machines and they turned out so cute.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me :)

Well today is my Birthday and I am having somewhat of a difficult time dealing with it because I am now 38 I know it is not the big 40. But I am starting to feel very old. I can not imagine how I am going to feel when I do hit 40. My mom is coming over to take me out to lunch and Richard got up this morning to make me a cake. He is such a sweet heart.

Richard still has not returned back to work, all they are waiting on is his drug test which we know will come back clean. I think they are taking there sweet time. We are hoping he hears something today.

The girls are starting to come down with a cold they both have runny noses and a little congestion. Alicia comes home from school a few days ago and said that some boy coughed and sneezed on her. I was like that was really nice of him.
So then she passed it on to her Sister. Everyone else is healthy so far. But I will be going around the house wiping door knobs and spraying Lysol everywhere. I do not need Logan to get sick.

Logan had Therapy yesterday and since Richard is off work he was able to come with us and see Logan in Therapy. He had speech and O.T. and in O.T. they worked on feeding again. Getting Logan to use the spoon and feed himself chocolate pudding, he would do better if he had the patience and take more than 5 bites. But he try's that's all I can ask.
Thanks for checking in on us.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Everything is going good around here, we had a nice weekend.
Saturday Morning we went to a wake. A very good friend of the family passed away with Cancer. After that we went to a Birthday party a friend of mine was having a 5th Birthday party for her son. It was very loud and there were so many kids there. Logan just shut down because of all the noise he could not handle it, so we left after about 2 hours.

Sunday our neighbors Daughter was having her 16th Birthday party so we went over there and visited and had cake.

Richard has no idea when he will be able to return to work we are hoping Tuesday night. This not working with no pay is killing us. So I hope he returns soon. Since he is home I have been putting him to work doing things around the house that needs to be done our next task is cleaning the Loft and going through the kids toys while they are at school they have so much stuff they do not even play with, So I will be donating some of it.

Logan is doing great he is sleeping right now. He will resume Therapy tomorrow. I will try and get some pictures of the little man cooperates.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

He gets into the pantry to take food out

He puts toys and food into the cupboard

He gets into his medical supplies

He loves to turn the computer off

knock on the door when you are going to the bathroom

Brings lots of smiles while swinging on the swing

What a day, I get a call from Richard at 1am this morning telling me he was in an Accident. He was on his way to Reno, NV when he gets three hours away from Las Vegas he hits very light snow and then all of a sudden there is a white out. He was only going 35 miles an hour he jack knives spins out of control and lands in a ditch, he was carrying doubles so his last trailer flips over on its side. Thank God he is OK but his truck is damaged and he can not drive it, so he sits there for 6 hours and waits for a tow truck to tow him and his rig to Reno,NV 7 hours later he finally gets to Reno at 2pm, by the time he breaks down his freight it 3pm. Since he was in an Accident he is unable to drive himself back he will be on suspension and will not be able to go back to work until Monday night. It is now 7pm and another driver from Reno will be driving him back to Las Vegas because he is suspended. He will be home sometime in the morning and have been awake for more than 32 hours. I just feel so bad for him.He will have to miss 2 days of work and no pay. He also received a ticket from the police because he was failure to stay in his lane which is a bunch of B.S. like he can control when it snows.

Anyway Elizabeth has a Cardiologist appointment in the morning, she has had a Heart Murmur since birth and it has not been checked out for more than six years so this is just a check up. They will be doing an EKG and an ECHO, everything will go fine.

Logan is just a pill, this is what he does all day gets into everything and he thinks it is so funny. He is my little cutie pie. He is doing awesome all smiles.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Logan is doing great he is back to his normal self. Monday night he surprised us all and slept through the night, I think it was because he was so drugged up. I am just glad he slept.
Then last night he was up at 3am talking to himself saying Momma, Dadda. He eventually fell back to sleep and so did I.

We are going to have a very calm week, I cancelled all of his Therapy appointments we will resume them next week. So it will be nice to have some lazy days around here. I was able to get out yesterday and do some errands while Richard watched Logan for me so that was nice.

Yesterday afternoon we put Logan on his swing for the first time since last year and he loved it, Richard took him off of his swing to try and put him on the Trampoline to see how he would do and Logan got mad and hit Richard because he did not want to get off of that swing.
After a few minutes of being on the Trampoline Logan loved it as long as the girls only moved a little bit. They tried jumping a little to hard and Logan freaked out but once they settled down he really enjoyed it.

The girls are doing good, today is the last day of there testing at School.

The girls have been wearing there boots all Winter long but when we had the Heart walk on Saturday I told them to put there shoes on and when Alicia tried her shoes on they were to small for her, I was like I remember when they were to big on you. She is growing so fast I cannot keep up. She outgrew her size 2 tennis shoes so I will be doing some shopping this weekend.
A couple of weeks ago I had to go shopping for them because they needed more shirts. The next thing on our list is New shorts and Capri's. I just can not keep them clothed fast enough they are growing like weeds. I told Richard we are going to have to grow a money tree out back.

Elizabeth has been working on a School project at school for the past month. They are making Candy machines. She saw Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory at school and that is there theme. They get in groups of five and they all contribute to making the candy machine. Elizabeth is the one that brought in all of the candy for the machine. They are having a presentation at School this Friday and the parents are invited to come, and of course I will be going and my Mom will be coming with me. I am very excited to see how the project turned out. They will also be doing skits from the movie. I will take lots of pictures to post.

Monday, March 1, 2010

We are all home now and getting settled in. Logan's Procedure started at 7:30am and was done by 10am, we were able to go back and see him at 11am. He had to be in recovery for 6 hours and that was very hard trying to keep a 2 1/2 year old still so he does not develop any blood clots. He was really a trooper. To try and keep him calm Richard turned on Sesame Street on his cell phone and that helped a little. They mostly had to keep him drugged up because he was just screaming and because of this he could not keep anything down.

The Doctor said Everything went great. They started out by doing an Echo to make sure everything was clear and there were no clots. After the procedure was over the Doctor said it looks like he will have to come back in a couple of years to have a stint put in between the two shunts because his left Artery is very narrow.
Logan will keep his bandage on for tonight then tomorrow I can replace with a band aid. He has been very fussy and does not want to go to bed so tonight is going to be a very long night.
I just got done giving him 5oz of Pedialyte and he threw that up, He is just not keeping anything down. He should feel better in the morning.

Thanks so much for the Prayers, we really appreciate it.