Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Sickies are still going on in our household, I thought Logan was feeling better so I gave him milk with a little bit of Pedialyte at 1pm and at 3:15 when I was at the girls school waiting for them to get out I hear it he just went diarrhea in his pants and it is every where. I get home change him and give him a bath I go in the garage to throw everything out and before I even walk back in the door he went again, So I clean him up and give him another bath again. This went on for about an hour and finally it was all over.

I put Logan to bed at 7:15 last night because he did not have a nap and he slept through the night until 10am this morning. I could not believe it he has never slept that long before ever. He woke up this morning and he was fine just a very wet diaper. I gave him 3 oz of 7-up in his cup and he drank all of it through his straw, when he was done he said he wanted MORE PLEASE so I gave him another 3oz and he drank 2oz of it. He must have been very thirsty to drink 5oz by mouth because he has never drank that much before at one time ever.

Richard made it home this morning feeling a little better, let's just hope he stays that way. He is now sleeping so I hope when he gets up he will be fine.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I took Logan to the pediatrician last night, He started to have Diarrhea every 10 minuets and was throwing up. They checked him for strep throat because his throat was red and it came back negative, they just said he has a virus and it will pass just to keep doing what I am doing. So this morning he wakes up and is happy and acting like his own self. He did have Diarrhea once when he first woke up this morning but nothing since and it has been 5 hours so I am pretty sure he is done with that. He is all over the place talking up a storm and being silly so I would say he is all better.

Richard on the other hand is not feeling so good he called me last night on his way to Northern California and he is nauseous and having diarrhea. He finally got there a little bit ago at the hotel and is sleeping. I just feel so bad for him, it is no fun being sick and driving. We are just passing it along over here one by one. Knock on wood but Alicia and I are doing good.

Since Logan is feeling better, I decided to make Pumpkin Bread and Banana Bread. Tomorrow I will be going to Marie Calenders to pick up some pies for Thanksgiving day, I buy them there every year and I think they have the best pies.

Monday, November 22, 2010

I am happy to report that Elizabeth was feeling better on Friday but I still kept her home just to make sure. She just had the 24 hour flu. I am sure glad that is over with.
BUT Logan woke up throwing up very early Sunday morning, he only threw up one time but he does have a fever of 100.4 just like Elizabeth. He has been very clingy all day Sunday, I have been holding him and rocking him all day long and I am loving every minute of it. The fact that I get to love on him that is. I always hate to see my kids hurting. I am hoping he will feel better on Tuesday.

I have been giving him Pedialyte with a little bit of milk through his g-tube and so far he has been keeping it in, he has been gaging a lot though. I will ask him do you want Mommy to hold you and rock you, he will say YES. It just melts my heart. I have been giving him Ibuprofen every 4 hours and that seems to help give him a little strength, other than that I have been holding him all day. He is in his chair eating right now so I decided to right a quick post.

Everyone else is doing good so I hope Alicia stays healthy for Thanksgiving which we will be having at my Mom's house.

Thanks for checking in on us.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Elizabeth stayed home from School today, she woke me up at 4am saying her stomach hurt real bad so I had her crawl into bed with me and a half hour later she threw up all over my carpet in the bathroom. Poor thing she is just miserable not being able to hold anything in and she now has a fever of 101.3. She was not able to eat anything all day but I was finally able to get her to eat some toast tonight and she has kept that in so far. I have been giving her Tylenol/Motrin all day long. She will not being going to school on Friday. She told me that some boy in her class threw up in the classroom yesterday, so that is how she got sick.

I am just so mad at myself I always get everyone the flu shot in October but this year I some how procrastinated. I was going to get them there flu shot this weekend but it looks like I am going to have to wait for Elizabeth anyway.

I am praying that no one else gets sick. Please say some prayers.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Logan takes his first steps

I had a really nice weekend, I had my cousin and her Daughter in town they left Sunday and I was very sad to see them go, But happy to know they will be back in January YEAH...

First off Logan has been standing up in the middle of the room all by himself for the past two weeks. Well this past Friday he stood up and actually took two steps forward all by himself, I was so excited. I got it on video. Also Logan has been using his walker a lot he is a walking full with his walker which I also got on video. He is all over the house using his walker, he is doing so good we are just so proud of him.

Elizabeth and Alicia are doing good. Elizabeth's Asthma has been acting up, it is that time of year again. I have been giving her extra treatments she is starting to feel a lot better. Alicia has developed a cough, so I have been giving her medicine to help with that. This weekend every one will be getting there flu shot, we are running a little behind this year.

Richard is doing good staying healthy. He has Thanksgiving day off but I am not sure about the day after he will find out in a few days.

Not much has been going on around here still trying to get organized I have been procrastinating lately so it is time to get my but in gear Enjoy the video's.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Richard went back to the old grindstone last night, after having nine days off it's time to go back to work. WE have really enjoyed having him around the house, I was sad to see him go last night. He has another five days off at Thanksgiving so it is something to look forward to.
We got so much done around the house inside an out. we are so proud.
We also got a lot of Christmas shopping done for the kids, I am so excited I am almost done with them.
I love it when Richard is home but it throws my entire schedule out of whack, So I have tons to catch up on. I need to organize my scrapbook area but have been procrastinating lately. I borrowed my mom's carpet cleaner so I will be doing that tonight after the kids are in bed. My carpet is so dirty from so much foot traffic from all the kids that come in and out of my home. I also need to go through the kids summer clothes and donate them. And I am sure there is lots more just can't thing of them right now :)

Richard's step sister Joyce was in town this past weekend and we had a really nice visit she came down from Shreveport, LA for a pool tournament at Bally's Hotel so we met here there and spent the day together. It was really good seeing her and she got to meet Logan for the first time. The last time she say the girls is when they were 3 years old. So this was a real treat for her.

This Friday I have my Cousin and her daughter coming in from Victorville, CA to stay with us. I am really looking forward to that visit.

So Logan likes to watch Ni Hao Kai-Lan on Nick JR. He loves this show and he really pays attention to it. Every time a character tries to get someones attention they will say "TING", So last night before going to bed Logan was trying to say good night to Elizabeth. Logan says nightnight LaLa and Elizabeth did not hear him so he says LaLa hello TING. It was the cutest thing ever Richard and I laughed so hard. So Logan goes around all the time saying TING TING TING he is so cute he is always making us laugh.

Logan's P.T. from School called me today to let me know that Logan used his walker and walked down the hall today all by himself with no help, he would stop every six steps to take a break then start walking again. I was so excited to hear this.

I asked the teacher if I could come and visit Logan's class to see what they do and how Logan does she said OK how about Tuesday so I took him inside his classroom and as soon as we got inside he started to cry to I stayed for about 2 minutes and it just got worse, I was so sad I really wanted to stay and see how he does. I left the classroom and stood outside the door and watched through the glass window for about 20 minutes after he stopped crying I left. I was so sad I wanted to go in there and scoop him right up. I really thought he would do good but I guess with me being there was to much for him.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

We had a great Halloween. I passed out candy and Richard took the kids trick-r-treating. Richard said Logan did so good he did not cry at all. There were a few doors that the girls would not walk up to because they were scary but Logan had no problem at all he was pushed around in his stroller looking and watching everyone else. People were giving Logan more candy because he was so cute. We had so many tricker treaters just like we did last year. All the kids look so cute dressed up.

The kids finally went back to school today after having five days off. It was hard getting them out of bed this morning.

We are doing really good around here. We have been so busy doing a lot of yard work and doing things inside the home. The front yard looks so nice we added plants, rocks and solar lights leading up to our front door and pavers/stepping stones on the side of the house.

Logan is doing awesome he is now trying to stand up all by himself when he is in the middle of the room. We are just so excited at how much progress he has made.