Thursday, August 25, 2011

A lot has been going on this week. But the worse of it is that Logan had his first Seizure on Sunday. It was very scary. He was so unresponsive it really scared us all. He is doing so much better now.

Monday we went to get his 4 YR shots he was due to have 4 of them but because of the seizure the Doctor only gave him 2 and we go back in 2 months to get the other 2. Tuesday morning Logan woke up with a fever of 101 and was pretty much that way the rest of the day, It was because of his shots. He never gets a fever after shots but this time he did, I think it may have been the type of shot he got.

Tuesday we went to see his Neurologist Dr. Maller she is the best Alicia saw her when she had her seizure's when she was younger and Maller really took care of her. The Doctor wants Logan to have an EEG and the soonest they can get him in is September 13th. I was like that is really far off, but the Doctor said it was not urgent. Of course I disagree.

Wednesday we went to see his Cardiologist Dr. Acherman. Logan had an EKG and an Echo everything looked good, his valve is still leaky but is very mild. His next Hearth Cath will not be until 2015 so I am very excited about that.

Today we went to Precision Orthotics do get measured for special shoes so he can wear over his SMO's. I found a cute blue pair they are on back order so I will be getting them the second week of September.

Tomorrow is Open House at the school where we get to meet the teachers and drop off school supplies. The kids start school on Monday I am really excited for them. The girls will be going into 5th grade and Logan will be in his second year of Pre-School.

That pretty much sums up my stressful week. Thanks for checking in on our family

Friday, August 12, 2011

So I am going to try and get better on posting on my blog more often I promise.

The girls had there friend Alexis spend the night the last 2 nights so tonight it is time for her to go home. They have had a fun past couple of days playing.

Sunday Richard and I will be Celebrating our 12 Year Anniversary, I tell Richard 12 long agonizing but if he can put up with me then he is a pretty amazing husband. We plan on going to the movies and a nice dinner.

Logan slept in till 10am this morning that is the longest he has ever slept, I could not believe it. So I decided to make him 2 waffles with butter and syrup trying to add on extra calories and he ate almost all of it. So no G-Tube feeding for breakfast I am so excited YEAH for Logan. So we will see what happens for lunch...

Last week we went to R.C. Willey and looked around for Bedroom Furniture and ended up buying a new Dresser 2 night stands and a new King size Temper-Pedic Bed we love it and sleep so much better, our other Mattress was 12 years old we bought it when we got married so it was time for a new one.

Here are some cute pictures of Logan being goofy, I promise to get pictures of his Birthday very soon. Thanks so much for checking in on our family.... Oh sorry for the spacing, I have tried to fix so many times but Blogger will not cooperate so any suggestions would be great.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

This Summer has just flown by the kids go back to School Monday August 29th. I can not believe the girls will be starting 5th Grade and Logan will be in his second year of Preschool. The ,kids are getting so big and growing up so fast gosh I feel old.

It has been awhile since I last blogged so I will try and catch up on everything. I do most of my posting on Facebook. The second week of July we went to California and spent time with my family we went to Huntington Beach and spent the entire day there the next day was spent in Redlands at Pharaoh's Adventure Park they have an awesome water park we all had so much fun, Logan loved it.

I had to take Logan to the Orthopedic Doctor because he is not walking properly he has been walking on the inside of his arch so they made Special Orthopedic Shoes for him they should be ready nest week.

Logan has been doing really good. His Heart is doing great no problems at all we see his Cardiologist in 2 weeks for a check up everything should go fine. He is talking so much more and eating more by mouth. He still gets his G-Tube feedings every three hours but he is getting less milk.

Logan turned 4 Yesterday and we celebrated his Birthday on Sunday some friends came over and helped us celebrate. He was so excited to open up his presents. He really is our little miracle :)

The girls are doing great, been busy hanging out with there friends. Richard is still working a lot of hours. We will celebrate our 12 year Anniversary this Friday. We will be going out with no kids so I am looking forward to that :)

Thanks for checking in on our family. I will post pictures of Logan's Birthday later, Richard took the pictures and they did not turn out at all. So I will be getting some pics from my Mom.