Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I posted on my facebook page a few days ago a video of Logan walking YES I said walking, which he is doing 80% of the time now without the use of his walker. He is doing so good, I am just amazed. What a blessing I never thought this day would come. Of course he falls down but gets right back up again and continues to walk. He proved his Doctors wrong :)

His speech is really coming along great he is saying more words every day. As I sit back and reflect on the past and think about what he has been through and what it took to get were we are just amazes me. I thank God every day for the miracle he has given us. His personalty just shines he is always laughing and smiling all the time.. OK I am done bragging about my awesome son :) Also Logan has developed a love of books he loves to be read to, I will sit him in my lap and read several books to him through out the day, He loves it.

Everyone else is doing great. Richard is all better. His reflux has been acting up so he went and had an Upper GI he follows up with his Doctor in two weeks for the results.

Alicia is doing really good in School her grades are improving and her reading is great. She still struggles in Math but we are working on that. And her attitude, she is a real spit fire when she wants to be. She has a tendency to talk back way to much lately.

Elizabeth is doing good she is also struggling in Math, but her reading and comprehension is doing much better.

These past few days every time she goes to scratch herself she develops a rash on her body so I have been giving her Benadryl and that seems to be helping. I have not changed anything in her diet or soap or anything so I have no idea what she is allergic to all of a sudden. She has a Doctors appt with her Allergist next Monday I am hoping they will do a skin test since her last one was almost a year ago.

I am doing good, I have felt stressed out lately because of the kids fighting and arguing so much. They come home from School and it all starts. Elizabeth's Teacher has decided to give everyone in the classroom more homework for some odd reason. So trying to help each one with there homework and Logan trying to get into everything, and trying to cook dinner at the same time has become a challenge for me lately, I have felt very overwhelmed so I am trying to relax and not yell at the kids so much, which can be really hard.

I better get going Logan fell asleep in his feeding chair and it is almost time to tuck everyone into there beds and for me to relax and breathe. Thanks for checking in on our family.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Monday I took Richard to the Doctor because he had to give blood for part of his Physical well since he was there He asked the Doctor to look at him because he had a cold and was no feeling well. He took some X-Rays and discovered he has another Sinus Infection and an Pneumonia in his right lung, he gave him another stronger prescription and told him to take Mucinex DM. He will go back in 2 weeks to get more X-Rays just to make sure everything is ok.

Logan is back to his old self, laughing at anything you tell him. It is the cutest thing these past few nights he has been laughing at nothing his personalty is really coming out. He is a ball of laughs. The girls are doing great Elizabeth still has the sniffles but her Asthma is so much better.

I am doing just fine, knock on wood I am still healthy. Trying to sanitize our home so we all don't get sick again.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

What a week this has been, I am just glad it is all over. Tuesday I took Logan to the Doctor, Wednesday I took Elizabeth to the Doctor and Thursday I took Logan back to the Doctor.
Logan stayed home from School all week, Elizabeth stayed home from School Thursday and Friday.

Elizabeth had a very bad cold along with her Asthma acting up, with a ton of meds she has been taking she is feeling so much better and will be able to return to School on Monday.

Alicia has had the sniffles all week, and a slight fever Thursday night when I told her she will probably have to stay home from School on Friday she started to cry she really wanted to go to School. So I told her if there is no fever in the morning she can go to school, well she woke up and the fever was gone so I let her go to School. I have been giving her Claritin and that seems to be helping and she is starting to feel better also.

Now on to Logan, I was so scared all week that he would end up in the hospital. I was giving him Pedialyte for 3 1/2 days straight and his Urine output was not that good. After each feed he would just have diarrhea and was very week. I was holding him all the time (this is the only part I loved) I took him back to the Doctor Thursday and they told me there was nothing they could do for him as long as he's having one wet diaper a day he will get over it soon. Well that was not good enough for me. So they gave me some containers so I could collect stool samples and return to Lab corp. Wouldn't you know we get home Thursday night from the Doctor and he never had diarrhea again. Friday he gets up and is doing so much better he starts to get color back in his face, he's talking more and doing more. So I slowly start to add formula back into his feed on Friday and today he is peeing up a storm I am changing his diaper ever hour. Right now we are half formula and half Pedialtye by Sunday he will be able to take in all formula. I am just so thankful he is doing so much better. I was really scared, of course I always am when it comes to him because of his heart. He will be able to return to School on Monday.

Today we have all just been hanging out at home, Richard is working and will be home in the morning. I am doing great, knock on wood....

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow.....

Silly Face

Sneaking chips and Dip

I cannot believe 2011 is already upon us. The kids and I had a nice New Year's spent it with my parents then we came home and shared it with friends.
Monday the kids went back to school, but I was not so sure that was going to happen because it started to snow at 7am it only snowed for 2 hours t then started to melt later on in the day. We got about an inch, it was very pretty to see.

After I took the kids to School I get a phone call 45 min later saying that Logan has liquid Diarrhea and to come and get him. Later on in the day he started to throw up and have more Diarrhea. Tuesday morning he wakes up and throws up again, at this point I started giving him only Pedialtye. I called the Doctor and was able to get him in today and they said he has Rotavirus, There is nothing they can do for him just keep on doing what I'm doing. Well this happened last month the same thing I cannot believe he is sick again. No fever though.

I think the formula is out of his system and the pedialyte is working because the last 2 diaper changes have been no diarrhea, But no peeing either so now I am really worried has he ever been peeing before, I could not even tell so I will give it to the morning and if nothing I will take him back to the Doc.