Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!!!!

Logan loved opening all his presents.

Alicia's Monster High Doll

All the kids got Bean bags from Nana & Papa

Logan's first Spiked Hair cut, he would not cooperate when
it came to taking a picture.

I cannot believe it's already New Years Eve this entire year has gone by so fast.
I have finally got around to posting Christmas Pictures, we all have been super busy around here. Monday I took the girls to the Dentist for a check up and teeth cleaning I can report it was a good visit no cavities and the funny thing is the Doctor said the girls have the exact same X-Ray she thought it was the funniest thing. The rest of the week was spent running around and having neighborhood kids over.
Christmas Eve my parents came over it was very low key we had deli sandwich's and pasta it was all very good. We let the kids open one present both the girls got a pillow pet which they loved and so did Logan he jumped on it and started to love on it as soon as it was opened then when Alicia took it away from him he got very mad and started to scream, So you know me, I had to run out before the store closed and bought him one. I went to Walgreen's around the corner from us and they had one left it was the Green Frog. When I brought it home his face just lit up he was so excited over his pillow pet. He loves this thing...
Christmas Day we opened up presents and the girls got everything they wanted from Santa and us and family members. We then headed over to my parents house and opened up presents over there. We had a delicious Turkey Dinner and all the fixen's, Thanks Mom it was awesome.
Everyone is doing great and healthy well almost. Richard went to the Doctor to get a prescription refilled and found out he had a Sinus Infection and had no idea. He has been having head aches off and on and told the Doctor this so he decided to do an X-Ray of his face and that's when they found out he had an Infection he also found out he has no sinus cavity above his left eye, He was never born with one. So they gave him a prescription for Amoxicillin fro 10 days. He is feeling a lot better now.
Unfortunately Richard is working and will be home Saturday morning so we will not be spending New Year's Eve together he works it every year.
My Parents invited the kids and I over for Dinner so we will be going over there house later on today. Then when we come home my next door neighbor is having a get together so we will head on over there after I put Logan to bed. I love that there right next door and Logan's Monitor works great I can hear everything. We will all be out front in the driveway with a fire pit and hopefully heaters it is going to be so cold tonight a high of 25 degrees, right now it is 34 degrees and windy so that makes it even colder. (I know you East Coasters think I am a wimp.) We got some snow flurries here yesterday nothing stuck to the ground but it was very pretty to see.
I hope everyone enjoys there night tonight. Have fun and be safe.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

OK It has been raining non stop since Friday I wish it would stop so I can go get a few more items for the girls and go get Christmas Eve Dinner. We are having my parents over and we will be having sandwich's on rolls nothing fancy, just don't want to cook. Christmas Day we are going over to my Parents house to have Turkey and all the fixen's and I will be making my fabulous Banana Sour Cream Cake which is the bomb.

The kids started there two week Christmas Break Saturday, they are so excited to have no homework and be able to play with there friends. Logan is Logan getting into everything, he is doing very well considering. I was able to snap a few pictures he really did not want to cooperate so I could get a good picture of his arm. We got to pick what color the cast would be so I picked blue.

I have not even begun to wrap anything yet I always procrastinate every year and always wrap on Christmas Eve and rush to get it done. Richard will be off Friday through Monday we are all excited to have him home.

Everyone Should have gotten there Christmas Card by now, I decided not to do a letter this year and just pictures of the kids. All my family and friends have my blog and read so they already know what is going on in our lives. I took the kids picture and went to Walgreen's the pic turned out so cute I decided to post the pictures so everyone can see them again :)

Thank you everyone for making me feel better especially you Jeannie :)

Monday, December 20, 2010

I have been meaning to post all week long but it has been very crazy around here, I am about to leave to take Logan to his GI Doc for a check up and I thought I would post really quick more to follow tomorrow.

Last Tuesday night I had to take Logan to the ER he was scooting up the stairs like he always does and this time he decided to stand up and he fell down I could not get to him in time. When I did he was crying and holding his left arm, just to be safe and so I could sleep at night I took him to the Hospital and they did an X-Ray and found out he had a Buckle Break at his left wrist. He did break it but not all the way so they put it in a splint and I called his Ortho the next day and they got him in. The but a cast on and said it would be on for 3 weeks and to have no extra activity for 5 weeks. We go back January 7th to have it taken off. I felt so bad I was crying, I felt like such an awful Mom. SO from now on he is not allowed on the stairs no exceptions.

And it seems like since he has had this cast on he is getting into everything and I mean everything opening drawers in the kitchen getting into my purse on the counter. Getting into everything he can get his hands on, I never sit down because as soon as I do he is into something. HE has become quite the handful lately.

Oh and every time you tell him to do something he says WHY he is in that stage now everything is WHY WHY WHY... He is also taking more steps every day. HE is always using his walker. He is just amazing me every day.. OK that is enough bragging for one day :) I will post pictures tomorrow.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Saturday we went to a Birthday party for most of the day, Sunday Richard came home and we spent the day together as a family.

Richard was also home on Monday so I had to take my car into the shop all day yesterday because there was a seat belt recall in the second row oh and they had to replace the steering column because it was making noises. They call me back last night to tell me they fixed the steering column but the seat belt that came in was the wrong color it was a dark grey instead of a light grey, they are going to have to order the correct color again and then I will have to bring my car back AGAIN in a few weeks. They can not even get it right the first time...

Logan stayed home from School on Monday because he woke up Sunday with a cold he could have gone to school because he had no fever and was acting fine but he is very congested, runny nose and coughing. I sent him to school today he is still the same no change but since he is acting fine I said to my self why not.

After I dropped the kids off I came home and made some chocolate dipped spoons to give away with some hot cocoa mix for gifts to the bus driver and teacher helpers at School. For the kids Teachers I bought them gifts. I plan on doing some baking for my neighbors. I found this Thrifty site and it gave me an idea to do the dipped spoons check it out here

Monday, December 6, 2010

We had a fun weekend Saturday we spent the day with a friend of mine and her kids at the Amazing Clown Indoor Party Park here in Las Vegas. The kids had so much fun they had a D.J. and were playing music, Karaoke and There was a booth to have your pictures taken, They had a Jump House, Train, Arcade games, Magic show. I recorded Alicia dancing with her friend she has no idea I posted it on the blog. She is the tall one of course to the right. Logan also came with us even though he could not do much he enjoyed watching everyone. We all had a good time. There friends came over after and spent the night, I had a house full of kids all weekend.

Richard worked on Saturday but was home Sunday morning, When he got up we took the girls friends home and went and did some errands. I had to go to Target and get the kids Teacher's gifts for Christmas, I am almost done shopping for the family I just have to pick up a few more items.

Yesterday I was able to get video of Logan dancing he loves to play with this Christmas stuffed Santa and Mrs Clause that sings. I got it at Hallmark about 5 years ago he just loves to squeeze the hand over and over. We also have a Snowman that stands about a foot high we have also had this for a few years and every year we put it out for Christmas and he is just terrified of it. You push a button and it sings "Shake your groove thing" and it turns around and the butt shakes, it is so cute. Well this year he finally came up to it and pushes the button and scoots away as fast as he can. When it is not playing he will go right up to it and take it's scarf of it's neck and put it around his own neck, It is the cutest thing.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

WOW everyone is finally healthy now. Alicia got sick the night before Thanksgiving throwing up and having Diarrhea. Then this past Sunday night I was sick it was just for 24 hours though, Thank goodness. I am just glad that everyone is healthy again now I can sanitize my house and clean oh YEAH....

We spent Thanksgiving at my Mom's house it was very nice to spend time with the family we all ate way to much I swear I gained 20lbs. Richard went back to work Tuesday night after having 6 days off, it was so nice having him home I miss him already.

Logan went to see Dr. Stewart his Orthopedic yesterday. I told the Doctor he is pulling to stand, cruising around the kitchen table and couch and is able to walk with the help of his walker. He said it sounds like he is doing great and he looks good to. He said he can't believe he is doing so good, he does not see him needing any surgery's now or in the future and to come back in a year. Well I could have told him all that.

My Aunt and Uncle are in town so we went over to my Mom's house last night to visit and have dinner. It was nice seeing them again.

I will get some pictures of the kids and post later. Thanks for checking on our family.