Thursday, February 26, 2009

I went to see my O.B. for my 6 week check up after Surgery and every thing is a OK all clear....
Took the girls to the Dentist this afternoon and they both do not have any cavity's Yeah for me!! Alicia does have really bad Gingivitis they really cleaned her teeth good so I will have to start brushing her mouth every morning and night and it should go away in about a week.
I swear I am so stressed this afternoon it seems I have been yelling at the kids since they have been home from school today. The moment they get in the car from me picking them up it has been non stop fighting, crying. There must be something in the air. They are in time out right as I type this ugh....
I have not been sleeping that good lately for some odd reason so I get home today @ 11:30 feed Logan and put him down for a nap so I decided to also take a nap, I lay down at noon and the next thing I know it is 3pm, I am like crap I run out the door and get to the school 5 min. before the bell rings I just barley made it. I still have lots of Laundry to do tonight and do the dishes before I go to bed. Logan's respite nurse is coming over in the morning so I can do all my errands and go Grocery shopping. So I like the house to be clean.
Off I go have lots to do. Thanks for checking in on us.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

These pictures of Logan were taken over the weekend, Alicia was twirling something in the air and Logan was laughing so hard I got it on Video and here are some really cute pictures. You notice there is always a pillow behind him so he will not flop back and hit his head.
Everyone is doing really good around here finally everything is getting back to normal as far as every one being healthy. Richard worked this weekend he went to Phoenix, AZ. So as always I went over to my Mom's house to visit her and my Dad all day we also stayed for dinner. Every time Richard is able to work the weekend I always go over my Mom's house to visit all day and have Dinner, Thanks Mom I really enjoy your company and the excellent home cooked meal :)
This morning our wonderful P.T. Nora came out and worked with Logan he did so good he never cryed she was actually able to work with him. I am to work with Logan on getting into a sitting position from laying down, work with him on getting him to stand on his feet (apply some pressure) and work with him on being able to sit on the Big Ball get him used to sitting on it, bouncing and laying on his tummy on it.
Tonight our Nutritionist from N.E.I.S. came over Shirley she is such a sweet person, I really enjoy it when she comes out because she can always get an accurate measure of his height and weight. The last time she was out here was January 8th and at that time Logan was 22lbs 14oz 32 3/4 inches long. Today he is 23lbs 5oz 33 1/4 inches long. He did not gain much weight but he did grow. These numbers are different from last Friday when we went and saw the G.I. Doctor and every Doctor Logan sees they are always measuring different weight and height so it is always nice to have the same person and same scale come out to your home to measure it is always consistent.
Shirley really helped me out on what to feed him for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. Right now it is all about the calories he can get in his mouth not the Nutrition she said we can worry about that later down the road. Because what I was feeding him by G-Tube was not enough calories and he has also been sick. Logan just does not want to eat the baby food anymore and who could really blame him after he tried having what we eat and then going back to eat baby food there is just no flavor at all. so I have bumped up his feeds to 7oz four times a day and try and get him to eat by mouth before each Tube feeding. There are food he will east by mouth I just have to find the ones with the highest in calorie. For Breakfast feed him Go-Gert then a tube feed, for Lunch try Cream of chicken, Mushroom any cream soups with lots of calories would be great then a tube feed, Afternoon give him some homemade Chocolate pudding then a tube feed, For Dinner give him Ice Cream, she even said some meat loaf with lots of Ketchup or mashed potatoes. Soft foods that he can eat a lot of in a short period of time because he looses Interest after about 20 minutes because he feels full Shirley said. She said she would also email me some recipes that I could make that are high in calories for Logan. So we will see what happens. I need him nice and plump before his next Heart Surgery.

Friday, February 20, 2009

I took Logan to the G.I. Doc this morning and he is concerned a little bit about his weight, because he has not gained any weight in 3 months and has not grown any.
He is 23 lbs 5oz 33inches.
He did have RSV and every time he does it sets him back because he can not eat by mouth that much. He did give me some samples of Boost Essentials which is basically the same thing as Nutren Jr just tastes a little better he gave me Chocolate so we will see if he will take any by mouth. He also gave me samples of Resource Breeze by the makers of Boost it is Juice comes in Peach and Apple. It has alot of calories and this is something you can not get in the store. The Doctor would have to write a Prescription and get it through Option Care. It is 8oz. and contains 250 cal. Logan will take about an ounce a day of his Apple Juice.

Our next stop would be the Hospital. Back in October of last year we were finally able to get some blood work done for Genetics testing well some how Sunrise screwed that up so we went back today to get some blood drawn and let me tell you it was awful. We just left the GI and he screamed the whole time there and now I have to drag him to do blood work the boy hates me I tell you. It took 45 min, 3 people to hold him down and two different Phlebotomist to get his blood. His blood kept on clotting so after several sticks and Logan screaming his head off and Mommy crying they finally got it. I feed him on the way home and put him to bed he is out. It will take about 3 weeks before the results come back.

The girls are doing good, Thursday I met with there Teacher the School Psychologist and one of the Special Ed Teachers. The girls have under gone testing these past few weeks to determine if they can be tested for special Ed if that makes any sense... I went in and they told me they are eligible to have testing based on there test results to see if they qualify for Special Ed. I signed some papers and they start testing today. I will find out in about 4 weeks if they qualify I am keeping my fingers crossed.
Other than that I am feeling alot better starting to get my voice back. Richard starting to come down with a little cold.
I am still working on my scrap booking I had to order more supplies I ran out. It is coming along.
I am going to go and try to take a nap while Logan is sleeping. Hope everyone has a nice weekend.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

He got stuck underneath the kitchen table

he scooted all the way in the bathroom to watch the girls take a bath.

Logan had his RSV Shot Yesterday and he was very cranky even though he had a 2 hour nap and slept, when it was time for bed he was up every hour just screaming. He woke up this morning in a much better mood.

We went to see the Neurologist this morning for a check up and Dr. Maller labeled him as having Cerebral Palsy she was finally able to diagnose him. Because he not walking or crawling or rolling over (he only rolls over accidentally and that is if he can not reach something, so he is only rolling to his stomach about 4 times a week). His Trunk control is still very week and he can only sit up for a couple of minutes when he is happy and wants to. Because of all of this and he is now 18 months old she had to label him as having C.P. I did tell her that Logan does scoot on his back alot to get everywhere and she was telling me that alot of C.P. Kids do that. We go back in 6 months when he is 2 years old and more than likely she said, she will have another Diagnose for him if he does not get better, this also includes speech. I am very sad about this but I new it was coming sooner or later.

I am officially sick. I am starting to loose my voice, coughing alot, runny nose and I am really really tired. This is why I hate the Winter we just pass around our sickness here.

Thanks for checking in on us.

Monday, February 16, 2009

He Loves looking at books

See how far he got from his toys

I took the kids to the Eye Doctor today to see Dr Mahon what a great Doctor she is. Logan's eyes look great so far no glasses. Elizabeth and Alicia on the other hand need new glasses there eyes have gotten worse since there last visit a year ago. They both are more Near sided in there left eye. They were able to keep there frames and just get new lenses which helped out alot. It has been raining all day today and I really did not want to take all 3 kids out in it but I have been waiting for this appt for 3 months.

I have not been feeling good all day very tired and worn out, I am starting to get a cold Runny nose, sneezing and a little cough, I new I was bound to get it sooner or later. My Immune system always gets down when I don't get much rest and then the cold swoops right in....

Logan has really been exploring the downstairs getting more daring and scooting everywhere. Saturday night he went all the way to the bathroom, Last night he made his way into the girls room and took down some books from there book case, I asked the girls do you have any small toys on the floor in your room and they said no Mom we picked them all up, well all of a sudden we here him choking Richard runs in there and he was trying to eat a Polly pocket shirt. Logan threw up from the gagging and Richard was able to swipe it out of his mouth and let me tell you I was freaking out. Then tonight he was laying on the floor next to my chair and I hear him choking again, I look down and he threw up from gagging I look around and don't see anything well there was a poly Pocket hat under neath his head. He found it under neath the chair. The girls like to bring there toys on the Kitchen table and play and sometimes the toys fall on the ground they think they get them all. I told them tonight from now on no more toys in the family room they have to play in there own room. I swear I almost had a Heart Attack. So this has been the highlight of my day.

Thanks for checking in on us.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

This has been a very hectic week for us. My Dad had Lumbar Spine Surgery last Monday and they released him from the Hospital Thursday night to transfer him to a Rehab Facility because he is having a hard time walking he gets There and the place is awful it is like a old folks home everything is outdated just awful you have to see it to believe it. My mom has been with him every day all day So I told her I will go Saturday to relieve her, So I was there from 9-5 yesterday and it really broke my heart to see my Dad in that condition I fought so hard not to cry. The nurses there don't do a darn thing so I took care of my Dad all day. And they were over drugging him so they did not have to deal with him My mom told them to cut his meds in half he was so incoherent he has no idea what was going on. Well when I went to see him Saturday he was doing much better he new who I was and where he was. My Brother went there so they could train him on the Therapy so we could get him out of there, Once he peed on his own he was able to go home so finally last night they discharged him on my Mom's request. He is in alot of pain but he is home where my Mom can measure his meds.
Richard is finally feeling better he is able to walk instead of limping around. Because the Infection was so severe he is on 3 different Antibiotics and that is working to clear it all up. He will go back to work on Monday.
The Girls had there Valentine Party Friday at school and of course they brought home lots of goodies for Mommy :)
Logan is doing the same still has a cough and Diarrhea twice a day. He is eating a little bit of food by mouth again.
Friday night Richard took us all out to Olive Garden since he was doing better and we had a really nice dinner with the family. Logan eat very good he had some small pieces of chicken and mashed potatoes. We decided not to bring the stroller in the restaurant to see how he would do just sitting in there highchair and he did great never cryed or fussed of course I bring in my own chair cover because of all the germs. I was really surprised because there Highchair does not have a very high back at all.
I have been so tired lately because of all the stress I get home last night Richard made a Roast so I eat dinner play with the kids for a little bit and sit down to rest on the chair and at 7pm I fell asleep, So Richard woke me up and told me to go to bed so I did and I swear as soon as my head hit the pillow I was gone, until 8am this morning I get awaken by a smoke alarm, I run down stairs and Richard is cooking me breakfast. Just trying to cook to many things at once which created way to much smoke. The Breakfast was Delicious. Thank you Honey.
We will be going over my Parents today for a couple of hours to visit he really wants to see the kids so I told him for a little bit.
This week is going to be very busy Logan has alot of Appt. I will post every day to let everyone know what is going on. Hope everyone had a great weekend.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

It has been another crazy week. Richard has been home since Saturday he is not doing well, When Richard gets stressed out he gets bumps on his body this one happens to be on his upper Leg. With out being to gross and get into to much detail it got infected and I took him to the doctor on Monday and they put a Drain tub in to help it drain. He is on Antibiotics and Pain Killers. We go back today for a checkup. He has a hard time walking/sleeping/sitting down, because he is in so much pain. I am thinking he will not be able to go back to work until Monday we will find out today.
The girls are doing great they are almost 100% better. Logan is still coughing away and sounds awful, he has been having Diarrhea 2-3 times a day which is very unusual for him. And because of all the congestion he is not eating by mouth. I hate it when he is sick he always regresses because he can not eat by mouth and have no therapy because he is not feeling well.
I actually got a chance to do some cleaning while Richard has been around. I am very proud of myself I cleaned all of upstairs yesterday and will try and clean down stairs sometime this week.
So this week I have been cleaning doing lots of Laundry and taking care of my 4 kids ha ha...

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Logan is 1 1/2 years old today, I cannot believe he will be 2 years old in 6 Months we have been through so much with him. It has almost been one year since his last Heart Surgery it was February 19th 2008. Logan is alive today because of Our Heavenly Father and all of the Prayers and Blessings from Family and Friends. He had a 30% chance of surviving the Heart Surgeon told us. I am crying as I type this every time I think about Logan and what he has been through it always makes me cry. I thank God everyday that he is with us and I cherish every day that he is alive.
Logan is still not feeling well his cough is getting worse and he has a slight fever and a runny nose and very cranky, So I decided to take him to the pediatrician this morning to make sure his lungs are still clear and they are but I did find out he has a severe Ear Infection in his Left Ear it is very red, But Wednesday there was no infection?
So they gave me A/B Otic Ear drops for the pain and put him on Omnicef for the Infection.
It rained all day Saturday so we stayed inside and played games with the kids and I worked on my Scrap booking. Today we are just going to lounge around and take care of my sick little man.
The girls are feeling much better. Alicia still has a cough but I have been giving her Xopenex every morning and night and that has really been helping her. Elizabeth went to see her Asthma Doctor Friday and she is is doing great her lungs are clear and no more wheezing and her ears look great we will still continue to give her the Antibiotics until they are gone.

Thank you for your prayers and checking in on us.
Also I wanted to wish my Parents a Happy Anniversary today it has been 40 years Congratulations Mom and Dad we Love you very much.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Logan has RSV again :(

OK, I am very exhausted it has been a crazy week. The Girls have not been feeling will since this weekend just a really bad cough no fever until Yesterday Alicia was running a fever of about 101.2 so I kept her home from school on Tuesday and this morning when she woke up her fever was gone so Off to school she went. Both girls still have a very bad cough but If I kept them home for that they would be home for 2 weeks.
Yesterday I took Logan to see his G.I Surgeon Dr. Hendrickson for a checkup to see if they needed to do an Upper GI to see if his Hernia has gotten any bigger she said she did not want to give him any more Radiation than needed because he has been through so much. If he is not throwing up and he is gaining weight lets hold off for 6 months to a Year and see what happens.
She also mentioned doing surgery for his tongue, his tongue is tied and has been since Birth (very short tongue) So sometime in the next year or so she will go in to fix it just snip it under neath, if not this will cause speech delays.
OK now for the Fun part (not really) Logan woke up this morning coughing and it sounds pretty bad so I call the peds and make an appt for today and guess what RSV, so I have him on Singular, Albuterol and Pulmicort I am hoping the cough does not get any worse if so I have to bring him back in for a Steroid shot. I am just glad I took him as soon as I heard him coughing, Every time he gets a little sick I always take him in ASAP you never now with him and his Heart.

OK now for Elizabeth, she has an Appt to see her Asthma Doc tomorrow I have been giving her Orapred and her last dose I gave her was Tuesday night well I am all out so I am hoping he will refill it there is no reason why he should not, I am doing everything I can to keep her out of the Hospital. If it was not for the Orapred I would have had to make an E.R. visit. She is on every Asthma Medication she can be on and her chest is still contracting, Thanks to her Steroids that has been really helping her.
You can now see why I am exhausted getting up several times during the night because the kids wake me up and then checking on all of them to make sure they are ok, I really worry about all of them and that keeps me up at night.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Well I decided to get Logan's Hair cut today for the first time and let me tell you he screamed so hard and Loud and he was even kicking the Lady. I wanted all of there Hair trimmed because we are having there pictures taken this Saturday for Valentines at The Picture People and it was well worth it, I just love Logan's Hair cut he looks like a little man all of his curls are gone now all you see is a little wave and his Big Ears ha ha :).
After being home for no more than ten Minutes he fell asleep on the floor on his Tummy which is a first he has never ever fallen asleep on his tummy. He is rolling over more and more on his stomach so when he did this time I just left him alone, I look over and a minute later he has fallen asleep. Getting his hair cut was very traumatic for him.
I forgot to post earlier that both of the girls are still not feeling well, I took Elizabeth to the Quick Care yesterday we were there for 3 hours and of course she has an Ear Infection and he prescribed her Amoxicillin. I made it home just in time to watch the Super Bowl, I only watch it because of the Commercials and I have to say my favorite one was the Doritos with the Snow Globe.
Alicia has been coughing ever since she came home from school, and I just found out she is running a fever 101.2 I gave her some Tylenol and sent her off to bed I think she well be staying home from school tomorrow.