Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Logan loves to eat Pizza!

Logan and Daddy


Sorry for the lack of posts things have been busy around here.

This past Friday the kids School had a Spuktacular Event it was fun they had games, cake walk a Haunted House, We all enjoyed ourselves. Saturday we took the kids and there friend to Chuck E Cheese's we were there for hours they all had fun, even Logan got to ride a few rides with out crying that much.

Everyone is doing great. Richard starts his Vacation this Friday. I already have the first few days planned out for him, I know I am such a great wife :) Friday we are having 3 tons of rock delivered for the side of the house and Richard will be pulling out a big bush and planting a different kind of plant instead, then planting a tree on the other side of the house. This will keep him busy for two-three days. I don't want him getting to bored.

Saturday night we are having a Halloween party at our house this year all or friends and neighbors will be coming over. It will be potluck. We are always having party's in our neighborhood, I always have so much fun it gives me a chance to interact with other adults and all the kids have fun playing together.

Oh I almost forgot to mention our date night last Saturday night. We had a great time we went to see the movie RED it was very good we really enjoyed it. Then we went and had dinner at Claim Jumpers we love there food, I had the New York Steak and Richard had Porterhouse Steak. We got to my Mom's five minuets later to pick up the kids and I got sick I think it was food poisoning not sure but I felt better a few days later.
Logan is just making strides every day. He s always pulling to stand every chance he gets. He is also holding on to things and walking. I think he will be walking all by himself in six months. We are all just so excited at how much progress he is making. His Speech is really coming along also.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

We took the kids to the Pumkin Patch this past weekend and they had fun riding down the slides and playing games to win prizes. We were wearing shorts in the middle of October it was hot 87 degrees. They had a little petting area but none of the kids wanted to go in so I strolled Logan on the out side of it so he could look at the animals.

Every one is doing good and healthy. The girls are doing a lot better in School. I new it would take a couple of months to get back in the groove of things. Instead of taking an hour they are done in 25 minutes with there homework.

Today was Donuts with Dads day at School and since Richard is out of town I took the kids and we all ate donuts and bagels. YUMMY...

For some odd reason Logan has been crying this week when I drop him off at School, and the Teacher told me today that he felt really hot yesterday but had no fever and then last night he woke up sweaty but no fever. I hope he is not coming down with anything.

Richard is doing good. Working really hard for his family like he always does. He has Vacation coming up the first week of November which I am really excited about. We have a few things to do around the house and plan on getting them done at that time. Basically just planting more and adding more rock to add curb appeal. Our front yard is looking really nice.

I have been doing OK just feel like I am in this slump and can not get out of it. My respite nurse has not been available to watch the kids she has really busy. So I just feel like I need a break or a date night. My Mom will be watching the kids for us this Saturday night so Richard and I can go to Dinner and see a Movie. I want to go and see RED it looks really funny and I am needing a good laugh.

Thanks for checking in on our family.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

OK So Logan has really been making strides this week. All he does is pull to stand every second of the day. I was crying today (tears of joy) I can not believe how far Logan has come these past three years. I never thought he would be where he is today. I am so excited at how much he has accomplished since starting School in August. I am just so happy words can not even describe how I feel right now. This morning before I started to record Logan, He pulled to stand in front of the kitchen sink and then cruised along to the stove all by himself. So I have to start keeping the camera with me at all times.

Since last week Logan has learned to climb the first step of the stairs backwards pushing up using his feet. Well today he mastered the second step. Looks like I will be going to Babies R Us and buying another safety gate that swings open for the stairs. Because there is no way I will be climbing over a gate all day long :)

Enjoy the videos I know I have :) Thanks for checking in on our family...

Monday, October 11, 2010

So here is the video I promised of Logan pulling to stand, I will get better video during the week.

Also here is are some pictures that were taken over the weekend. We got Logan a Fisher Price Big Wheel He does not know how to use the pedals yet but I am trying to teach him. For now he will just sit and move it around with his feet. He loves his new RIDE....

Everyone is doing good on our end. Back to the Grindstone.

Friday, October 8, 2010

OK I know I have been a slacker when it comes to blogging but I have been super busy. Richard was on vacation for a few days this week and he went back to work Thursday night. We got a lot of things done around the house which is always good. Not much has been going on around here just busy with the kids and homework and church activities.

The girls are doing good except they have been getting on my nerves with fighting with each other. Other than that they are great. They have been outside playing with there friends every chance they get. The weather is starting to cool off I can actually have my windows open all day long. I am loving the weather change finally.

Logan is just a handful copying everything the girls say. The other day Logan pulled to stand all by himself for the first time I have pictures but I really need to take video. I will post video and pictures tomorrow. I was so excited we were all screaming with excitement. Now he will pull him self to stand when reaching for the couch, in his crib, every chance he gets he will pull to stand.

He is doing great in School he loves taking the bus home. He gets so excited every time he gets on the bus. His P.T. at School said he is doing great they have him use the walker down the hall at school. He is really making strides. The only bad part is, is when he stands up his feet turn in like he is standing on his ankle. His feet are very week when he stands. So I really have to make sure to use those AFO's (Leg braces).

Richard will be home in the morning to spend the weekend with us. YEAH ....