Thursday, July 30, 2009

We are finally home. This has been a really hard day. We got to the hospital at 5:15am and sat in Surgery waiting for 2 hours and the entire time Logan was screaming his head off he new what was going to happen to him and I felt so bad I started crying with him.

My Mom watched the girls so I was all by myself which was really hard for me.
He finally went in for the Cath @ 8am, It took 3 hours to do the procedure because while they were in there they went and did a Coil Embolization.

Coil Embolization is a nonsurgical (but invasive) catheterization procedure where small, thin metal coils are placed through a catheter to close an unwanted communication between the aorta and pulmonary artery.

This procedure had to be done in order to prepare him for his Fontan Heart Surgery.

He was in recovery for 6 hours and to keep him still they had to constantly give him Demerol and Versed.
They gave him a prescription for Keflex so he will not get an infection.

I just put him to bed, He is doing ok. When I got home I gave him half pedialyte and half formula since he has not eaten all day. Here are a few pictures of him. I just feel so sad for my little man.
Thank you everyone so much for your prayers.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

It has been so hot this week 112, Let me just tell you I hate Summer, I cannot wait until Fall :)

Everyone has been doing really good. The girls started there swimming lessons again on Monday. Elizabeth is in Level 2 and Alicia is in level 3 they are both doing so good. Today in swimming lessons Alicia jumped in the pool and then swam to her instructor I was so proud of her. Elizabeth is also doing great she is going under water and picking up rings. And of course every day I forget to bring my camera with me.

Logan has been doing good except for his little tude, he has been hitting and screaming when he is not able to watch his favorite show Yo Gabba Gabba, IF you happen to stand in front of the T.V. while his show is on, be ready to feel the wrath because he will scream at you. What kind of a monster have I created :) and I cannot believe he is going to be 2 years old on the 8th. Were has all this time gone.

I have also been working with Logan on Sign language I can tell that he really gets frustrated because he cannot talk I think that is why he has been screaming alot lately, so he just learned to sign "CAR" he caught on pretty quickly I am just so excited we are working on more signs. So for now he knows "MORE and CAR".

Well tomorrow morning I will be getting up at 4am, his Heart Cath is scheduled for 7:00am Thursday morning and I have to be at the Hospital at 5:30am. I always get a little nervous every time he goes under, I know everything will be fine this will be his 3rd Heart Cath since he was born which is not bad considering. I will report back Thursday night and let everyone know it went fine.

Thanks for checking in on our family.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Richard bought me flowers just because

What a weekend. There was no work for Richard which was good and bad. So we decided to do some more packing, we moved all of the boxes out in to the garage.
We are almost done packing the things we do not use.

So we were on our way to My Mom's house yesterday but looked down at the gas tank and saw that we needed gas so we stop and get some and when we go to leave My SUV would not start. So there was a Tire Works close by so Richard walked over there and they came back and tried to give us a jump and nothing so they ended up pushing the car about 1/2 mile to Tire Works and we found out the Battery was dead and a fuse had blew. Thank goodness it was nothing serious. And in all this it was over 105 and we were stuck in the car so, I take all the kids inside because Logan is red and very Hot and everyone was really nice inside. I was so worried about him because of his Heart and it being so HOT.

After that event we went over my Mom's house because her friend was offering us a free dryer it still works great, perfect condition. So we took it, That's $400.00 we just saved.
They were wanting to get rid of it because there washer broke and they wanted a matching set.

So that was our exciting weekend. Hope everyone had a great weekend.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Well it's Friday again...
I spent all day yesterday packing the kitchen and the girls room. Of course I only packed the stuff I currently do not use and I don't use alot..
You really do not know how much junk you have until you move, we have been in this house for almost 4 years and have accumulated so much junk. I have found things that I will be donating, Less to bring along to the new house.

I need so many more boxes so that is what I will be doing all weekend long looking for boxes and packing. Richard is hoping to work again this weekend, If not we will be packing up the garage so we can start putting boxes in there.

So other than that not much is going on around here, everyone is healthy and doing great I cannot believe it is the end of July this summer has just flew by.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I cannot believe this week is flying by.

Saturday Richard worked and came back home on Sunday. So I decided to go over my Mom's house all day, I also got my hair cut shorter because it is so stinking hot here.
Monday Logan got his Leg braces and I love them and you can really tell the difference in his standing he does not lock his legs. After that I headed on over to Von's grocery store we have a couple of locations closing down here and you now me I am a bargain shopper they had food 50% off what a deal I got.

Monday morning Logan had therapy but I did not take him because he was having liquid Diarrhea twice in one hour. I thought maybe it was Rotavirus but he never had it again which I am thankful for, so that saved me a trip to the Doctors.

Tuesday our Favorite D.S. Michelle came over and worked with Logan I got a couple of pictures, Michelle was trying to get Logan on all fours and he was not having any of that.
So while she was filling out paper work I put him in his chair and said Logan look at Mommy and say cheese, he looked right at me and I got the perfect picture.

Today Logan has therapy again with Michelle this morning and after she leaves I will be heading over to the new house we are having it Inspected even thought it is a "as is" home we still want to know if anything is wrong. The seller (bank) will be paying for our first years Home Warranty which is great.

Friday, July 17, 2009


What a day today was I was out all day running errands, getting some info for the new house we will be living in. It was 113 today very very hot.

Not much is going on around here. Richard is going to see if he can work this weekend.
All weekend long I will be on the hunt for boxes so I can start packing.

Everyone is healthy, oh and Logan's Leg braces came in, I will be picking them up on Monday I am so excited to put them on him. I will take pics next week and post.

Hope everyone has a great weekend and try and stay cool! Saturday is going to be 115 OUCH...

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

While I was out looking at more houses today with my Realtor he got a call and we found out The bank accepted our offer on one of the houses we had a bid on, We just bought a new house YEAH we are so excited. The new house is so much bigger it has 2045 Sq Ft 4 bedrooms and a loft upstairs, Downstairs is an office for me for my scrapbooking stuff. It does need a little love so we will be hiring someone to paint the entire house inside. It needs all new appliances and new Carpet downstairs. After we put all of our Love into the house is going to be awesome Richard and I are really excited we close Escrow 8/28/09. So after everything is done with the house we will move in.
Plus it will be a little easier to move in after Logan's Heart surgery 9/3/09 because we will be living on the other side of town and would have to commute back and fourth to see Logan everyday while he is in the hospital. The down side is the girls will change schools a few weeks after it starts. You take the good with the bad. But everything will work out.
I have tons to do, start packing and looking for people to hire to move, paint, new carpet and go shopping for new appliances.
It is all very exciting and exhausting at the same time. We thought about painting ourselves but it would take forever and it is so hot here 110 and higher, moving in the heat will be bad enough.

Thanks for checking in on us.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Trying to get on all fours YEAH!

Logan watching Yo Gabba Gabba in his new chair

Today Logan had his Sedation Echo and EKG and everything is fine, his leaky Heart Valve is still mild which is great and everything is still on schedule. His Heart Cath is July 30th so they will be able to get some measurements before the Heart Surgery.

After every Sedation Echo Logan is a Huge pill. After the sedation wears off he starts to scream because he wants to take home the toy they gave him to play with while he had his Echo, He does this all the way out the door. So I am glad I brought cookies with me, so I gave him one and he was happy until it was gone then he screamed for more.

When I got home it was a different story. I walk in the house and I was going to change his diaper and feed him since it had been 6 hours since his last feed (he could not eat 4 hours prior). He was not having any of that he screamed and hit me so I put him down and walked away I try this twice and after the second time of him screaming and hitting me I got tired of it and put him to bed 10 minutes later the boy is asleep he was so tired.
I think he was mad at me for taking him to the Doctors or something like that. His tantrum was sooo bad. When he woke up from his nap he was a happy boy again:)

I have to tell you this cute story. On the way to the Doctors office Elizabeth asks me a question it goes like this.

Elizabeth: Mommy my Teacher told me that I have to go to College If I want to be a teacher is that true.
Me: Yes you do have to go to college to be a teacher.
Elizabeth: Do you have to go to College to be a Mommy, I laughed and said no.
Elizabeth: Thank goodness
Me: Why
Elizabeth: Because I want to be a Mommy just like you.
She is so cute.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Well we found another house we liked today actually I loved it, So my Realtor is going to make a few calls to get some details for me so we can put our bid in. The house we bid a couple of days ago, the paper work is going to the Bank on Monday so we should find out in a couple of days if we get that one. But the one I saw today I just love. We just have to wait and see what happens.

The kids and I had a really nice time, Saturday morning we went over my dear friend Kathy's house to swim and of course Mr. Logan was a little stinker it took him awhile to warm up to everyone. But while everyone was outback swimming Logan and I were inside watching Yo Gabba Gabba because he screamed when I took him outback, It was very hot 110. But later on everyone came inside so I was able to visit. Kathy took some pictures for me, I forgot my camera.

Tomorrow Logan has his Cardiologist Appt. he is having a Sedation Echo and EKG other than that nothing much is going on. Hope everyone had a nice weekend.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Well not much is going on around this household lately which is good.

The girls went swimming in there pool yesterday most of the day and had a great time.

Today Logan has Therapy in the community. For some reason he has been throwing up lately so I put him back on Prevacid hopefully that will help if not I will start adding pedialyte to his formula again. Yesterday for lunch I feed Logan some Gerber Graduates Spaghetti rings with meat sauce and he had about 8 bites then did not want anymore. Then for Dinner we had Chicken Parmesan for with some corn so I put some on Logan's tray and all he did was pick up his food and throw it on the floor, all I could do was laugh but I had to stop and tell him you do not throw food. So I decided to feed it to him with a fork and he ate it, He just did not want to feed himself. Spoiled I know..... He had about 10 bites and he was done.

Richard is doing good he is going to try and work this weekend, The kids and I will be going over to my Friend Kathy's house to go swimming in there pool Some other heart mom's will be there for me to meet. It should be alot of fun.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Well I went and looked at another house yesterday and I liked it so I put a bid on it, It needs a new paint job, new carpet and all new appliances and some other miner work. All of the homes we are looking at are bank owned of course there are so many out here and they are all "as is". So any home we buy will need to be fixed up.

Everyone is doing good, Richard blew up the girls pool yesterday so they will be going swimming today. Logan is doing OK he has a little cough but it does not sound like he is sick so I will be keeping an eye on that and hope it does not turn into anything serious.

Shirley from N.E.I.S. came over last night to drop off some Duocal it is white powder that I mix with his formula to help him gain weight, hopefully this will help him put on some pounds.

Richard is doing great working all the time, he is hoping to be able to work this weekend to bring in some extra cash.

Today I will be doing some work around the house and lounging around.
I will try and take some photos to post tomorrow.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Well I am kinda sad I did not get the house we Bid on someone else got it. So I fired my Realtor not because I did not get the house but because he is not doing his job, I am doing it for him. So my Dad gave me someone to call who comes highly recommended so I already put a call into him last night and am waiting on a call. I swear to you these houses in Las Vegas are going fast people stanch them up quick because the market has gone down you have at least 6 people bidding on one house it is insane.

Well we went Appliance hunting and I found the Refrigerator and Washer and Dryer I want to get now all I need is a new home to put them in :)

The kids are doing great, since the girls don't have anymore activities to do until the end of this month they are really bored and driving me bonkers. I take Logan to all of his Physical Therapy sessions and I drag them with me to do that and to look at houses and they are soooo bored as they put it. Today after Logan has his therapy we are going over to my friend Katie's house so they can play with there friends.

Shirley from Nevada Early Intervention came over last night to weigh and measure Logan well he lost 3 oz. but he grew 1/4 of inch. So he is now 25 lbs and 35 1/4 inch long. He is throwing up a little more also, the boy will not sit still in his toddler chair we kick the stand out so he will not lean over and touch the floor but he still trys to lean over alot, he is pushing on his little tummy and that is why he throws up and I try and push his head back but he thinks it is a game and laughs about it and does it more, what am I going to do with him.

Since he is not gaining weight Shirley wants me to feed him every three hours 7oz five times a day instead of every four hours 8oz four times a day. And try and get him to eat 100 calories by mouth. Mark his speech therapist also said do not feed him anymore baby food which I can understand because he is almost 2 years old but there is some calorie's in it and he still wants to eat certain baby food. Mark also said to give him anything he wants to eat (adult food). Every time he sees me and Richard eating he comes up to us and does want our food he will just take a couple of bites, it is something. Richard gave him a Muncho chip and he ate the whole thing without gagging and he loved it, I thought that was huge.

So that is whats going on in our crazy life. Thanks for checking in on us.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Hello, I hope everyone had a nice 4th July we did. My mom watched the kids so Richard and I could go to the movies to go see Transformers and we loved it, It was a very good movie. After that we went back to my parents house and had a nice visit ate Dinner then when it got dark we let off fireworks and of course Logan just freaked out so we put him inside to watch Yo Gabba Gabba and we let off fireworks. The way my Mom's house is set up you can see Logan from the front porch so he was not totally alone. We all had a really nice time. Today we got up early and went house hunting again. We still do not know if we have the house we bid on it has been 1 week and nothing so instead of just sitting around waiting we have been looking around.
We are about to go out to Best Buy and price washers, dryers and refrigerator's so we know what we are looking at.
Other than that not much has been going on around here, the girls are a handful and Logan is a little stinker.

Thanks for checking in on us.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

What a week this has been. When I am not running around town taking the kids everywhere I am looking for Houses, which is stressing me out alot. Every House we are looking at has multiple offers on it. We still have not heard from the one we bid on Sunday night, we should here back from the bank tomorrow. The house we are bidding on has 11 other bidders, I know that is alot. So until I know I have the house I have been looking around just in case we don't get this one.

Anyway nothing much has been going on around our house. I took Elizabeth to her Allergy/Asthma Doctor to have a Allergy skin test, the last one was almost 2 years ago.
Well the results came back she is allergic to more the list grew. We already new she was allergic to Dog and some certain types of Grass, they found out she is allergic to alot of trees, plants, shrubs etc. So Dr. McKnight wants her to get allergy shots so they are checking with the insurance to see how much this will cost us.

Logan is doing really good in Therapy his D.S. came over our house this morning and he is standing more with support and the other day he rolled on his tummy and almost got on all fours, we were jumping up and down for joy he has only done it that one time but still that is huge. Oh and Logan has discovered to open the box of wipes and started pulling out all of the baby wipes, I was not paying attention and when I looked over he was having a ball pulling them all out, So I put them all back and took it away from him and he just screamed so I gave him a toy to play with and he just threw that across the room. His terrible twos are coming early.

The girls are doing great of course they have been fighting alot lately which has been driving me crazy.

Thanks for checking in on our family