Monday, June 29, 2009

I am so stressed out, what a weekend. It is very stressful trying to look for a house. That is what we did all weekend long. You find a House you like and it is a short sale or a Conventional Loan or it is "as is" and is very beat up. Well we finally found a house we love and we put a bid on it, but this house has Multiple offers on it so now we just sit and wait to here from our Realtor which I hate. I really want this house bad and so does everyone else. There are two other houses we have our eye on so if this one does not fall through then we do have a back up plan, But like I said I want this one :)

Other than that nothing much is going on here. It was so funny I was putting my make up on the other day and when I was done I gave Logan my Mirror so he can look at him self as soon as I gave it to him he looked in it and started smiling at him self and would not stop, he even kissed the mirror (my child is so vain).

Because I have been busy looking for houses my house has paid the price so today I will be cleaning and doing laundry all day so I better get started.
Well I am also staying inside today because it is going to be 109 today... OUCH
Hope everyone had a nice weekend.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Sorry it has taken me awhile to post I have been running around like as mad woman. Wednesday was the girls last day for cooking class and today was there last day of swimming class until July. Friday is there last day of dancing class.. YEAH for me.

Between taking the girls to there activities and running Logan around town with his Therapy and Doctors Appt we have been eating out all week long, I have not had time to do anything.

Yesterday Logan went and saw Dr Stewart he is an Orthopedic, Logan got measured for Leg braces and we should have them in 3 weeks I am so excited this will really help him in standing and next we will be getting a walker. Since his Heart surgery is coming up the Doctor said he might wait until after the surgery it all depends on how well he does with the braces. He did do x-rays on his hips and everything is fine which I new it would be.

I have some really exciting news to share We are MOVING we got pre-approved for a Loan, we started looking this evening and will meet up with our Realtor this Saturday to look at some more homes. We are looking into getting a bigger home we are running out of room. Plus we do not like the area we are living in it was nice 3 1/2 years ago when they were built.
So Richard and I are really excited we are hoping to move before the end of August before the girls start school at least that is our goal.

Tomorrow Mark our Speech therapist from Nevada Early Intervention is coming over to work with Logan on eating and talking. In the past 4 days Logan has said three new words "Purple, Yellow and Bubbles" it is not really clear but you can understand him if you know what he is saying. He said Bubbles today at therapy and he is signing really good of course he can only sign "more" but he knows when to use it most of the time with out being asked to. He is really starting to blossom it is just an awesome sight to see.

Monday, June 22, 2009

What a weekend!!!!! We had soooo much fun!
Saturday we had our relatives come in from California for the girls Birthday party, The girls made out in gifts and got way to much stuff, now I am going to have to make room in there bedroom to put everything. Logan also had gifts to open up so he would not feel left out (like he knows any different) :)
It was a Hanna Montana Birthday theme the girls favorite. After the party ended my family went back to there hotel and my Cousin spent the night at my house and we stayed up and talked girl talk all night, we had alot of fun I really enjoyed my time with you Laura I miss you already. Sunday (Father's Day) we all went over to my Aunt and Uncle's Hotel and went swimming the water was freezing but I eventually made my way in the pool. After that I laid out in the sun and got burned I know I am stupid for not putting nothing on. I was only smart enough to protect the kids from the sun and not myself. This was the most fun we have had as a family in a long time it was well over due.
Oh and I forgot to mention something funny Logan did, during one of his bolus feedings my Aunt wanted to feed him so I could look at some pictures she brought for me to see. My Aunt is an R.N. Lets just say Logan was not happy about this, when she started feeding him he got mad so she gave him a toy to calm him down. He took the toy from her and threw it on the ground mad then to prove a point that he did not want her to feed him he took the G-Tube Extension/Syringe out of her hands. He has never done that before and you should have seen the look on his face, like give that to me. We laughed so hard. We thought it was Hilarius.
Today Logan had therapy in the community and he is chugging right along doing great in standing. Then off to take the girls to there swimming lessons, This Thursday is there last session. After that Alicia had a regular check up with Dr. McKnight her Allergy Doctor everything was fun we go back in October for another check-up.
Thanks for checking in on our nutty family.

Friday, June 19, 2009

What a busy day today I was out all day running errands and getting ready for the Party tomorrow for when my family comes in from town. It was so Hot today 101, and running around town with 3 kids all day in the Heat was exhausting.
Well at least I got everything taken care for tomorrow. While running around town I made time to take the girls to Mc Donalds for lunch and Baskin Robbins for Ice Cream, I do this every year for them. Everyone is doing great and healthy I can not ask for anything more.
Logan had his D.S. come to our house today he did so good on his standing, well of course he was leaning against the couch but still he did really good.
And he just loves his Fisher Price Fire Truck Ride On toy. he is good at scooting back on it.

Well I am very tired, I am going to watch a show and go to bed. Thanks for checking in on us.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Logan is back to his normal self after yesterday's Hospital visit. 100%.
He had Physical Therapy this morning and he is doing well on putting pressure on his feet. I went to target today and bought him a Fisher Price Ride On toy, He really liked the one at therapy so I had to go out and buy him one. He loves to sit on it and push backwards he does not yet know how to go forward but we are working on that. I will take pictures tomorrow and post them. He does fall off once in awhile but he just has to learn to put his hand down to stop himself from falling sideways. The girls are doing good, Except for Alicia she is grounded until Monday. I am so mad at her tonight, She was acting like a 2 year old when she decided to get a black marker and right on my Rocking chair her sisters name and a heart next to it. I was so furious at her UGH... Anyway

Because tomorrow is the girls Birthday I am going to be doing something a little special with them. So Alicia will not be grounded for a couple of hours that girl is lucky it is her Birthday.

Richard is doing good he will be taking the weekend off because we are celebrating there Birthday Saturday we have some family coming in from California and spending the weekend with us, I am really looking forward to it.

Here are the last of the girls Birthday pictures.
Thanks for checking in on our family.
Also one of my Heart Mom Blog friends Megan there son Elijah had Spine Surgery today, Please pray for there family that little boy is in alot of pain right now. Thanks so much.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I wanted to let everyone know that Logan is home from the Hospital and doing great. He has alot of gagging so we are sticking to pedialyte all day today. I put him down for a nap as soon as we got home and he has been sleeping for about 2 hours now. He is just really groggy and irritable. We will be taking it easy today.
They did not have to put an I.V. in him just a mask to knock him out a little bit and numb the area and went in and clipped the tongue underneath, it will take getting used to for a couple of days but he will be just fine. I just have to give him Tylenol.
Thanks for checking in on our family

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Alicia laying on her back

Elizabeth kicking away

Logan loves his Cheese Puffs

I remembered to bring my camera this morning for the girls swimming lessons, They had a great time they really enjoyed the class. After that we headed on over to my friends house and visited her for a few hours came home put Logan down for a nap and relaxed for a little bit, It was really nice. It was a calming day today no meltdowns or tantrums YEAH...

Monday, June 15, 2009

I am so glad this day is almost over with because it has been very stressful.
This morning Logan had Physical Therapy, we came home got dressed for swimming classes forgot my camera and headed out the door, came home changed again headed back out to the Hospital this time to Pre-Register Logan for his Tongue Tie Surgery Wednesday. Which we were there for most of the day. They were so busy it was ridiculous.
While waiting in the lobby to fill out paper work this older lady was sitting next to us and Logan decides to be very friendly by telling this Women Hi over and over about 25 times. This poor lady is saying Hi back to him. She is probably thinking is this boy every going to stop saying hi to me.
We finally get called back and by now it is later on in the afternoon and Logan has not had a nap and is starting to get very cranky I was able to calm him down he fell asleep in his stroller for 20 minuets. Then he wakes up and starts to cry and that turned into a tantrum of screaming at the top of his lungs for 35 minutes I am not kidding the boy did not give up, I almost started crying myself I was so frustrated. I was trying to stay calm for him and I think I did a pretty good job considering.
I held him in my arms the entire time he threw his tantrum. There was no where to put him. We were finally done filling out the paper work and he is starting to calm down I put him in his stroller and he looks up at the man sitting at the desk and Logan gives him this huge smile, I was like you little *&%$.
I was so mad after he just had this massive tantrum and then he goes and smiles at this stranger.
So that is how my day went.
I had a pretty good weekend, I took the girls to get there Birthday pictures taken at Picture People I just love them they take really good pics. They will be turning eight on the 19th. How they grow so fast. Here are a couple of pictures that were taken. I will be posting more every day this week. Because of copy right the word Zazzle is on all the pictures but you can still get a good look at them.
Richard worked all weekend long again, he is working every chance he gets. So we went over my Mom's house it was my Brother's 35th Birthday and we celebrated it over there all day.
Tomorrow the girls having swimming lessons again so I will remember to bring my camera and take some pictures. Elizabeth is in beginners class and Alicia is in Intermediate class they both love to swim and had a great time. It is only a 2 week course Mon-Thur for 30 minutes. So I have signed them up again in July.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Logan was playing with his sisters and getting very excited

Yesterday our favorite P.T. Nora came over and Logan did really good, with a little support under his Bum he stood up for a couple of minutes we were all so excited. He is really catching on of course having therapy four times a week is also paying off. I give it a year and he will be running around this house.

After Nora left Logan had a Doctors appt. to see the Gastroenterologist Surgeon. Logan goes in Next Wednesday at the hospital to have his Tongue clipped underneath, his tongue is very short so by clipping underneath the tongue it will make it a little longer and help with his speech and eating.

Today we went to the park for about 3 1/2 hours we had a friend meet us there with her kids and they all had a blast. It was really nice out today partly cloudy a little wind. Just perfect, then I treated the kids to McDonald's for lunch. I came home to put Logan down for a nap he went down for almost half an hour before he woke up screaming so I just got done feeding him and we are about to leave for the girls cooking class. Three more weeks and they are done with that. They start there swimming lessons Monday morning and they are really looking forward to that.
Also forgot to mention Our Therapist in the community says we need to go and see an Orthopedic so Logan can get measured for braces for his feet and ankles. Logan has very week legs his kness buckle. I will call the Doctor tomorrow and make an Appt.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Today was a pretty low key day which I am so glad for. This morning Logan had Physical Therapy out in the community, they are working on getting him to put pressure on his feet. His legs are very week.
Logan has Physical Therapy four times a week. Twice in the community and twice in our home were his Developmental Specialist comes over and works with him. I am wanting all this extra Therapy before he has to go in for his Heart Surgery, Because he will have a mild set back he always does. Plus it is helping him he is doing so good. I never make both appointments on the same day.

I finally had a chance to clean my entire house and catch up on Laundry.
Everyone is doing great and healthy.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Let me first start off by saying I am very exhausted. We are so busy running around town taking Logan to therapy and Doctors Appointments. and the girls to there functions I signed them up for this summer to keep them busy. I was looking on my calender and the entire month of June is completely booked I should take a picture and show you I am not kidding... at least the girls will not complain they are board.
Friday morning was hectic it started out with Logan having Physical Therapy of course then we headed on over to the Hospital to pick up his medications then over to Nana's house to drop off Logan. I took the girls to go see the Movie UP and they loved it, it was really cute I also enjoyed it. After that I picked up Logan then we headed on over to Dance class for the girls, they liked it better this time around. When done I swung by the house to pick up Richard and we all went out to Dinner to Claim Jumpers is was a nice treat. We came home and after being home for 2 minutes Elizabeth threw up, I have no idea why. She is doing fine now it was just that once thank goodness because I really hate cleaning that up...

Today we went to a Birthday Party a Friend of mine Kathy her son Eli had his 7th Birthday we were there for three hours and the girls were in the pool swimming the entire time so they had a blast. I left and went and did a couple of errands and now I am home finally relaxing. I do have to go Grocery shopping but I am so tired it is going to have to wait. oh and my house needs to be cleaned and a ton of Laundry to do, do I hear any volunteers :)

Sorry no pictures I took my camera to the party but I was to busy holding Logan the whole time I could not take any.

Thanks for checking in on our family.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Alicia Go Crazy Go Crazy Go Crazy...

Elizabeth Go Crazy Go Crazy Go Crazy....

Logan loves rolling the ball back and forth..

Sleeping at Nana's he is so precious..

He loves his Nana.....

Sorry it took me so long to post things have just been busy around here. Richard worked all weekend so I went over to my mom's house for a short visit. Sunday the girls and I just laid around the house in doors enjoying the cold A.C.
Monday Logan had Therapy out in the community and he did really good.
Since Richard worked all weekend long he had to take Monday off to reset his hours so we just spent the day together enjoying each others company did a couple of errands and that is about it.

Tuesday I Interviewed a new respite nurse for Logan, the other lady was in her 80's and could not walk up the stairs to put Logan down for a nap and she did not get on the floor and play with Logan because she could not do these things on her own she would bring her Husband to help her out and plus she had this really bad hackers smoke cough and Logan just screamed the whole time I was gone. So I had to let her go. The one I interviewed was great she works for the School district so her hours vary but I will be able to use her when I do all my shopping and taking the girls out this summer. We really like her and so did Logan, Now we just have to wait and see how he does when I leave him alone with her....

After she left Shirley from N.E.IS. came over she is a Nutritionist she weighs and measures Logan to see how his progress is going every month. He is doing pretty good I have been feeding him more by G-Tube because he gets more calories that way, I do feed him by mouth just not as much as I have been. He is now 25 lbs 3oz and 35 inches long.

Logan is going to have to have Surgery on his Tongue sometime this month, I meet with the Surgeon next Tuesday. His tongue is very short so they will have to go in and clip it under neath. This should have been done along time ago I have just been putting it off. He will go in the Hospital to have this done because he is to big to have it done at the Doctors office. I will have more info when I see the Doctor next week.

Today at school the girls are having a party to celebrate the end of the year, Thursday is there last day they will get out at 12:10. I have started a tradition since they started Kindergarten, on the last day of school I take them to get Mc Donald's and then we head on over to the Park it is a little treat I give them for working so hard all year round.

Tonight is the girls cooking class and they are so excited they will be making Taco's.