Monday, December 29, 2008

Well today was a good day Logan did so well eating by mouth. For Lunch he had a jar of stage one Sweet potatoes ate all of that then some stage two Sweet Corn Casserole had half of that then a couple of Tbsp Spoons of Hawaiian Delight. Then I hooked him up and gave him 4oz by G-tube, I was so proud of him I had tears in my eyes, This is the most he has ever eaten by mouth at one time. Then for Dinner tonight he almost ate a jar of Chicken with Chicken Gravy stage 2 Gerber. Mark his Speech Therapist from NEIS came by today and he was so excited he ate so much at one time. My goal for this January is trying to get him to eat finger foods like the Banana stars from Gerber Graduates. He already likes the Cheese Lil Crunchies and we try every now and then the Yogurt Melts and is does okay with them. He also mentioned the Pediasure for more calories. Overall I am very happy with his progress today :)
The girls were good today I dragged them out to Target this morning to see what I could find they had things marked down to 75% so I picked up a couple more items for Christmas next year.
The girls wanted to play with my camera and dance around the house and these are the pictures they took of each other pretty funny so I though I would post some of them.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

We had a very nice Christmas, we went to my Mom's house Thursday and ate lots of food and junk and I think I gained about 10 pounds everything was so good. The Girls got everything they wanted and more. Logan even ate by mouth he did really good he had some potatoes with butter and Jello with whip cream and pineapple mixed together.
And of Course Friday we went shopping all day like we always do the day after Christmas. Elizabeth needed a new Mattress for her bed and I picked up a few Christmas Decorations for next year, I am waiting for the 75% sale that is when I get some real good deals at Target. Richard worked Saturday he went to Phoenix Saturday morning and came back this morning. I went to my mom's house Saturday all day to visit did not feel like sitting at home by myself. Today Richard is putting together the Easel we got for the girls they they it. Today we are also going to take down all the Christmas decorations and get my house back. Here are some photos of the kids Enjoy.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Merry Christmas

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Well the kids are driving me crazy, still driving me crazy and did I mention the girls are driving me crazy.....
It has been one of those days, yesterday the girls decided to be holy terrors by being mean to mommy and fighting and other things I will not mention. So I get up this morning and come down stairs around 8:30am and the kids have already eaten Breakfast and there are flowers on the table from my Lovely Husband I had such a stress full day he bought me flowers to put a smile on a my face and it worked.
Logan had his Cardiologist Appt. Yesterday afternoon and my Mom decided to come along thank goodness because i really needed her help. They did another Sedation Echo and every thing is the same as it was 2 months ago, He still has a leaky valve that is mild. So we go back again in 4 months. I always get scared every time I go and see him, I am just waiting for the time to come and he says OK it's time for his Heart Surgery. He also got 2 RSV Shots so he screamed for 2 hours straight after his shot. With him crying and the girls screaming I almost lost it. Logan does have another tooth coming in on the bottom in the back so he has been cranky all day today as well. I have been giving him Motrin and teething gel for the pain.
I am finally healthy again YEAH.......
Richard is doing good He works tonight and then has the rest of the week off until next Monday night. He gets paid for Wednesday and Thursday night but the Company told every one they are not working on Friday and not getting paid for it either, isn't that so nice of them :(
But the Company did say there will be a sign up sheet this weekend and if there is any work they will call on you to see if you want to work which of Course Richard always signs up for weekend work so we will see what happens. We will be spending Christmas Day at my parents house. I cannot wait until Christmas morning I always love to see the look on the kids face when they open there presents.
I wish everyone a Very Merry Christmas and hope you get everything you wished for from Santa :)

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Not much new to report the Girls ended up having a Snow Day because of the Snow Storm yesterday ( I will never say that again) but I think they could have gone to school. I mean all of the snow was melted by morning. I was watching the news and they said this day they got off today was not for free so I guess when ever the next Staff Development day is they were supposed to have off they will end up going to school instead. They were able to play in it a little this morning until it all melted away, It was in the low 40's today but that Sun was out all day nice and bright. They will be going back to school in the morning, This week is spirit week and Friday is Pajama Day so they will be wearing there P.J's and they are supposed to bring a pillow to school and they are going to Frost cookies and watch Polar Bear Express all day long. Why even bother to go to school but then again it does get them out of my hair all day:) They start there two week vacation break tomorrow until January 5th. I am going to have to call Kathy up and bring over my kids so they can play with Eli :)
And Here in Henderson we got about 7" of Snow at our house. That is something I will never forget, I was like a kid in a candy store. I was so excited all day long to watch it snow. I have not seen it Snow like that since I left Dallas, TX 5 Years ago.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Logan went and followed up with the dermatologist yesterday and the Doctor said no baths what so ever all Winter long continue to use Cetaphil Cleanser, Cortisone cream and Lotions all over his body and it has been helping. I am still having a hard time with his left cheek so the Doc said to use the Cortisone and then put on Zinc Cream and that will help it get better.
This morning Logan had O.T. Robert came out to our house and Logan did pretty good with sitting and reaching for a toy with his right hand only we are trying to get him to reach with his left and also trying to get him to roll on his back when he is on his tummy but that is a long road ahead of us. First we have to get him rolling on his tummy and not by accident.
Today there was no school because of Parent Teacher Conference, which we had Monday. I was told the girls do not qualify for a 504 plan because they do not have behavioral problems. They were tested in all of the academics and there lowest scores were in Math so at this point they both would qualify to be pulled out for Special Ed but before that can happen there has to be an Intervention and that period is for 6 weeks so as of right now the School and myself will be working with them to improve in the skills they are lacking. I will find out in February if they will qualify for Special Ed. It's like I almost want to not help them so they will be able to go.
Anyway well today it finally snowed at our house, It snowed Monday on the West side of town my parents got 2" but nothing for us. Finally today around 2pm it started snowing really heavy and it still is right now. Here are alot of pictures I took of the girls we had such a blast I was out back helping them build a snowman, I even took Logan out for a few minutes and he did not want to go back inside the house. I had the girls go outside and throw snowballs at the window while Logan and I were inside and he was laughing so hard he just thought it was so funny. I took a picture of him while he was trying to lick the window. And the News is saying there might not be any school in the morning they are thinking about making it a snow day, we will find out in the morning. We have already gotten 5". Enjoy the photos. Thanks for checking in on us. Karen

Sunday, December 14, 2008

We just got back from Church a little bit ago and the girls did so good, The Primary Christmas Program took a little over an hour I got some pictures of the kids and my parents and Brother before we left. The girls walked right up and spoke into the Microphone and said there lines. The whole primary sang lots of songs it was very good.
Logan did awesome I cannot believe we made it through the whole program with out him crying or fussing. My Mom held him the whole time, I told my mom she needs to come with us every Sunday now so he will not cry :)
Saturday night Richard and I really enjoyed ourselves the show was really good Larry The Cable Guy is so funny we had great seats, right there on the floor 8 rows back and of course I forget to bring my Camera. I kinda did not want to go because I am still trying to get rid of my cold but once I got there I really enjoyed myself. Not much else is going on. Hope everyone enjoyed there weekend. Thanks for checking in on us.

Friday, December 12, 2008

There is a new family joining the CHD community, I thought I would post his Blog Here his name is David and has been diagnosed with Tetralogy of Fallot. Please pray for his family in there time of need. You can check out his blog at Thank you.
I went to the Doctor Yesterday and he said that he saw very thick lining around my Uterus and that is what has been causing the heavy bleeding so I will be having a Hysterectomy on January 13th. He will just be taking out my Uterus I will just have to spend one night in the Hospital but I am very scared. But I will feel much better after this is all over.
The Girls are doing great They are going to Church in the morning to have Pizza and Practice there lines for the Primary Christmas program they will be in on Sunday, They each have two lines to say, they are very excited. My Mom and Dad and my Brother will be going also this Sunday to see them.
Logan is doing great he has been a very happy baby lately, it's probably because he has no outside therapy to go to :) what a little stinker. I will post photos this weekend sometime.
Richard and I are going on a Date yes a date Saturday night it has been forever. I bought tickets 3 months ago to go see Larry the Cable Guy it was a early Christmas Present for him. We are looking forward to it I (we) love him. We are really into all of them we have already seen Jeff Foxworthy and Bill Engvall. Thanks for checking in on us hope everyone has a nice weekend.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I went to the Doctors on Tuesday to have my Pelvic Ultrasound, I will find out the results tomorrow. Logan had P.T. On Monday and he did very well when Nora (his Pt) walked in the door he started crying like always but this time I sat him up against the couch and Nora sat across from him and she started to play ball with him he loved it, he just laughed and smiled and babbled it was the cutest thing to watch they tossed the ball back and forth for about 20 min. Logan did his imitation of throwing the ball but he did try, after that he was just worn out. My Mom came over today for a few hours and we had a nice visit, Logan had her wrapped around his finger like always he loves his Nana.
Richard found out what is going to happen to the company. Effective January 1st . Everyone will be taking a 10% pay cut and there will no longer be 401 contribution, They say if things get better in July they will get back 5% of there pay and 3% 401k contribution. His run to Fontana, CA was cancelled he will now be going to Tonopah, NV which is considerably shorter miles. So with the pay cut and shorter miles It is going to be really hard. I am thank full he still has a job. So enough of my depressing talk I have to get Logan to bed. Thanks for checking in on us.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Well so much as gone on this week first I went to my O.B for my yearly checkup everything was fine and then I proceed to tell the Doctor that I have been having some Very Heavy Menstrual bleeding for the past 15 months, Ever since Logan was Born. He told me that I have Menorrhagia So I have to have Surgery in January. I go in next Tuesday to have a Pelvic Ultrasound to see if anything else is wrong with me. There are several options I can take when having Surgery but there are two of them I am going to decide on but not sure which one yet, I will talk to the Doctor when I see him Next Wednesday for the results of the Ultrasound. He said I can have a Hysterectomy and only remove my Uterus or an Endometrial Ablation which removes the Lining of the uterus with a laser. So for now I wait until Next week.
Yesterday I had a meeting with the Teacher and we discussed both Girls, I was told that I can no longer ask for a full assessment because I will be denied because of the state budget. So the only thing I can do now is ask for a 504 plan also Elizabeth most likely has Dyslexia she will hopefully be tested very soon I think she is by the way she does her homework and the Teacher feels the same way. I have another meeting with the Teacher, Principle and other staff members on December 15th and I plan on pushing them for everything they got. I was so mad at the meeting it really makes me sick. She said that the school will not help my kids because they are showing improvement, well of course they are, they get one on one help every single day, you take that away from them and they will fail very quickly. It all just makes me sick..
Richard's work is not doing so well, most of the workers are Union so if the union workers do not take a 10% pay cut they will close the doors, if they do then every one that is non-union will also take a pay cut we just do not know how much. We will find out hopefully next week so regardless Richard will be taking a pay cut, I would rather that happen then him loose his job. He works for USF Reddaway who is owned by Yellow Roadway Corp. and they are worldwide so that is alot of people unemployed.
Logan is doind good still has a runny nose, I fed him some greens beans stage 2 and he took about 7 bites and then I gave him a cookie and cheese puff from toddler Gradutes he tries so hard to pick it up and hold it in his hand, so Elizabeth is helping him eat it.
I have to get going have lots of housework to do. I hope everyone has a nice weekend

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Well I decided to Cancel all of Logan's therapy in the community until March, I thought about it and decided this is the best thing for him right now. I will just work with him harder. With him being sick twice already and having RSV I just can not take a chance. Logan is feeling a little better still has a runny nose but with his treatments he is slowly getting better. I am felling alot better now, I was able to cook Dinner tonight and get some laundry and dishes today. Elizabeth had her Appointment yesterday with her Asthma Doctor and we get there and she is wheezing so the Doc decided to take her off of Pulmicort and Albuterol and give her Advair and Xopenex instead, she is already taking Singular and Nasonex. The Albuterol was just making her to jittery and the Advair is a little stronger. And also gave her Orapred for when she gets really bad. So hopefully with all these new meds we can keep her out of the E.R. for awhile. Alicia and Richard are Healthy and doing great.
I spoke to the girls Teacher today and set up an appt for this Thursday my goal is to get them on a 504 plan so we will see.
Here are some pictures of a few Decorations and our Christmas Tree it looks kinda plain but really it is not it is a prelit tree and much prettier in person :)

Thanks for checking in on us. Karen

Monday, December 1, 2008

Yes my team won:)

I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving we all did. It is so nice to have the family together on the Holidays that is my favorite part. Thursday I woke up not feeling very well so now I have a cold and so does Logan we are the only ones that are sick again I can not believe it I am just so mad, I am thinking about cancelling all his Speech and Chiropractor Appointments and keeping him in all winter long but I am not sure what to do yet. Even though I was sick we still had a nice day Thursday. Friday, Saturday and Sunday we all just stayed home and did nothing except put up the Christmas decorations on Friday oh and my Fantastic Neighbor took my kids to Church on Sunday for me. Starting next Sunday we start at 1pm so this shall be a challenge. Logan is doing pretty good not touching the tree or the Decorations on it every once in a while he will touch the tree and then move on to something else. Which is great he just saved me $55 from not having to get a wide Gate to put around the Tree. Today I am just going to lounge around and take a nap when Logan goes down for one. Logan's Developmental Specialist cancelled on us this morning because she is also not feeling well. Then After School today I have to take Elizabeth to her Asthma Doctor today for a checkup. The rest of the week is pretty hectic with appointments all week. Here are some pictures of my family. Thanks for checking in on us.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Well I am almost ready for Thanksgiving, I almost have the house clean and I go and pick up the Turkey and Dressing tomorrow from Albertsons, Everyone is Healthy for now....Today Logan had P.T this morning and he did very well sitting on his own for a few moments he is just all over the house scooting everywhere he can on his back. Tomorrow he will have his RSV Shot then we go and pick up the Turkey then head on over to the Dermatologist in the afternoon his Eczema is getting so bad I have tried everything I can think of. I went and bought some Dreft washed all of his clothes in and then put them in the dryer with out a softener sheet, I have tried Elidel and Different kinds of lotion so I hope the Dr. can suggest something else.
We are changing things around for Mr. Logan when it comes to his feeding schedule, We used to put him to bed @7pm feed him and then give him another feed at 10pm. Well I just started to not vent him at night because he is all over the place so I just hook him up through the tube well I went to check on him 10 minutes later and he wrapped him self in the cord and around his neck well that does it for me so no more 10pm feeds. I figure a regular baby his age sleeps through the night anyway so I just wake up early to feed him so he is still getting fed 5x a day. I don't know about you other Heart moms but that just scares me to death.
Logan is taking a nap right now so I better get going to do some more laundry and house work before he wakes up oh and also get started on my Christmas Letter that is going to take forever.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

It has been so crazy lately. I took Richard to the Quick Care Thursday night he started having this burning sensation in his chest, I new it was acid reflux by what his symptoms were. He only had a few bites of his chicken dinner and started throwing up violently also a little bit of blood. When we got to the doctors they said it was acid reflux and gave him Protonix It was just so weird he has never felt like this before. He went back to work on Friday and is feeling all better. He tried to work this weekend but there was no work kinda slow. Friday I went Grocery shopping while Logan's Respite nurse watched him then I came home and made this new cake recipe I found in Kraft Magazine they always have great recipes, I made Banana Sour Cream Cake oh it was so good. Today the kids and I went to my Moms for a little visit, my Mom watched Logan and Elizabeth while Alicia and myself went to have our Hair Cut. We both just got a trim which was much needed. It was my Mom's Birthday Friday so the kids and I took her out to Lunch we went to Claim Jumpers I just love there food Yummy....

Also I have not had a chance to speak to the Girls Teacher they have had a substitute for the past 2 days, The Teacher will be back in the classroom on Monday so I will speak to her then and set up an Appt. Well that's about it we will try and make it to Church tomorrow the girls will be in the Primary Christmas Program on Dec. 14 they have to say two lines and rehearse every Sunday until the Program, I am thinking if they are not doing good in there studies how am I going to teach them to learn 2 lines in 3 weeks..... We have alot of studying to do.
Oh I almost forgot Logan also had his G.I. Checkup Thursday and everything is fine he is not really gaining any weight which is fine with me for now. He weighs 23lbs 8oz and is 33 inches Tall. He has been having alot of constipation issues I have tried juices and it is not working so the Doc gave me some samples of Miralax I give him a tsp twice a day and it is helping. Poor guy if I don't give it to him he does not poop.
Thanks for checking in on us.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Well not much is going on around here pretty boring (this is how I like it).
The girls brought home there report cards and I was not happy at all they are both failing Math, Alicia is doing good in reading and writing. But Elizabeth struggles and is below grade average. I will be working very hard on both of them to pick up there grades. I will be calling the school here in a little bit to set up an appt with the Principal to talk about Elizabeth and why she is not be pulled out for special Ed. I am just so tired of this you know I have told them before in the past that she needs extra help and nothing seems to be getting done so I told Richard he needs to come in and say something maybe with both parents there they know we mean business. Last night Richard was eating some candy and Logan was getting mad because he wanted some so Richard gave him a Hershey's Chocolate bar a mini one to chew on, well Richard leaves the room and I am playing a game with the girls at the Kitchen table. When we are done I go and get on the floor to play with Logan and I notice he has chocolate all over his face, hands and shirt....
He was chewing on it so much that the chocolate and gotten through the wrapper. Boy was he made when I took it away. I cleaned him up and gave him his soft ball and he threw it across the room and started screaming at me. It was so funny. Here are some pictures. Enjoy......

Monday, November 17, 2008

Today Logan had O.T his Therapist Robert came by this morning and soon as he walked in the door he started screaming and it just went down hill from there. Before Robert came over I worked a little bit with Logan he rolled on his stomach twice, I sat him up against the couch and he sat up all by himself for 5 minutes until he fell over on his side. He did really good with me. While playing this morning with the girls before they went to school Logan was playing with a ball and decided to put it in his mouth I thought it was so cute, I always try to have the camera handy at all times so I can catch moments like this one. Elizabeth had her 2 week check up from her Ear and Adenoids Surgery and she is doing great no problems at all. Richard is all better and back at work tonight. I took really good care of him this weekend and babied him :)
He just happened to catch his cold in time and started taking something for it. That's about it on our end. Thanks for checking in on us. Karen

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Boy it has been one exhausting weekend, Richard ended up taken Friday off because he was running a fever and has a bad cold. Saturday he slept alot so I took the kids out with me and did a couple of errands came home and made 2 pumpkin pies and 3 loaves of pumpkin bread, cleaned the house and took care of the kids and my husband. Sunday my good friend next door to me took Alicia to church Elizabeth said her head hurt so I kept her home come to find out she just did not want to go. Took care of Richard all day made a Texas Sheet Cake that did not turn out so I through it away. Did 5 loads of Laundry only washed not folded that can wait until Monday. Made Dinner did dishes and more laundry. I finally just got the kids down for bed which is late they are always in bed by 8pm, but for some reason Logan is fighting going to sleep, I let him fuse for a few seconds and he threw up so I cleaned him up rocked him for over a half hour put him back to bed and he screams for 2 seconds and he is out. I cannot wait until the morning when the kids go back to school :) Sunday is supposed to be a day of relaxing not doing housework..... Hope everyone had a nice weekend. Thanks for checking in on us.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Well not much is going on today, I ordered a Turkey Dinner at Albertson's for Thanksgiving my parents will be coming over my house this year of course they only live half hour away. It just takes to long to cook everything and I do not have that kind of time, I will be getting all my pies at Marie Calenders they have the best. Richard is starting to get sick now he said he still is working this weekend but I am trying to talk him out of it, I said I will wait on you hand and foot so you can get better he said no you will put me to work :)

The girls are doing good Both still struggle in school but Alicia has been doing really good on her spelling tests. Elizabeth still struggles on her reading but we are working on that. I put Logan in his High Chair last night when we ate dinner and I feed him stage 1 sweet carrots he only took a few bites so I decided to put some on his tray and he put his face in the tray to try and eat it that way I thought it was the cutest thing so I took some pictures to share. Hope everyone has a great weekend.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Sorry it has been a week since my last post but I was not feeling well at all. Now I finally got my strength back and am feeling much better. Richard has been cooking dinner all week long and doing Some laundry and dishes, I tell you I have the best Husband in the world. Of course the bathrooms and kitchen need to be clean but I will get to that in a little bit. I just want to say I am very blessed to have a man like Richard I love you baby.

Logan is doing alot better he is finally getting his personality back let me tell you he is a pain in the butt when he is sick (but he is my pain in the butt). He is back to his old self scooting everywhere on the floor all over the place. Logan has missed 2 weeks of therapy so when he goes back next week he is not going to like it at all. The girls and Richard are still healthy of course I have been spraying Lysol everywhere I go around the house. For the First time in Las Vegas they had a Walk through the Gift of Lights, Proceeds benefit Children's Heart Foundation. Usually you have to drive to see all the lights but Wednesday night you got to walk through it. I did not go because I did not want to take Logan out and get him sick again so my Brother took the girls for me, They had a good time each person was given a gift bag and inside was free tickets to alot of shows here in Las Vegas you also got a free ticket to return to the light show but this time to drive through it. When everyone gets 100% better we will be going back as a family.
Thanks for checking in on us.