Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Well I am almost ready for Thanksgiving, I almost have the house clean and I go and pick up the Turkey and Dressing tomorrow from Albertsons, Everyone is Healthy for now....Today Logan had P.T this morning and he did very well sitting on his own for a few moments he is just all over the house scooting everywhere he can on his back. Tomorrow he will have his RSV Shot then we go and pick up the Turkey then head on over to the Dermatologist in the afternoon his Eczema is getting so bad I have tried everything I can think of. I went and bought some Dreft washed all of his clothes in and then put them in the dryer with out a softener sheet, I have tried Elidel and Different kinds of lotion so I hope the Dr. can suggest something else.
We are changing things around for Mr. Logan when it comes to his feeding schedule, We used to put him to bed @7pm feed him and then give him another feed at 10pm. Well I just started to not vent him at night because he is all over the place so I just hook him up through the tube well I went to check on him 10 minutes later and he wrapped him self in the cord and around his neck well that does it for me so no more 10pm feeds. I figure a regular baby his age sleeps through the night anyway so I just wake up early to feed him so he is still getting fed 5x a day. I don't know about you other Heart moms but that just scares me to death.
Logan is taking a nap right now so I better get going to do some more laundry and house work before he wakes up oh and also get started on my Christmas Letter that is going to take forever.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

It has been so crazy lately. I took Richard to the Quick Care Thursday night he started having this burning sensation in his chest, I new it was acid reflux by what his symptoms were. He only had a few bites of his chicken dinner and started throwing up violently also a little bit of blood. When we got to the doctors they said it was acid reflux and gave him Protonix It was just so weird he has never felt like this before. He went back to work on Friday and is feeling all better. He tried to work this weekend but there was no work kinda slow. Friday I went Grocery shopping while Logan's Respite nurse watched him then I came home and made this new cake recipe I found in Kraft Magazine they always have great recipes, I made Banana Sour Cream Cake oh it was so good. Today the kids and I went to my Moms for a little visit, my Mom watched Logan and Elizabeth while Alicia and myself went to have our Hair Cut. We both just got a trim which was much needed. It was my Mom's Birthday Friday so the kids and I took her out to Lunch we went to Claim Jumpers I just love there food Yummy....

Also I have not had a chance to speak to the Girls Teacher they have had a substitute for the past 2 days, The Teacher will be back in the classroom on Monday so I will speak to her then and set up an Appt. Well that's about it we will try and make it to Church tomorrow the girls will be in the Primary Christmas Program on Dec. 14 they have to say two lines and rehearse every Sunday until the Program, I am thinking if they are not doing good in there studies how am I going to teach them to learn 2 lines in 3 weeks..... We have alot of studying to do.
Oh I almost forgot Logan also had his G.I. Checkup Thursday and everything is fine he is not really gaining any weight which is fine with me for now. He weighs 23lbs 8oz and is 33 inches Tall. He has been having alot of constipation issues I have tried juices and it is not working so the Doc gave me some samples of Miralax I give him a tsp twice a day and it is helping. Poor guy if I don't give it to him he does not poop.
Thanks for checking in on us.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Well not much is going on around here pretty boring (this is how I like it).
The girls brought home there report cards and I was not happy at all they are both failing Math, Alicia is doing good in reading and writing. But Elizabeth struggles and is below grade average. I will be working very hard on both of them to pick up there grades. I will be calling the school here in a little bit to set up an appt with the Principal to talk about Elizabeth and why she is not be pulled out for special Ed. I am just so tired of this you know I have told them before in the past that she needs extra help and nothing seems to be getting done so I told Richard he needs to come in and say something maybe with both parents there they know we mean business. Last night Richard was eating some candy and Logan was getting mad because he wanted some so Richard gave him a Hershey's Chocolate bar a mini one to chew on, well Richard leaves the room and I am playing a game with the girls at the Kitchen table. When we are done I go and get on the floor to play with Logan and I notice he has chocolate all over his face, hands and shirt....
He was chewing on it so much that the chocolate and gotten through the wrapper. Boy was he made when I took it away. I cleaned him up and gave him his soft ball and he threw it across the room and started screaming at me. It was so funny. Here are some pictures. Enjoy......

Monday, November 17, 2008

Today Logan had O.T his Therapist Robert came by this morning and soon as he walked in the door he started screaming and it just went down hill from there. Before Robert came over I worked a little bit with Logan he rolled on his stomach twice, I sat him up against the couch and he sat up all by himself for 5 minutes until he fell over on his side. He did really good with me. While playing this morning with the girls before they went to school Logan was playing with a ball and decided to put it in his mouth I thought it was so cute, I always try to have the camera handy at all times so I can catch moments like this one. Elizabeth had her 2 week check up from her Ear and Adenoids Surgery and she is doing great no problems at all. Richard is all better and back at work tonight. I took really good care of him this weekend and babied him :)
He just happened to catch his cold in time and started taking something for it. That's about it on our end. Thanks for checking in on us. Karen

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Boy it has been one exhausting weekend, Richard ended up taken Friday off because he was running a fever and has a bad cold. Saturday he slept alot so I took the kids out with me and did a couple of errands came home and made 2 pumpkin pies and 3 loaves of pumpkin bread, cleaned the house and took care of the kids and my husband. Sunday my good friend next door to me took Alicia to church Elizabeth said her head hurt so I kept her home come to find out she just did not want to go. Took care of Richard all day made a Texas Sheet Cake that did not turn out so I through it away. Did 5 loads of Laundry only washed not folded that can wait until Monday. Made Dinner did dishes and more laundry. I finally just got the kids down for bed which is late they are always in bed by 8pm, but for some reason Logan is fighting going to sleep, I let him fuse for a few seconds and he threw up so I cleaned him up rocked him for over a half hour put him back to bed and he screams for 2 seconds and he is out. I cannot wait until the morning when the kids go back to school :) Sunday is supposed to be a day of relaxing not doing housework..... Hope everyone had a nice weekend. Thanks for checking in on us.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Well not much is going on today, I ordered a Turkey Dinner at Albertson's for Thanksgiving my parents will be coming over my house this year of course they only live half hour away. It just takes to long to cook everything and I do not have that kind of time, I will be getting all my pies at Marie Calenders they have the best. Richard is starting to get sick now he said he still is working this weekend but I am trying to talk him out of it, I said I will wait on you hand and foot so you can get better he said no you will put me to work :)

The girls are doing good Both still struggle in school but Alicia has been doing really good on her spelling tests. Elizabeth still struggles on her reading but we are working on that. I put Logan in his High Chair last night when we ate dinner and I feed him stage 1 sweet carrots he only took a few bites so I decided to put some on his tray and he put his face in the tray to try and eat it that way I thought it was the cutest thing so I took some pictures to share. Hope everyone has a great weekend.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Sorry it has been a week since my last post but I was not feeling well at all. Now I finally got my strength back and am feeling much better. Richard has been cooking dinner all week long and doing Some laundry and dishes, I tell you I have the best Husband in the world. Of course the bathrooms and kitchen need to be clean but I will get to that in a little bit. I just want to say I am very blessed to have a man like Richard I love you baby.

Logan is doing alot better he is finally getting his personality back let me tell you he is a pain in the butt when he is sick (but he is my pain in the butt). He is back to his old self scooting everywhere on the floor all over the place. Logan has missed 2 weeks of therapy so when he goes back next week he is not going to like it at all. The girls and Richard are still healthy of course I have been spraying Lysol everywhere I go around the house. For the First time in Las Vegas they had a Walk through the Gift of Lights, Proceeds benefit Children's Heart Foundation. Usually you have to drive to see all the lights but Wednesday night you got to walk through it. I did not go because I did not want to take Logan out and get him sick again so my Brother took the girls for me, They had a good time each person was given a gift bag and inside was free tickets to alot of shows here in Las Vegas you also got a free ticket to return to the light show but this time to drive through it. When everyone gets 100% better we will be going back as a family.
Thanks for checking in on us.

Friday, November 7, 2008

I took Logan to the doctor this morning and found out he has RSV, He has already had 2 shots this season but I was kinda not surprised by the news he has just been getting worse. The doc told me to give him Albuterol and Pulmicort morning and night along with Singular at night. He did give him a steroid shot for the inflammation in the throat. He sats are around 79 but the doctor was to concerned about it. He said we really need to get this under control so we do not have to hospitalize him. Poor guy I just feel so bad for him he just crys all the time. He is running a slight fever every now and then, He has constipation when he does poop it is Green Diarrhea. I have been giving him Pedialite and he has been keeping that down, I will try adding 1 or 2oz of formula tomorrow afternoon. I am the same still not feeling well I think I am the one that got Logan sick because he has what I have just worse off. Elizabeth is doing great. There is no school on Monday or Tuesday which I forgot. I will have to keep the kids entertained somehow. Richard will be taking the weekend off so I can get some sleep and try and get better. Thanks for checking in on us.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Elizabeth's surgery went well, they said her right ear has a hole in it from before when she had tubes put in so they had to put a bigger tube in her right ear, when she gets older they well have to patch it up. We leave the hospital this morning and she asks me can we go to the dollar store to get a toy, I was like no. No matter how sick she is she still wants to go shopping for a toy that's my girl :)
I am extremely tired and not feeling well I do not have a sore throat but I am losing my voice just feel like crap. Logan is not feeling well either he is also losing his voice he has a dry cough that sounds like a bark. I just put him to bed and he does not have a fever and his sats are 81 just a little low for what they should be normally he is 86, I will give him an Albuterol treatment in the morning hopefully that will help his cough. Also a few weeks ago Logan's middle finger nail came off he is always putting it in his mouth so I just thought he bit it off well today I go and look and his pinkie finger nail has fallen off and I have no idea why this is happening I am a little nervous as to why this is going on. He turns 15 months Saturday so I will be taking him to the doctor to have his shots next week and I will let the doctor now about everything that is going on with him. Dr Roller :) thanks for your advice I have been giving him all Pedialite and he is keeping it down I will continue to do this for a few more days. Richard and Alicia are doing great Alicia has been getting 100% on her spelling test I am so proud of her. Richard is having a hard time getting back into the swing of things at work, It always is after you go on vacation. Thanks for checking in on us.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

OK So now I have a new Water Heater and it works great finally hot water you never know how much you use hot water until it is gone. 2 days without hot water, I have so much laundry to do and dishes.
I will be up @5am to take Elizabeth to the hospital as an outpatient to have her adenoids taken out and tubes put in her ears, she is looking forward to no school for 2 days I told her you are going to wish you in school trust me child....
I am not sure what is going on with Logan he has me worried, He has another tooth coming in which is normal ok he has also had a slight fever 100.5 for a few days and now he is starting to throw up every feed which is normal but not when I had pedialite to it. I do 2 oz of pedi and 4 oz of formula through his G-tube when he is almost done with his feed he will throw it all up so with only an ounce or so left I finish giving it to him then he throws that up. He has never thrown up 2 during the same feed. So his next feed is at 7pm and I will do all pedialite and see what happens. I might have to call the doctor tomorrow. I just hope he keeps his food down, I do not want a trip to the hospital for dehydration. Any suggestions??? Thanks for your input.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Let me tell you I have had quite a day today. Logan had his check up at the Heart surgeon we go every three months so the Surgeon can keep up with what is going on in his every day life. I come home get settled and I go out to the Garage to find my Garage semi filled with water, my water heater broke and is leaking everywhere. So I turn off the water heater wake my husband up so he can help me move things around sweep up the water then get a house to drain it out to the street. My dry wall is coming apart so I have a fan going on trying to dry it up. I will get a new Water Heater installed tomorrow and might have to take the dry wall down because of the water damage and pray there is no mold. Friday I saw a little bit of water coming out from the Garage in front where I park my car in the drive way but I did not think anything of it. I know dumb. We got this House Brand New 3 years ago you think it would have lasted a little longer. So that has been the highlight of my day.
Logan has a new tooth coming in so he has been very cranky lately a little attitude is more like it. When I hold him over my shoulder he hits my chest every time he gets mad. He starting to scream when he is angry. He is a little stinker. He is scooting every where now all over the floor shoot why crawl when I can scoot on my back. I swear is going to have a bald spot any day.
Thanks for checking in on us. Karen

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Happy Halloween

This week just flew by. It has been a very hectic week trying to get everything done while Richard was on vacation this week and we did. Monday we painted the Family Room all day, Tuesday we went Christmas shopping and got most of it done. Wednesday we Painted the downstairs Bathroom, Thursday was Doctors appts, and Friday we took the girls to go see High School Musical 3 which they loved then we went Trunk or Treating at Church all the kids got alot of candy even Logan which will be consumed by Mommy and Daddy :)
Elizabeth was Hanna Montana, Alicia was a Renaissance Princess and Logan was a Lion. He did very good only fussed a little bit in the end. All the kids looked so cute. Saturday we were at the Mall all day shopping some more. Lets just say I am tired of shopping....
Friday Logan had his Cardiologist appt. They sedated him for his echo and everything looked the same he still has a leaky valve until they repair it. He put him back on Aspirin 81mg half a tab once a day. Because he has two small valves instead of one big one he wants him back on aspirin. I am thinking he had his last heart surgery in February why did you not put him back on it then he had no answer for me. We go back in two months for another sedation Echo. He is going to keep him off of the Lasex and Digoxin for now. Sunday we are just relaxing. We did not make it to Church today Elizabeth was running a fever last night and is losing her voice a little I am hoping it does not get worse because she is having surgery this Thursday to have her adenoids taken out and tube's put in her ears. Richard will be going back to work Monday night it was really nice having him home all week and Logan really enjoyed having his daddy all week it will be hard on all of us. Now back to the routine on Monday. Logan sees his Heart Surgeon Monday morning for a check up. Thanks for checking in on us hope everyone had a nice weekend.