Saturday, January 31, 2009

I went to my Mom's today to visit and while on her side of town I got the girls hair cut today They both kept the same style just got 2 inches taken off each. The Hair Dresser did not blow dry the girls hair for some reason so there hair is not as cute. But they love the length they have been bugging me to get there hair cut for a few weeks now.

Richard is working this weekend he was able to get a run to Phoenix, AZ he will be back in the morning. Elizabeth is not feeling well, tonight she was telling me that her ear hurts and I go and look at it and it is draining so that means she has an Ear Infection, I know she does so now I will be taking her to a Quick Care in the morning to get her some Antibiotics So hopefully she can go to school on Monday. She had Tubes put in both ears in November for this reason and she still is getting ear Infections. Her Asthma is still bothering her. Her cough sounds awful, I am just pumping that child with lots of meds. Alicia also said tonight that her throat hurts and she has been coughing today so I have been giving her cough medicine. Depending on how she feels I might also be taking her to the Doctor. Logan is feeling fine thank goodness. Before I left the house today I Doused the house with Lysol. I have been doing everything I can so I do not get sick that is all I need.... Thanks for checking in on us.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Happy Friday..... Weekend is finally here.

Thursday Logan had Speech and Mark came over Logan did very well eating so now we are working on getting him to try and hold his cheese puff with his hand and for him to take a small bite pull his hand away and try to keep the rest of the puff in his hand also trying to get him to bite down on it, his bite is very week.
We are also working on getting him to talk which we are very far from. Mark told me to put an item in my hand show Logan the item and name the item then give it to Logan and say the name of the item again (name association). He can say a few words now. Mama, Dada, Nana, Night Night, Up, Hi. He does not know what most of these words mean but at least he says them...

Today Logan's Respite Nurse came over and watched him while I went out and did some errands.

Elizabeth's Asthma has been acting up again her cough is really bad and her chest is contracting I had to give her her Steroid medication this morning and that helped her out alot. She sees her Asthma Doctor Next Thursday for a check up.
I am still working on my photos, I have been working on them like a mad Woman. Every chance I get I am cropping my photos my goal is to be done by Monday night so we will see what happens.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Finally getting a chance to post something.
Logan's D.S (Michelle) Came over Today and he did pretty good sat up by himself for about 10 min. then decided that was long enough and just fell over on his side and just laid there for a minute until I picked him up, He can not catch himself yet when he falls over we are working on that part. He still does not like being put on his stomach cries the whole time. Other than that everything was all good.

I spoke with the girls Teacher yesterday and she was telling me that Elizabeth has a very good chance of being able to be pulled out for Math for Special Ed she is not quite sure about Alicia. She asked me not to help them with there homework so they will have something to show the committee that they also struggle at home and not just at school, by letting them do there own homework and only explain to them what to do they got alot wrong. They will be tested in 1 week to determine if they will be eligible.

Thursday I have my 2 week follow up appt. to see the Doctor to make sure everything is healing OK which it is. Then Mark from NEIS is coming over to see how Logan has been doing with eating finger foods. He is doing great he loves his Cheese puffs and banana stars from Gerber Graduates. He goes to town on those things :)
He is just learning to pincher grasp with his fingers, He will pick up his finger foods with his 2 fingers, them he will Tilt his hand back and put his fist in his mouth to try and eat his food and of course he drops his food, so hopefully Mark will help me with that part.

Oh I almost forgot, finally after 4 years of not doing anything with scrap booking. I am gathering all my photos and I mean all of them there is alot and I am cropping them, I have a couple of days worth to crop and then I am going to put them in my scrapbook. All of a sudden I just wanted to start doing it again. Actually I think it was Kelly, every time I check her blog she is always showing off her scrapbook and she really inspired me to start doing it again. Thanks Kelly. I am not that fancy but I try my best.

Monday, January 26, 2009

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Sunday, January 25, 2009

We all had a great weekend, Saturday we headed for the Las Vegas Strip which is were we never go because of all the crazy people :)
Our first stop was M&M World it was pretty neat it has 4 stories and also had an M&M 3D Movie which was pretty cool, of course we had to buy over priced M&M's for the girls I also got a cute Key Chain and Richard found a hat he liked. From there he headed to the Coca Cola Store walked around I wanted to try the different Cola's from around the world but we just got done eating lunch and I did not want to get sick from all that sugar because we had more walking to do. Then we headed over to the MGM Grand to see there Lion Habitat, Could not get any Descent pictures up close because there were so many people. But we got to see two Lions from a distance and the girls also enjoyed that. Sunday we played games all day. It was a very nice and relaxing weekend.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Logan's Developmental Specialist from NEIS came over this morning and she brought over some goodies for Logan one was a Peekaboo Book that has touch and feel pictures that he just loved and played with all day today. The other was something she made I thought was very cool and so did Logan, you get a big metal canister and those juice concentrate cans from the frozen section you take the lids from both ends, collect alot of them and she even put stickers on each one so you can even match them up when he gets older. With the picture above you can see he did so good he took every single one of those out of the can, he does not know how to put them in yet but he loved taking them out he sat up by himself for 45 min. just taking them out he loved it. Logan got to keep the book but she had to take the can and lids back to the office with her and when she left Logan cried he wanted to keep on playing with them. So guess what I will be doing this weekend going to the store to buy alot of frozen concentrate juice cans......
The girls had a great time at Nana's they came home tonight. Nana took them to the movies to go see The Tale of Despereaux the girls loved it. And they got a chance to play with there Uncle he just adores the girls like they were his own.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Well I am doing much better, I am able to get around the house alot easier now, Picking up Logan a little bit every day, pretty soon I will be back to my old self.
The kids are doing great Monday there was no school so we all sat around the house and watched TV all day and relaxed. Tuesday Logan had OT Robert from NEIS came over and Logan cried the entire time and Robert did not even touch Logan. Robert gave me alot of suggestions for Logan as for when all his therapists come over he was saying for me to take pictures of the Therapists blow them up and make a book out of them to show him everyday and maybe he will get used to them, another suggestion was for me or Richard to tell Logan we are leaving the room and will be right back then when we return tell Logan we are back and maybe this will assure him that we are and will return. Logan only has separation anxiety when he sees daddy leave the room not mommy. So we will try these things and see what happens. As for Logan eating by mouth he is doing OK not eating as much as I would like him to but he is trying his best. He will only eat about half a jar of stage 2 baby food three times a day if we are lucky maybe a full jar three times a day. It is hit and miss with him.
The girls are doing fine in school still trying very hard in Math and Elizabeth is slowly getting there in reading. If I can just get Alicia to stop having meltdowns and tantrums I will be doing great.
Richard is very stressed out about work he found out this morning that they are cutting two more runs and one of the runs is where he goes to Tonopah, NV and if that happens then he will be put on extra board which means if there is anywhere to Drive he will go if not he stays home.
There is no school tomorrow because of staff development day so the girls are spending the night at Grandma's house tonight they are very excited about that they adore there Nana and Papa.
So that is whats happening around our household. Thanks for checking in on us.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Sorry I have not had a chance to post I have not been feeling very well.
I came home Wednesday night from the Hospital everything went great. I do not want to go into any graphic detail what they did, But I am healing still can not lift anything over 15 pounds but I am slowly getting there. My Wonderful MOM came by Thursday morning and took Logan to her house and brought him back Today (Saturday) that was a huge help. She also made us meals all week long to help us out. I am very grateful for you Mom thank you so much we love you....
I have been having Bowel Problems very Constipated and it seems like my bladder has to hurt in order for it to feel like I have to go. I am no longer taking pain medicine It is just making the constipation worse so I am only taking Ibuprofen Prescription. I have been really nauseous but it is also getting better. My insides feel like It did when I had my C-Section with Logan. I am just getting old and falling apart.
Thanks for all your prayers, They really helped me through this. Everyone else is doing great and Healthy. I will post photos and more during the week.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Here is a quick update before I head off to bed, I have been sick these past few days. Thursday I started not feeling well I have a stomach virus and can not keep anything down. I am feeling better just trying to get my strength back, I have been resting alot this weekend. Richard has been home taking care of things. I went and gave my blood today at the Hospital for my Surgery Tuesday I am very nervous, I almost cancelled my Surgery since I was sick but since I am feeling better on we go. I am very Nervous about being put under, I have my good friend and Neighbor coming over tomorrow night to give me a blessing. Please say a pray for me.
Everyone else is doing great. Logan is good and still eating by mouth not as much as I want him to but he is till trying. He has only been eating 1 jar three times a day which is still good but I would like it to be more. He was doing so good for about a week and then it was like OK I am only going to eat a little bit. Believe me I am thankful for anything he will eat by mouth. The girls are doing great.
Thank you for all your prayers, I will post later on in the week to let everyone know how I am doing. Thanks

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Logan is 17 Months Today YEAH.....

Well this week has really gone by fast. We had a Nutritionist from NEIS come by today and we figured out a new feeding schedule for Logan trying to make sure he gets enough calories so he can gain weight. She also did Measurements and this is what Logan is.
Weight: 22lbs 14oz
Height: 32 3/4 inches
Head Cir: 45 1/2 inches
He has lost some weight but we are not to worried about it for now. Shirley (nutritionist) will be back out Next Month to see how he is doing and to make sure he is gaining weight. Here is his new feeding schedule.

7am= 6 ½ oz Nutrem JR
11am, 3pm, 7pm = 2 jars of stage 2 baby food (Vegetable and Fruit) plus 4oz Nutrem JR @ each feed. So we will see how things go.

Yesterday Nora his P.T. came out and I was hoping Logan would show off how good he has been sitting but he just screamed the whole time she was here. It was a bad day Yesterday.

Friday my Mom is going to come over and watch Logan while I go and run errands all day.

The girls are doing good, glad to be back in school the 2 week break for them was to long.
Richard has been working every day which is good considering things are slow.
Everyone is healthy and doing great.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Here is a quick update, I just wanted to let everyone know I am still alive just have been busy around the house, cleaning and running errands. Trying to get everything ready for when I go into Surgery Next Tuesday. Making sure meals are planned and everyone gets taken care of.
Logan has been doing really good on eating he continues to eat about 1 1/2 jars of food 2-3 times a day and eating the food that we eat in very small amounts. Tomorrow Nora his P.T from NEIS is coming over she will be so excited to see how far Logan has come since last month. Thursday morning his Nutritionist is coming over and I am looking forward to that appt. Will post photos and updates later in the week.

Thursday, January 1, 2009


OK I have lots to brag about today about Mr Logan. He has been making such strides this week it is amazing. (I have been crying alot this week with tears of joy) First lets start out with eating by mouth he has finally moved up to stage 2 Gerber Baby Food and is doing fabulous. I feed him three times a day by mouth and he is almost eating 2 jars of food at each feed. So he is averaging about 4-5 jars of food a day. And in between that I am working with him on his finger foods I try to put some on his tray and he just picks it up one by one and throws it on the floor so I have to put it in his mouth in order for him to eat any finger foods, He does like the banana stars and cheese puffs from Gerber so we are sticking with that for now. This morning we went to I-Hop for Breakfast and he ate some of my pancake with syrup and he loved it. It's like something in his brain just went OK I want to eat more by mouth. He does sit with us at the table for dinner every night and he watches us eat so I think that is helping alot. So every time I have something very soft for dinner I will give him some and he always eats it. Now when it comes to drinking by mouth I will give him some juice or Chocolate milk in my cup and he will drink a little bit about a teaspoon at a time anymore than that and he chocks, by doing this he gets about an ounce at each setting. I do put juice in his sippy cup but he still does not know how to suck yet. He will just chew on the soft spout to get the juice to come out.

Next big milestone for Logan is that he is gaining stronger trunk control for more Independence. He is sitting by himself for longer periods of time, yesterday he sat by himself for about 15 minuets before he flopped over. That is the longest he has ever sat at one time his P.T. is going to be very excited when she comes by next week.
Since Logan is doing so good at eating by mouth a Nutritionist from NEIS is coming by the House next Thursday to determine how much formula he will need to have by G-Tube. My Goal is to have this G-Tube out in 2 years and I think I can make that goal happen :)

OK I think I did enough bragging for one day........

We all had a nice New Years we went to my Mom's house and had dinner came home at 9:30pm and went to bed at 10:45pm, I was up till Midnight the day before doing stuff around the house and Richard worked the day before and did not get much sleep so we were very tired last night and could not stay up, So I just DVR'd a couple of channels to watch to bring in the New Year.
We all went out to Breakfast to I-Hop to celebrate the New Year WOOO HOOO :)
Everyone is doing fine and Healthy the Girls go back to school on Monday which I am looking forward to. These last two weeks they have kept me hopping.

I wish everyone a Happy and Prosperous New year.