Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The girls were able to go back to school on Tuesday, they are doing much better they still are congested but the fever is gone. I took all the kids to the Doctors this morning to have there second dose of the H1N1 shot and the Flu shot. Logan and Elizabeth are the ones who got the flu shot they did not have enough doses of the flu shot so Elizabeth got it instead of Alicia because of her Asthma.
I did find out this morning that Logan has a double ear infection and because of his Heart the Doctor still wanted to give him the Swine and flu shot so he will be starting his Antibiotics on Friday they put him on Omnicef for the ears and also gave all the kids Cough medicine.

I am very thankful the kids are getting better. I have alot to be Thankful for this year. My Son is alive and his Heart is doing great. I have the sweetest girls on earth they are so caring for there brother and help out Mommy when ever they can. I am also Thankful for My husband and all he does for our family and he makes so many sacrifices for us and I am thankful that he still has a job and we have a new home.

I also cannot forget all my Blogger Heart mom's and Friends and Family for all your support through out the year. I hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving.

Monday, November 23, 2009

After three weeks of wear

Our weekend started out great, we had some family come into town from California, My cousin and her husband and there son Shane who is almost 2 years old. We went out to Dinner Friday night and Saturday we spent the day visiting and catching up then Saturday night we went out to dinner again. After that we headed on over to my mom's house and that is when it all began Logan started to have a little runny nose no big deal. Well we wake up Sunday morning and he is alot worse his nose is now a faucet he has a slight fever cough and congestion and was up every half hour during the night.

Alicia caught a little cold from school a few days ago but nothing that would keep her home from school well I guess she gave her cold to Logan and his is much worse. Now it is Sunday night and Elizabeth has a fever of 101 and is congested so the girls stayed home from school today. I am pretty sure they will be able to go back to school Tuesday there fever is gone and there is just a little congestion. Logan is still sick, I have him on Zyrtec and Singular so I am hoping he gets better.

We have an appt to see the Pediatrician to get his second does of the H1N1 and the Flu shot on Wednesday they said as long as he does not have a fever above 100 he can still get his shots.

We plan on having Thanksgiving at my Mom's house we have some family coming in from Arizona and I have not seen them in awhile so please say some prayers for the kids.

Richard and I are both still healthy thank goodness, I have been dousing the house with Lysol and doing lots of hand washing.

It is so funny, since Logan has been scooting on his bottom alot he has really worn out his pants/jeans after 2-3 weeks of wearing them I have to throw them away because of the holes in his bottom. He goes threw jeans way to fast.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

OK so you are going to have to listen to me Rant.

Elizabeth has been having problems hearing lately she also has tubes in her ear so she was supposed to have a Doctors Appt. today at 4:30 so I pick her up after school and we get on the freeway at 3:30 and not even half way to the Doctors office we run in to some heavy traffic, so I am sitting in bumper to bumper traffic it took me 30 minuets to go 3 miles, so I call the Doctors office and tell them I will be running late what is the latest I can come in she says 4:45 I am like OK that gives me 45 minuets maybe I can make it, But I am still sitting and not moving so I turn on the radio and the traffic report comes on and says it is backed up and the accident is another 20 miles away so at this point it is 4:30 and there is no way I am going to make it so I call them and tell them I am going to have to reschedule for another day. I then turn around and sit in more traffic, I finally get home after sitting on the freeway for 1 1/2 hours. I got home and I was so stressed from sitting in the car because the kids are back there fighting back and fourth screaming because they are hungry, fighting because one is copying the other, And of course Logan has to pipe in and let me know how he is feeling.
So this afternoon was very stressful. Thank goodness I had dinner sitting in a crock pot.

Anyway the first part of the day went great, Our Wonderful P.T. Nora came over this morning with her she brought in a stander she put Logan in it and he just loved it, you can tell by the pictures. She thinks he will not need it that long so she is going to try and get me a loner after that we can move on to a walker. I am really excited about getting him the stander he did great. I think he was so excited because he felt like a big boy. He just had a really good sesson with her, after therapy was over they were playing together and Logan was laughing he just adores Nora.

I have some good news to share Logan got approved for Katie Becket which is Medicaid (they pay for all his medical expenses because of his Disability). This is really going to help us out. I will now be able to get all the equipment I need for him.

I have some more good news Richard got his bid run back, It will start next week. Now he will be able to work every day we hope, At least this will ensure him keeping his job through the winter which is the slow season.

Monday, November 16, 2009

I had a crazy weekend, Richard worked all weekend and there were Neighborhood kids over my house all weekend long in and out, It was alot of fun for the girls and that is all that matters. Now sometime this week I will clean it :)

Oh and I watched the Cowboys Lose to the Packers :(

Today we spent the day with Nana, First we went to Speech Therapy were for the first time the Therapist took Logan back to the room by himself and he was very good for her he did not even cry at all this is very huge considering a year ago I could not even leave the room without him screaming his head off. The Speech Therapist said he did very good on his own, but he is so far behind on his Speech, that's OK though some day he will talk. He is starting to say GOOD he will say GGOO. He is really starting to come out of his Shell, Everywhere we go he will say HI to everyone he sees it is so cute and everyone thinks he is so cute.

After Speech we went over to the Premium Outlets here in Las Vegas I went to the Gap Outlet and picked up a few pair of Jeans for Alicia and a couple of shirts. I love that store....

Unfortunately Richard was unable to work tonight because there was not enough freight, But on the other hand I am glad I get to spend time with him.

Thanks for checking in on our family..

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Elizabeth, Maddie, Alicia
Yesterday the girls had no school because of Veteran's Day so they were excited to have there friends over all day and play.
Not much has much going on over here, it has been pretty quite. Logan is doing good. He had O.T. Tuesday and he is doing OK, he does have a good pincher grasp the Therapist said which is good. I think he will do pretty good in O.T. because all you do is play :)
The house is really coming along. This Saturday we are going to be pulling up all of the plants in the front yard and putting in new ones, The tree out front is dead and I do not like the plants that are out there now.
I need to start getting ready for the Holidays they are right around the corner and I am not even prepared.
I better get going I have Laundry to do and I might even make a Pumpkin Pie, I made a Pumpkin Apple pie yesterday and it was pretty good.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Logan loves playing with the girls toys

Logan and Papa watching the Cowboys Game

What a weekend the Weather is perfect in the high 70's and Sunny, I wish it would stay like this forever oh wait I live in the Desert that is impossible :)

We had a nice weekend we worked all day Saturday on the house and Sunday my parents came over for Dinner and I made Chicken Tacos which was so good. We also watched the Cowboys win another game.

Today Logan had Speech Therapy he is doing good, he plays with toys while he is there and try's to say certain words like "ball, bye bye, up" he does a pretty good job but he is not saying the word completely he will say the word partially but we are working on it.
After that we headed on over to the Gastrologist for a check up we go every three months. They checked his weight and height he is 27 months old and is 27 lbs 9oz and 37 1/2 inches long.

Tuesday we go to the Cardiologist to have his Coumadin Levels checked and then we head on over to Therapy to have Occupational Therapy for the first time (in the community). I wonder what they will be working on with him.

The girls are doing great they spent all weekend outside playing with there friends, it is really nice to have other kids on the block that are the same age that they can play with because on the weekends they are all over my house or in the front yard playing.

Thanks for checking in on our family.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Not much has been going on this week, Everyone is doing really good.

Richard is working lots of hours which is good because as of last Sunday he took a 15% pay cut and that is out of every pay check. This will go on until the Company picks up which could be for a very long time. So there will be lots of penny pinching going on around here.

Logan is doing great scooting every where around the house following me every where I go and closing doors behind me. He does not sign "more" anymore instead he is now saying MORE every time he wants something, He is just so stinken cute.

Girls are doing good, The teachers at this school love to give lots of homework 5 pages a day plus reading and writing. When we get home from school @ 3:30 it is non-stop until they go to bed, I swear by the end of the day I am completely exhausted. That's why I love the weekends :)

This weekend we are going to continue working on the inside of the house, installing the rest of the ceiling fans, and unpacking and organizing my bedroom. We have some family coming into town in a few weeks and I want everything done.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Logan opening up a box of Animal Cookies

Elizabeth is Hanna Montana/Miley Cyrus, I lost the wig ok.
Alicia is a Princess.....

I am a little late but Happy Halloween.
Richard took the girls Trick or Treating at 6:15 last night they were only out for an hour but they made out they got so much candy. This was the first time that the girls got to go Trick Or Treating door to door because every year in the past we have always gone to Church and they have Trunk or Treat there, so they were excited to have there Daddy take them out. Richard took them to all the houses in our community and everyone was very generous when passing out candy and they were all very friendly we live in an awesome community. Logan stayed home with me and passed out candy we had over 100 kids. I bought Logan a Superman outfit but I never put it on him. I know I am a bad mother.

But I did go to Target this morning they had all of there Halloween stuff on clearance for 50% off so I picked up costumes for all the kids for next year. I also picked up some items to decorate the front of our house everyone does that around here and I did not want to feel left out:)
At 8pm we headed on over to our next door neighbors they were having a party and we had a great time there were alot of kids there so the girls had a blast we left at 9:30pm came home and went to bed. I know we are old.

The girls are doing good, right now they are playing with there friends from down the street. They had Friday off because of Nevada Day they also have Monday off because of Staff Development day, So they are enjoying there 4 days off.

Not much is going on this week Monday morning Logan has Speech, His O.T will not start until November 10th and P.T. starts this Friday.
Hope everyone had a great weekend. Thanks for checking in on our family.