Thursday, February 10, 2011

Well I probably should not say this because I might curse myself, But everyone is healthy once again. YEAH!!!

Logan missed School yesterday because of his Cardiologist Appointment which he screamed the entire time for no reason. The Doctor said everything looks great his Heart is doing really good. His next Heart Cath will not be until 2015. I was so excited to hear that he is doing so good. I always get a little worried when he see the Doctor.

This Saturday night Richard will be taking me out for Valentines Day we will see a movie and get some dinner, I am really excited about getting to go out it has been awhile since we have gone out by ourselves with out any kids.

Speaking of kids everyone is doing good I got a call from Alicia's Special Ed Teacher and her reading is doing great she has really improved these past few months. Alicia still has to work on her attitude at home though. All the kids will be having a Valentines Party on Monday so I have a lot of shopping to do tomorrow, Target here I come :)

Not much else has been going on in our household just same old boring stuff.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I spoke to soon when I said everyone is feeling great. Logan came home from School last Thursday with a runny nose and water eyes at first I thought allergies but then he got worse. Sunday I woke up with a cold and not feeling good and at all. Alicia and Elizabeth are now also sick they were home from School yesterday with a slight fever and are getting better so I sent them back to school today. I kept Logan home for one more day, he will be going back to school tomorrow. I felt like crap yesterday but am doing better today. I lost my voice but am starting to get it back. My kids have missed so much school this year than ever before it seems like.
Since Logan has started to school he gets sick all the time and then passes it on to everyone else. The boy has got to stop putting everything in his mouth at school.

Richard is the only one healthy he took care of all of us yesterday. I have such a wonderful Husband :)

My Mom stayed home with Logan on Saturday since he was sick so I could take the girls to the Springs Preserve with a friend of mine and her kids. We had a lot of fun saw a bird show did a ton of walking around and then went on a Treasure Hunt using a compass and found some treasure. It was a beautiful day to be out.