Saturday, January 30, 2010

I took Logan to the Pediatrician and he has a Upper Respiratory Infection that would explain why he is so cranky and won't sleep. So far he has had no fever.

Logan woke up early this morning so I fed him and then decided to clean the bathrooms upstairs, Richard is working again this weekend so it was the perfect opportunity.

My Mom just left she came over to watch the kids so I could go Grocery Shopping.

I forgot to mention in my post yesterday that when I took Elizabeth to her Asthma Doctor he noticed she had a Heart Murmur which she has had since birth but it has been over six years since she has been checked. So I called Logan's Cardiologist to make an appointment for Elizabeth. The Doctor will call me back on Monday with a time and date. They will do an EKG and an Echo. Logan's next Cardiologist appointment is February 5th so I am trying to get them scheduled at the same time.

Other than that not much is going on around here the girls are at there friends house, Logan is eating and I have tons of Laundry still do to.

Thanks for checking in on us. Have a great weekend.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Well things have been crazy around here these past few days. Logan is sick, he got it from Alicia and Alicia got it from her teacher so we are just passing it around.

Logan has not been sleeping that well just crying and throwing tantrums at night not wanting to go to bed. He has a runny nose, sneezing and congestion I am going to take him to the Doctors today today to make sure he does not have an Ear Infection. I have not been getting much sleep these past few days so I am cranky and I WANT A BREAK.

I have just reached my breaking point this week. I was just in tears the other day. I was looking forward to going out Grocery Shopping and going to the movies by myself but Logan's Respite Nurse is unable to come watch him this weekend and Richard will be working again this weekend because we need the money.
So hopefully when he comes home Sunday I will be able to at least go Grocery shopping.

I really hate it when he gets sick there is nothing I can do for him, he won't even let me comfort him. I have been giving him Zyrtec and Tylenol it seems to be helping a little but his nose is like a faucet.

Yesterday Afternoon Elizabeth had her Three Month check up with her Asthma Doctor and she is doing great now if I can only keep her healthy and pray she does not get sick next. He gave me a prescription for Xopenex Inhaler so if she does get sick I have something for her and will not have to go back to see him.

Thanks for checking in on our family

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Richard was able to work this past weekend, so I took the girls out and we had a nice time. It has been so long since I have taken them out. We went and saw Alvin and the Chipmunks the Squeakquel then to Red Robin for Dinner. They loved the movie. I am going to start doing this once a month take them out and do things they want to do. They really need this and I always feel guilty giving alot of my attention to Logan so it was nice that we were able to do this.

Yesterday my Mom came over and we went shopping I had to pick up some more dresses for the girls for Church. This Friday they are having a Primary Activity at Church for the kids so the girls will be going to that.

So Logan is finally eating a meal by mouth Consistently, every night we sit down as a family to eat Dinner so we put Logan in his Highchair and he eats what we eat it is so awesome. He will eat anywhere from a 1/4 cup to 1/2 cup of food which is huge. I am just so excited he is really doing good at eating we still have to give him very small pieces but he keeps it all in and does not throw it up then we hook him up to the pump and give him a few ounces. He just amazes me everyday.

Richard had a really bad night last night going to Tonopah, NV it started to snow and he was slipping ans sliding everywhere trying to keep his Big Rig on the road and it is raining today in Las Vegas so he is just exhausted.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Sorry it has been so long since my last post, I have had family in town almost all week and I have loved every minute of it. I was very sad to see my cousins leave :(

First off lets back up to last Friday the 15th. Logan had P.T. and he did so good using his left hand to pick up blocks, kicking the blocks with his foot and using the walker. He will take steps with support and he is doing so much better in Therapy.

He did have P.T. today and is so tired he cried alot and was very mad at the therapist for making him use his legs, so when it was time to go home I go and put his jacket on and Logan lightly hits me and then leans over and starts to cry. He did try his very best today. The pictures above are from last week.

My cousins drove in this past Saturday and left Wednesday. We had such a great time Monday the girls had no school so we all went to Chili's for lunch and then made a trip to Down Town Las Vegas so they could shop at the Worlds Biggest gift shop. The rest of the time they were here was spent visiting and scrap booking which Laura is very good at, I think she is better than I am. I will post some pictures of my layouts another day. We would scrap book for hours and hours. Richard watched the kids most of the weekend so we were able to scrapbook non-stop.

I had such a great time this week and when they left Wednesday I was very sad it was so quite in the house. I always love it when family comes to visit me:) Thanks again Laura and Ashley for coming down to see me you are welcome any time. I look forward to seeing you again in June for the girls Birthday.

The kids are doing really good and healthy YEAH. Alicia did have a Doctors appt. Tuesday to see if she has A.D.D. The Teachers, Richard and myself had to fill out some paperwork to determine if she does, and when the Doctor read the responses he said it was off the chart she defiantly has A.D.D. so he gave us a month supply of Strattera. He said this drug has less side affects then the others and works really good. She starts off on a low dose and every week it gets higher 10mg, 18mg, 25mg then 40mg which will be the does she will take. It has only been 3 days and I do see a slight improvement the Doctor said it will take 2-3 weeks to really see changes. We go back in a month for a check up to fill out more questioners to see if the medication is working.

Richard is going to try and work this weekend so I am having Logan's respite nurse come over Saturday afternoon to watch him. I thought I would take the girls to the movies and then to dinner get some Mommy and Daughter time in. The girls don't know yet it is going to be a surprise. It has been awhile since we have had time with just us girls. So I am really looking forward to it.

Thanks for checking in on our family...

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Logan woke up Yesterday morning with Blue lips and blue finger nails, All I could think about was his heart. I took his sats and they were in the very low 80's which is normal for Logan but still I always hate seeing him cyanotic, It has been awhile since I have seen his lips that blue.
So that is maybe why he did not feel like doing anything in Therapy. He had Speech and O.T. in speech he was a little fussy did not do much then we went on to O.T. were he was still the same. The Therapist even made a comment on his color. He did walk for about 10 feet with the Therapist holding his hands and I holding his hips helping him take steps while he bent over and was very wobbly but he still put pressure on his feet so that was good.

This morning he is looking much better but just kind of laying around on the floor playing with his toys. I swear to you I always worry about him and his Heart he makes me very nervous when he gets like this. I will just have to keep a close eye on him.

Everyone else is doing good we are are healthy. There is a chance of rain today so lets just see if that happens. I will be staying home clipping coupons getting ready for my Grocery shopping trip in the morning.

My Cousin and her Daughter will be coming in from California this Saturday and will be staying with us for 4 days I am so excited to get to be able to spend that much time with them. We will be doing alot of scrapbooking :)

Monday, January 11, 2010

What a weekend. Our plan was to relax this weekend and take it easy we did but we also got things accomplished around here. We finally took down our Christmas Tree we took everything done on New Years day but we slacked on the tree, I finally have my house back. Richard cleaned the Garage and made room for me to park my car in it. We finally have a two car Garage, our old house was only a one car. So I am happy to be able to park my car in the garage. While out there Richard let Logan scoot all over the garage and the Driveway, I had no idea he took him out there. But I thought he is a boy and he has never just been outside and scooted around like that only because I don't like him getting dirty. So I let go thank goodness he already had on a pair of pants that were torn and ready to go in the trash because by the time he got done scooting everywhere they were ready to be thrown away. He had a great time out side watching Daddy move boxes around. And believe me when they were done outside I brought him in and scrubbed him down :)

I was also able to go through the girls closet and get rid of alot of clothes that do not fit them anymore. I will be giving all of the clothes to a friend of mine, I always like passing them down. Now looking in there closet in looks like they need more shirts:) It's time to start looking for sales!

We also watched the Cowboys Game, I was so excited to see them WIN, I really hope they make it to the Superbowl. But they play the Vikings next week and they are really a good team. We will have to wait and see.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Logan had Physical Therapy on Friday and he had such an amazing day, The therapist could not get over at how well he did. We first started off by having Logan sit on a stool the therapist would give him a 2 lb ball and build some blocks then Logan would bend over pick up the ball and roll it to knock down the blocks and he did, Logan would just laugh hysterically. Logan did this for about 20 minutes. Then we moved onto the big ball she put Logan on it so he could sit and bounce then she put him on his stomach to roll him back and fourth and at this point is when Logan had his meltdown just screaming he hates the big ball and wants nothing to do with it. So after a few minuets we move on to something different. She had this push toy so she got Logan to put his hands on it and he pushed it for about 10 minuets he was taking steps with help of course and never shed a tear. He worked so hard yesterday I was so amazed at how well he did and with only one meltdown YEAH for Logan :)

After Therapy we went over my Mom's house since it was close by and after I fed Logan I tried putting him down for a nap and you would think that after he worked so hard in therapy he would be tired not my little man he wanted to play because he was at Nana's house, but he did eventually fall asleep on Nana of course and she loved every moment. He only sleep for about half hour got up and started playing again so I am thinking he is going to have a bad night he worked really hard and took a very short nap so last night I fed him gave him some Melatonin and put him to bed at 7:30 he slept all night long and woke up at 7:08 this morning a very happy little boy and I got to have a good nights rest :) So it worked, I am so glad he was able to sleep through the night and wake up a happy child.

Alicia is doing great she was able to go back to school yesterday. They are both doing really good in Computer Lab, They go after school so by the time we get home it is 4:30.

Richard took the weekend off of work so he will be home all weekend which I am looking forward to. We are just going to be staying home and relaxing we are going to have a very low key weekend, which Richard really enjoys :)

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Alicia stayed home from school again today, Last night when she was about to go to bed she threw up and she was having Diarrhea all day yesterday. She is doing alot better and everything has gone away. So she will be going back to school tomorrow, I am just glad that is was a 24 hour bug. She never had a fever which was good. I am just glad she is feeling better.

Now on to Logan, I have been having a really hard time with him lately. Logan gets a nap almost everyday. He will take about a 3 hour nap which I think is great. When he does not get a nap he is a monster at night very hard to deal with. Well these past few weeks even though he has gotten a nap he will still wake up a couple of times during the night Just screaming, screaming so hard that he chokes and gags. I always try and comfort him change his diaper and do some more comforting and he wants no part of me at all. He will hit me, bang his head on my shoulder and will do everything he can to get out of my arms, I have almost dropped him that is how bad he gets. He has been like this for about a year now it was getting better, but has started up again. When I saw the Neurologist the other day I told her about what happens and she said try giving him Melatonin not every night just when you know he is going to have a bad night. Well that is every night.
So He was not able to get a nap in the other day because of Appointments all day so I gave him 1mg he did wake up but the screaming was not that bad and I was able to comfort him and put him back to sleep, now I don't know if it was the Melatonin or just a coincidence.
Logan is on a schedule and I always stick by it, every day he is up at 7am takes a nap around 11:30 and always goes to bed at 8pm. I just feel so bad that there is nothing I can do for him and he wants nothing to do with me.
I swear he reminds me of an Autistic Child when he has these fits at night.

Thanks for checking in on our family.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Here Logan is standing and I am barely touching him

Monday while the kids were at school I cleaned all day I even got a chance to clean there room and got rid of alot of things that they will not even miss. The Loft is a different story there are toys and puzzles and books everywhere, I went on line yesterday and bought some more storage which is much needed.

Yesterday we were gone all day Logan had Speech and Occupational Therapy he is just doing so good he imitates alot of what I say, He is starting to say Peas (Please). His vocabulary has really improved even though he is not saying the complete word you can still understand what he is saying. Speech Therapy is really paying off. He can now say My (mine), bye bye, night night, Nana, Papa, Dada, Mama, La La (Elizabeth), Uh Oh, Pur (purse), Hi, Up, Purple. I know there is a little more I just can not think of them right now. I have been teaching him to sign for some time now and he finally mastered "All Done". Every time he eats something or is done playing with a toy I say are you all done and he will sign for me. I just love it. Logan is also standing with support for 2 minuets. The other day I had him stand up and I held his hands and he took one step foward, you should have seen me I was screaming with delight.
And when it comes to playing with toys he can take a car and run it back and forth on the rug, he does the same thing with the Airplane, but I am trying to teach him that Airplanes go in the air :) Logan has really been making strides these past few months.

We also went to see his Neurologist to get the results of the MRI and something new showed up on the MRI it showed that there is a Developmental Delay which we already new. Other than that everything is fine so we go back in 8 months. The reason we had the MRI was because the Doctor wanted to make sure that after his last Heart Surgery in August nothing was going on in his brain.

Alicia stayed home from school today she woke up this morning saying her stomach hurt really bad so she is on the couch resting, Later on we will be doing her homework.

Richard is doing really good he has been able to work every day these past few weeks, If he can make it through the Winter Season which is the slowest in the Freight business he will do just fine.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year !!

Happy New Year Everyone, I hope you all had a great night.

I was able to make it till 12:30am then I went to bed. The fireworks were so much better this year then last.
Richard got home this morning and slept for a couple of hours he is now up. I was able to call him last night and we rang in the New Year on the phone together :)

After my parents left at 9pm, The girls and I went to our Neighbors next door they had a fire pit in the Drive-way and everyone was roasting smores, alot of people from the neighborhood showed up and we had a great time we were there until 11pm. We have awesome neighbors.

Today Richard is going over a Neighbors house to help him set up his stereo equipment then we will be heading over my parents house to have dinner and visit.

Saturday we will be taking all of the Christmas Decorations down. A friend of mine is engaged so we will be going over her house to met the new guy and have dinner over there. So we have a busy weekend ahead of us.

Some people have emailed and called me wanting the cake recipe I made last night so here is the link all you need to do is click on it. ENJOY

Banana-Sour Cream Cake recipe at

Hope everyone enjoys there long weekend.