Monday, August 31, 2009

Well my hubby went back to work tonight ): I am so sad, I miss him already. It was so nice having all the help, Richard carried Logan everywhere all week long. Because of his Heart surgery we have to pick him up and carry him like a newborn and him being 27lbs is really hard on my back he is so heavy. We have to do this 6-8 weeks until his chest heals or we run the risk of it opening up again and not healing properly.

Saturday Logan's Respite nurse came over while we all went to the Harvest Festival we had a really nice time there were arts and crafts and they had a puppet show for the kids and a tea party the girls loved it.

Sunday we stayed home all day with Logan and loved on him, he is healing real nice, but he has been having a really hard time with constipation ever since he came home last Tuesday. His tummy is bloated and hard and he is just screaming all the time.
So I took him to go see Dr Rhee this afternoon and he told me to vent him more which I already do and give him nothing but Pedialyte for 24 to 48 hours then slowly put him back on his normal feed and if this does not help then they will do a stomach x-ray.
I have been giving him 10cc of prune juice 5x a day to help him poop and it dies help he goes 2-3 times a day and he is still in pain so maybe he is having a hard time adjusting back on his feeds and from being on so much medication. We will see if this helps.

This morning we went over to the Cardiologist to have his Coumadin levels checked and they upped his does again, we go back again Friday to have them checked to make sure he is getting enough.

The girls are doing good, just bringing home alot of homework.
It has been hard getting back in the groove of things, having 3 months off of school was so nice, When we get home from School at 3:30 it is non stop.
The kids have tones of homework then I make Dinner, then we eat dinner then it's time for bath then bed time there is nothing in between. My kids are in bed by 8:30pm if they are not they do not know how to function in the morning and don't want to get out of bed in the morning. UGH

Friday, August 28, 2009

Well Logan is doing better every day, Wednesday night was another bad night, but last night he only got up once for an hour and just screamed. I think he is having pooping problems because one of the side affects of Codeine is Constipation and he already has that problem with no help at all.
This morning all he has been doing is grunting all morning long, I feel so bad for Logan I wish I could take his pain away.
He has been doing a little more, yesterday he scooted on the floor a couple of feet, he still can not sit up on his own it is to painful.

We went to see the Cardiologist yesterday he had an Echo and EKG and both are fine. They also did a finger prick to check his Coumadin levels we found out we have to give him more, he was not taking enough. We go back Monday for more blood testing. They also put him back on Lasix because he has fluid in his lungs.

Richard's Birthday was yesterday we just stayed home because of Logan but tonight I have a Respite Nurse coming over to watch Logan and the girls so we can go out to dinner and a movie.

Richard has been on Vacation for the past 2 weeks because of Logan's Surgery, He goes back to work on Monday. It has been really nice having him home and having all this help around the house. I am going to miss having him around all the time.

We are not closing on the house today because of the seller (bank) apparently someone was sick and that has stalled things up so they did an extension and hopefully we can close next week, I swear it is always something.

Thanks for checking in on us.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Here he is watching Yo Gabba Gabba

Logan is doing pretty good, We had a really bad night last night, He was up every 2 hours just screaming in pain and of course I was crying because we could not do anything for him. I was giving him Tylenol every 4 hours and it was doing nothing for him. So first thing this morning I call the Cardiologist and ask for something alot stronger so they gave him Tylenol with Codeine and that seems to be helping, Poor little guy every time he is in pain he just rubs his chest.
He really can not do anything at all.

Our Home Care Nurse came today to look at Logan and his lungs are still not clear but as long as he keeps up coughing up that junk he will get better.

The girls are doing great, they love school and all of there Teachers. Unfortunately they will be changing schools in 2 weeks.
Also today at school they were given a free backpack loaded with school supplies, I thought that was pretty cool.

Thank you for all your prayers and for checking in on Logan.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Our Baby is finally home

Richard is reading Logan Yo Gabba Gabba
Book Kathy bought him, he just loves it.

Before we were discharged, Logan was so happy
to be leaving.

Yes can you believe it, I cannot. We walk into his room this morning and we are told we can take him home today, I was like are you sure it is not to soon and they said nope he is doing so good, other then throwing up all of his feed which is normal.
So we are finally home and his tummy and feet are still a little swollen but he is doing great. I just can't believe he was only in there for 6 days. He is having a hard time though he is in pain and hurts him to sit up or scoot around so Richard has been holding him and we just put him in his chair so he can play with some toys, he really can't do anything I feel so bad for him.
They sent him home on some meds Enalapril which they upped his does to 5.0ml I was like wow that is alot but his blood pressure has been really high and since his Iron is low they have him on 1.2ml and Coumadin for six months until he goes in for his heart cath to remove the Fenistration then he will be on Aspirin.
Thursday he goes in for his COAG Studies (blood work) this is to measure to see if he is taking enough Coumadin. Then next week we follow up with the Heart Surgeon.

We will also be getting home health care for Logan to make sure no fluid gets in his lungs and he heals properly.
Since Logan could not keep in any of his Pediasure they were giving him they just decided to put him back on his normal feed Nutrin Jr with Fiber and forget about the Low Fat Diet.
Oh and we also got our car back today it turned out to be the Brake switch was blowing all the fuses so we also get our money back that we paid 4 weeks ago we are so excited.
We are having a couple of problems with the FHA loan but everything is getting worked out, I swear to you they want to know every single detail of your life. I cannot wait until it is over.

Thanks so much for all of your prayers and checking in on Logan we love you all. Karen

Monday, August 24, 2009

Richard was able to get a little smile out of him

Logan fell asleep holding daddy's finger

Here he is reaching for bubbles

Girls First day of school

As of 4pm today Logan is doing really good, They were going to try and put him on 7oz of pediasure then 45 minutes later give him an ounce of water. They will be doing this every three hours 5 times a day.

He finally got his pace wires and all of his chest tubes out today, Dr Ciccolo said they were not draining that much. But they did up his Lasix and his tummy is very bloated he has alot of fluid in there. Also his blood Pressure was very high when we got there this morning 175/104 so they upped his Enalapril and his blood pressure came down to 125/88 it is still high but much better.

After the nurse brought in some bubbles Richard was able to get him to smile and even sign "more", for more bubbles and laugh a little. Around 1:30 he started screaming and you could tell he was in so much pain so they gave him some morphine then pulled out his chest tubes so by the time we left around 2:30 he was finally asleep.

From there we went to pick the kids up from school and they had a great day. Alicia has 2 pages of homework on the first day and Elizabeth has none. I cannot believe they are in third grade.

Thanks so much for all of your prayers and checking in on Logan.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

As of 5pm today Logan is coming along just fine. He is doing so good and he is such a fighter.
Right now he is on a continuous drip of 50cc's an hour of Pediasure. The nutritionist is going to come by Monday morning and figure out his feeding schedule as far as how many calories he Can have and how many ounces he can have because of his Low Fat Diet for 6 weeks.

He is not on any pain meds right now, just his heart meds and Antibiotics because of the chest tubes. He did test positive for MRSA in his Poop but it is not an infection, Because he has had it twice in the past and they say once you have had it you are at a higher risk to get it again. But he is not on any meds for the MRSA. We just have to wear gowns when in the room.

I talked with Dr Ciccolo today and he was saying that the Pace wires and one of the chest tubes will be coming out Monday afternoon and the other two chest tubes will be coming out Tuesday and the good new is there is a chance of Logan coming home Thursday. I was so excited to hear about that. We sure do miss that little smile and him saying hi all the time.
Tomorrow the girls start school which they are not looking forward to but I am, They have been really bored this past month and it will do them good. They will only being going to there current school for 3 weeks then we move and they will be going to there new school.
We are expected to close on Friday and after everything is finished on the new house we will be moving in the second weekend of September.

Thanks so much everyone for all of your prayers and for checking up on Logan.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Logan is doing really good, This morning they took out the Arterial line and they had to stop his feed again because he was not tolerating it. So they started it back up again.

Then as of 5pm they took the Pic line out of his neck and put him on pediasure 10cc's every hour and so far he is doing really good he should be able to get the chest tubes out in three days. They do not have DVD players in the room so they brought one from downstairs and I was able to put in Yo Gabba Gabba and he is doing great, OF course he gets fussy alot but his color looks awesome and he is sleeping a little better.

His Heart rate is in the 150's and he is on 1 liter of oxygen now and sating around 85.

Here are a few pictures I took today.

Richard and I are in good spirits knowing that he is doing so good, But I have my moments. I miss him so much, not being able to stay with him 24/7 breaks my heart. I have crying spells alot. But I just keep on praying.

Thanks again for all your prayers they are working

Friday, August 21, 2009


Logan is doing good right now, Since he has been off the Vent he is very mad and kicking he even tried to get up once while I was there. He no longer has a fever and his heart rate is back to normal around 140's. He is on half liter of Oxygen and sating around 85. They do have him on alot of drugs and antibiotics. He was getting 20cc's of pedialyte every hour, but around 1pm he started gagging so they stopped that. And around 5pm they started him back on pedialyte 20cc's every hour.

Because of the Fontan heart surgery they had to do a certain procedure I talked about it earlier and I found out the name of it, it is called a Fenestrated Fontan Operation if you google it, it will tell you all about it.

My mom dropped off the girls at the hospital for me and while she was there she tried to love on him and I thought for sure once he saw Nana he would be happy, but all he did was throw a fit and boy was he mad.

Also they have put Logan on a very strict Low Fat diet, because of the kind of surgery he had they do not want him taking in alot of fat at once. This special diet will last about 6 weeks and he will be on Pediasure with fiber along with Polycose.

He still has 3 chest tubes draining and an arterial line in his neck. I did take a couple of photos but covered up his chest.

The Dealership is finally going to give us a loaner to drive around while they figure out what is wrong with our car. I had to go to upper management to make this happen.

Thank you so much for all your prayers.
First off I want to thank my very good Friend Kathy for coming by the hospital yesterday and bringing lots of goodies for Logan and the girls. They are really enjoying all of the games. Thanks so much Kathy for your support, You really helped me get through this by talking to me.

I have an update as of 6:30am this morning Logan was taken off of the Ventilator and is on Oxygen. His fever has gone down and also his heart rate. His heart rate is in the low 160's.
All of the prayers are really paying off, please keep them coming.

I will update later on today. Thank you everyone we love all of you. I did take some pictures of Logan but I do not want to share them they are very sad looking, when He gets the chest tubes out I will post some beautiful pictures of my baby boy.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Thanks so much for all of your prayers, Logan is doing good right now. The surgery only took 3 hours better than expected. We were finally able to see him at 8:30pm. He came off of the bypass machine just fine. Logan also had some bone protruding out of his chest and they were able to go in and shave it off, They found out that is was Cartilage. He had the Fontan Shunt put in just fine. They were also able to close his chest up.
I forgot the word for it but they also cut open his heart and made a small hole and put in a wire thing to help him heal faster. Six months from now he will go in and have a Heart Cath and they will be able to remove it and then close the hole and when they do this he will be able to SAT in the high 90's, But until then we will be sating in the low 80's. He will still have a big hole in his heart (VSD).
We did stay with him for a little while he is running a fever right now and his Heart rate is very high in the low 200's. When I left they were giving him 2oz of Volume to help bring down his heart rate. There goal is to get him extubated by the morning, They like to do this because of the procedure that was done. After extubation he will be on Oxygen.

We will go back in the morning and spend the day with him.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Well So much has been going on lately, I still do not have my car they know it is electrical but can not find out why it is not starting.

I was out all day today with my Mom she was taking me all over town to Logan's Doctors appt and pre-op appt for his surgery.

First Appt was with his Neurologist for a check up, She told me he has C.P which I already new but this time she said he has Hypotonic Cerebral Palsy so when I got home I googled it and everything they say fits Logan to a tee. We go back in November to have another MRI to see if there is anything else wrong. She wanted to wait until after his Heart Surgery to see if they are going to find anything more. His last MRI was last year in May and we found out then that he had a Stroke on the left side of his Brain.

We then went over to the Hospital for his Pre-Op appt. there they did an EKG, Urine, Blood and chest X-Ray. After 2 hours we were able to leave.

I then had to go take care of some business for the New House, Nothing has changed we are still closing on the 28th so far.

Richard starts his Vacation tomorrow for a week and half which is great we are really going to need each others support.
These past couple of days have been so hard on us, it is just coming so fast 2 days away, as I sit here and type there are tears in my eyes, I am so scared. But I know that God will look over my little baby boy and take care of him. You don't know how much it means to me to have all of you Heart Mom's out there, and your support it really helps me get through the day because you know exactly what I am going through. Thank you so much I love all of you.

Logan will go into surgery Thursday at 1:30pm it will take 5 hours so by the time he gets into his room I am thinking it will be around 8pm. I do not have a laptop so I will not be able to post until I get home Thursday night which will be very late.

Thank you again for all your support and prayers. They said he will be in the Hospital for about 10 days.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Happy 10 year Anniversary Baby, I cannot believe it has been 10 years since I have been married to my wonderful Husband. I woke this morning to flowers and a beautiful Card. We will not be doing anything because my car is still in the shop and all of our money will be going to fix the car and into our new house:(

Logan went and saw his GI Doctor today for a check up everything is fine we go back in 3 months.

The girls are doing great and cannot wait to go back to school they are sooo bored.

I am doing alot better, still coughing and sniffing but alot better.

Richard is doing good he is going to try and work this weekend.

Oh and did I tell you Logan had a great night last night, he ate really good by mouth a little Chicken, Beans and Bar-b-que chips he was all over it, and he was able to keep it in... YEAH

Here are some more beautiful pictures of my baby boy.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Well here are some of the pictures that got taken at Picture People on Saturday it took him about 10 minutes to warm up after that he was off....
Sunday we celebrated his birthday he really enjoyed his cake we just cut him a piece and put it on his highchair and let him go at it, I will post more pictures tomorrow of that. His sisters helped him open his presents, we had a really nice time.
Then Monday I woke up with a really bad head cold and have been feeling crappy ever since. I take naps during the day when Logan does. I got a cold from Alicia but hers is not that bad at all and she is doing fine.
So I send Richard to CVS on Monday afternoon to get me some meds and on the way there my car starts acting up again yes again so he takes it over to the Auto Shop, the same thing is happening that happened last time we know it is the electrical and they told us they would not even look at it until next week I was like what and I better not have to pay another $330 to get it fixed again, I am just so upset.
Also Logan's Heart Surgery is being moved up to next Thursday the 20th. He will be the second one so he will not get operated on until around 1pm and it takes 3-5 hours and by the time he gets a room it will be around 8pm.
The reason I had it moved up was because I got a letter from medicaid saying that Logan will no longer be covered as of August 31st, and as you know that is one hefty bill, that is his secondary insurance. Now I have to apply for Katie Becket and I don't even now if he will get that. So by doing this we are saving alot of money.
I just am really stressed out having to deal with everything at once the New home, me being sick, still have lots to pack, car broke down again and Logan's surgery so close. I just feel so overwhelmed. I am doing everything I can to keep Logan healthy.

Saturday, August 8, 2009


Happy Birthday my little man, I cannot believe how far you have come over the last 2 years. As I think about all you have been through and what you are about to go through brings tears to my eyes. You are the light of my life, and I treasure every moment I have to spend with you.

Here are some pictures from when he was two weeks old before he went to the hospital and had to have all of his Heart surgery's.

We will be celebrating his Birthday Sunday at my parents house of course it will be Yo Gabba Gabba. Today we are going to have his pictures taken at Picture people I will post this week all the pictures that were taken, I hope they turn out good since he was up at 5:45am.

Thank you for checking on on our beautiful family...

Friday, August 7, 2009

Yesterday Logan had P.T. in the community it took him about 15 minutes to stop screaming then he did really good standing and he even used a walker and took a couple of steps with help of course. Then we came home because Shirley from N.E.I.S. came over to weight and measure Logan. He is 25lbs 8oz and 35 1/2 inches long.

Today our wonderful P.T. Nora is coming over from NEIS. She is so awesome and Logan adores her.

I took a couple of pictures of Logan crying because I would not let him watch Yo Gabba Gabba yesterday, He had already eaten and watched 3 shows that was enough T.V it was time to play and he did not like that at all. I know you all are thinking I am such a mean mamma.....

Hope everyone has a great weekend.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Well I finally got my SUV back on Monday and I am so excited, As Alicia says now we can go places...

It only cost me $330.00 it turned out to be Electrical because of my Anti-Theft system is what caused the short so they had to disable it in order to fix it, So I will be going by Best Buy to have a different one installed.

The kids are doing great, tomorrow is there last day of swimming lessons they will be having a little party to celebrate.

I went and got Logan's hair cut today, of course it was traumatic for him.
Saturday is his 2nd Birthday so I will be going to have his pictures taken at Picture People I just love them they do such a great job.

Richard has been doing good, he has been working every weekend as long is there is work out there.

Here are a couple of photos of the kids. Thanks for checking in on us.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Not much is going on around here. Richard worked this weekend and got home today.
I stayed home all weekend long and did Laundry, Dishes and watched HGTV.
My SUV is in the shop, we are having problems again. Wednesday night on the way to take the girls to my Mom's house so they could spend the night, I ended up taking it to the shop because when I started it up again the A.C. was blowing out hot air and the RMP gauge was going wacky. Well when I got there and dropped it off it would not start again so they rolled it back and have been working on it since. They said it is an Electrical issue so they are charging me $330.00 to just look at it and go deeper into finding what is wrong with it. The warranty ended 6/27/09 so we are stuck. I am hoping to have it back sometime this week.

The house situation is coming along just fine so far, they are in the process of having it Appraised we should find out something this week.

The girls are doing great in there swimming lessons this Thursday will be there last day, if I can remember I will bring my camera with me I will take some pictures.

Logan is still not him self, just laying around not doing much.
Thanks for checking in on our family..