Friday, May 29, 2009

This morning Logan had Therapy Michelle his Developmental Specialist came over he worked on trying to pull toys apart, you know the vegetables that have Velcro on them, I love those things. He also worked on getting on all fours and standing he did pretty good today no meltdowns :)

After that I headed on down to Old Navy they are having a killer sale 50% off of clearance items, I got a couple tank tops for the girls and some winter clothes for Logan, I even picked up some headbands for myself. I just love good deals...

Later on after nap time Mark his Speech Therapist came over and watched Logan eat. He wanted me to try and hook him up to his G-Tube while he is getting feed by that he wanted him to try and give him some cheese puffs and Ritz crackers by mouth, I was telling Mark this is not going to work he is just going to gag and throw up. Well Logan showed me, he did not even gag or throw up I was so excited so we are going to start trying that. Sit him at the table while he is being feed by G-Tube and give him food by mouth at the same time YEAH..

Then we headed on over to Dance class it is a Hip Hop class with Choreography, It teaches them coordination which my girls badly need. I thought they did OK. This is what the girls told me they like the class but do not want to go back Alicia said the music is to loud and Elizabeth said there are to many moves to learn I told the girls give it a chance this is your first day. Plus I already paid for a months worth so you have to go.

Because of Richard's change in work hours I took Logan with me he did really good sat in his stroller for the entire hour. There were some boys sitting next to us and they started to eat some candy Logan looks up at me and goes Mama uh oh and just stares at the boys eating there candy then Logan starts to reach for the boys because he wants some of there candy, Logan kept on saying Mama Mama I told Logan no candy he just looks up at me and shrugs his shoulders.
So I gave him a package of Huggies wipes to chew on...

Because I am to lazy to cook and it is almost 6pm I went to Taco Bell for dinner of course the girls did not argue with that.

That is the highlight of my busy day. Thanks for checking in on our family.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Not much went on today, Logan had Therapy out in the community today he did pretty good except for one tantrum.

Richard got a call today from work they cancelled one bid run so that meant they had to rebid all over again and it goes by seniority and Richard is third from the bottom of the list. He had a choice of running to Tonopah, NV which is where he goes now but it would be at a later time than he currently goes or being on extra board which means he would maybe work every other day if that.
So of course he picked to go to Tonopah and leave at a later time. This will be really hard on me I will be single again :(Don't get me wrong I am very thankful he still has a job.
His out time is 11:30pm and he should be home around 10am. And by the time he gets to bed he will be waking up much later than before. It will just take some time getting used to doing things without any help. I guess that is the life of being a Truck Drivers Wife.
The girls have there Dance class tomorrow afternoon I will try and get some photos.

There was a family that contacted me through my blog a few months ago. They found out that there son has a Heart Defect he has ASD and VSD he also has Down Syndrome he was born last week and is doing much better than the Doctors anticipated he is in the NICU and should be going home Tuesday. They are always emailing me letting me know what is going on with there son. I am very grateful I was able to offer them some support. They emailed me this video and I had to share it with everyone, every time I play it it brings tears to my eyes. Baby Noah will only have to have one Heart Surgery in October to correct his Heart Defect.

Standing Outside The Fire (video) Video by Garth Brooks - MySpace Video

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Mark, Michelle and Amy came over from NEIS today for Logan we were working on his speech. Mark comes back out this Friday because we did not finish everything we started. I am wanting Logan to learn how to chew and he will be showing some technique's.

Tonight the girls had there cooking class they loved it but for $58.00 a child I expected a little more. I thought they would be at there own station but they all sit around this steel table there are 19 kids in this class there should only be 16 it was very crowded. The classroom is one big window so you can see inside, so I sat out and watched them. They made Waffles, Elizabeth got to stir and Alicia got to put a cup of flour in the bowl. They take turns going up and with 19 kids in the class there is not much time for anything the class is an hour long. The girls had fun so that is all that matters. When they are done they do get to eat what they cook.

Logan stayed home with Richard so that helped me out alot.

Hope everyone is doing fine, sorry for the short update but I have lots to do, phone is ringing bye.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Holding his nose saying NANA

He loves going in his sisters room taking all the books down

We had a really nice and relaxing weekend. Richard got home Saturday morning from work and stayed up he did not get any sleep because he took me to the movies instead we went and seen two movies Wolverine X-Men and Terminator Salvation very good movies. Then we went over my parents house to celebrate my Dad's Birthday we had a Bar-b-que it was really nice. The rest of the weekend was spent at home resting. This morning I had my last Dental Appt. They put in my permanent crown I am so glad they are done because I ran out of money to give them:)

Wednesday night the girls start there first cooking class it is an hour long every Wednesday night until the end of June. Then This Friday night they start there Dance class every Friday night until the end of June. I will try and get some pics to post.

Everyone is doing great we are all healthy. I wanted to let everyone know that Logan's Heart Cath is scheduled for July 30th and his Heart Surgery is September 3rd. I asked them to wait until the girls are in school. Him being in the hospital really affects the girls I am hoping it will be a bit easier this way.

Thursday, May 21, 2009


This morning Logan went to see Dr. Rhee his Gastro Doc for a regular check up and everything is fine He gave me a prescription for some high calorie Juice that you can only get from a supplier and not in the store, so we should have that in a few days.
After that we headed on over to the Hospital to get his records/results from his Genetic testing finally I have been waiting since September of last year. The hospital messed up so we had to redo it again in February and 3 months later I am finally finding out that everything is fine no abnormalities which is AWESOME.
Then we came home to eat then headed back out to have P.T in the community and he did AWESOME we saw a different therapist this time well she is not really a P.T. but she is able to work with Logan as long as I see a P.T. every couple of weeks. She did lots of stuff with Logan he fussed every now and then but never cried.

Oh and also while I was waiting for his records at the Hospital Logan blew kisses and said hi to the women who was helping us and every person that walked by Logan would smile and flirt with. I don't know who that boy was with me today but it was not my Son:)

We just had an AWESOME day today all around. I just love days like this. YEAH

I will post some pictures this weekend. I have a Friend that I will be meeting for the first time we Blog back and forth that Lives in Minnesota and they are coming to Las Vegas this weekend and I am so excited to be able to meet Megan and her Husband, Her son (Elijah) also has a Heart Defect. I look forward to meeting you Megan on Sunday :)

Then Saturday we will be celebrating my Dad's Birthday which is really the 28th.

So we have a fun filled weekend planned.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Hello everyone,

Logan had his favorite P.T. Nora come over today we worked on getting him to stand by leaning him against the couch so he could grab a toy and getting him on all fours with the help of Nora he did pretty good. After that I headed on over to my Mom's house it has been awhile since she has seen him and Logan was all over his Nana. He just adores her.

Since the girls will be turning eight in June the Missionaries will be coming over twice a week to prepare for there Baptism by teaching them Missionary lessons on Salvation. I am really excited about this and so are the girls they will be baptized sometime in July. There Lessons will be Tuesday and Friday nights.

Other than that not much is going on around here everyone is healthy and doing great. The girls last day of school is June 4th and it will be half day, they can not wait.

Oh and if you can believe it nothing is going on tomorrow no appointments nothing I will be home all day, I am so excited I can actually do some scrap booking.

Thanks for checking in on us.

Monday, May 18, 2009

I hope everyone had a nice weekend.

Friday was the Spring Carnival at the girls school from 4-7pm we only made it for an hour it was so stinken hot, I was sweating my butt off and Logan was beet red and we was in the shade the whole time. It was fun though the girls had a great time and I bought 5 raffle tickets, I get a phone call Friday night saying I won four prizes from the raffle drawing I was like OMG!!! I won an IPod, In-N-Out gift certificate,One month free at Gymboree Play and Music and another gift certificate to some hotel and casino for Dinner for two. Last year when we went I also won. I was so excited. Richard thinks I should hit the strip :) I go today to the school to pick up my prizes.

Saturday we went and did some errands and took the kids to Chuck E Cheese for four hours Logan did really good of course when Chucky came around he cried, I even tried to put him on a little kiddie ride and he also screamed but other than that the girls had a great time. It was so funny when the Pizza came I was feeding Logan a tiny piece at a time and he loved it, well Alicia was sitting right next to him and when she was not looking Logan grabbed her plate and when she turned around she grabbed it back and said MINE well Logan in turn also said (MY) which is mine so this went on for about 5 minuets Alicia would say mine and then Logan would say mine it was the cutest thing to watch. He is just blossoming everyday.

It was a really nice weekend oh and very HOT 106 oh I am an A.C. Baby...
Hope everyone has a great week.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Wednesday was a fun day while the kids were at School my Mom and I went shopping all day long we went to the Las Vegas Outlet Mall I Love to shop, well walk the mall. We also hit the Disney Outlet but could not find anything.
Today was a busy day This morning Michelle from N.E.I.S came over and Logan really did not do much at all. She put him on all fours then put him on his stomach after he rolled himself over he threw a huge tantrum for 30 minutes. So Michele and I talked for awhile until Logan calmed himself down and he eventually did. He is just a stinker poo.
After that we headed on over to the Heart Center we got a call a couple of weeks ago saying that Logan has to have another RSV shot only a select few were picked they told me. So he was mad at me all the way home and when we got home I tried tube feeding him and he just cried so I said you want to go night night and he stopped crying and just looked at me so that was my cue to put him down for a nap. After throwing his tantrum and screaming after his RSV shot he was worn out.
After School I took Elizabeth to see her ENT for a regular check up and everything is fine with her ears no fluid. Her Right tube has fallen out of her ear canal, Her left one is still in there.
Since we came home late we had Taco Bell for dinner that is Elizabeth's favorite place to eat, Did homework, took a bath and now I am going to read them all a story and tuck all three of them into bed.

Thanks for checking in on our beautiful family:)

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Logan is watching YO Gabba Gabba

Logan's Wonderful P.T. Nora came over today he just adores her now....
We are working on him putting pressure on his feet and getting him to stand with support. He did pretty good for about a minute.
I stayed home all day and cleaned the house did Laundry and some Dishes.
The Girls 8th Birthday is coming up in June so I need to go do some serious shopping real soon.
Nothing much went on today the girls came home from school did there homework went out back to play in there pool Logan decided to join them for a couple of minutes he likes going into there pool but not his own. So I just sat out and held him in for a short bit. He loved it splashing, now if I can just get him used to his own pool...
It was so cute I turned on the TV to Yo Gabba Gabba earlier today and he just sat there watching it so I took a picture. When it was over I turned it off so he could take a nap and he just started crying so of course I turned it back on and played it again (I just love DVR).
All three of them are watching it again right now. I better get going so I can put Logan to bed he did not get a nap today because he was to busy watching his favorite TV show.......

Monday, May 11, 2009

Richard worked Saturday and got home Sunday. Saturday I went to my Mom's house and we went shopping all day, We got Logan some clothes the girls there got there summer sandals. I also bought them a pool just a small one for the backyard. It has been so HOT here in Vegas this week will be around 96 and by Saturday 104, I am not ready for summer because it is still Spring. Can you imagine what Summer will be like....

Sunday Richard and the girls bought me some Roses and made me a chocolate cake, it was delicious. We spent the day together as a family it was really nice. Later on in the day the girls went swimming in there new pool. I also put Logan in his little pool and he screamed I don't know what it was but He did not want nothing to do with it. So I am going to try again tomorrow.
Also Richard bought me a Cricut for when I scrapbook I used it already and I just love it.
The Girls made me a picture frame at school it is so cute.
They finished the night off by making me Dinner it was a really nice day.

This morning Logan had P.T. out in the community he did great up until the Therapist started to make him work. We are trying to get him to sit on a stool at a ninety degree angle and he does not want to do that. We are also trying to get him to sit sideways in order for him to get into a crawling position and he screamed and screamed. He is a little stinker every time she makes him work he just breaks down.

I have some big news Logan is really starting to imitate words you say. I say Logan "I love You" and he will say I ah you it is the cutest thing. He will also say woo woo for "Woof Woof" he says "HI" and "OUT" "BYE BYE". He is finally starting to say "PAPA" my Dad is so excited. He has really come far on his speech.

Thanks for checking in on our family.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

On all fours for 5 seconds and not happy about it

Today was a very busy day. This morning Logan had O.T. Robert came over, he wants him to start challenging himself with toys and puzzles. So Michelle brought over a 3 piece puzzle with big nobs he loves it he played with it all morning. So I will be out looking for toys at Savers to challenge him.

After that I went shopping for some spring clothes I really needed some more shirts and Capri's. I found some I really liked.

Then I picked up the kids from school a little early because Elizabeth had her Doctors appointment to see Dr. McKnight. Her allergies and Asthma are getting worse with all of the medicine she is on he wants her to start taking Allergy eye drops. She is getting worse every season. Her eyes are really red, itchy and watery. Her last skin test was 2 years ago so he wants her to have another one done in June to see if she has any more allergies.

On the way home in the car Logan threw up everywhere. I was just in tears. I was out all day so I had him hooked up to the feeding pump so he was moved around alot in and out of the car. This summer is going to be a busy one for us. I have the girls singed up for alot of activities to keep them busy. I don't like them being felt like they are left out because of Logan always getting the attention which I try very hard not to. But as you know having a special needs child takes up a lot of time. So anyway it was just a very tiring day, I hate it when he throws up it's almost like what is the point. Thanks for checking in on our family and listening to me babble.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Well not much went on today, I went and got my Hair cut today finally. I absolutely love it....
This hair style fits me perfect :)
We went out to dinner tonight and Logan decided to show off which he has never done in public before. He was sitting in his high chair tilting his head back just laughing and making loud noises. We were laughing so hard we were trying not to be to loud, Everyone was staring because Logan was so Loud. I thought it was the cutest thing.
Nothing else to report the girls are doing great, all three of them just got done watching Yo Gabba Gabba Logan is addicted to it but only when he is sitting in his bouncy seat eating. He really interacts when the characters dance.
Better get going I have to put the kids to bed. Thanks for checking in on us.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Hello everyone sorry I have not posted in awhile it has been so crazy around here. Friday My Mom and I went shopping all day and had lunch together we had a really nice time. I also took Logan to get his Hair Cut of course it was very traumatic for him, but when it was all over he was just fine. He is so cute with his new dew and his cute little ears sticking out.

Saturday we stayed home all day and did nothing which was nice. Sunday I was not feeling well so we did not make it to Church.
Logan had his P.T. Appointment this morning. I have decided to go outside in the community to get him some extra help since RSV season is over. Today was his evaluation she did try and work with him some but he started to cry because he did not want to do any work, But in order for him to do better he is going to have to learn to work with strangers. We will be going twice a week. Yeah like I really have the free time on my hands, But I will do anything for my little Monster :)

Shirley from N.E.I.S. came over this afternoon she is a Nutritionist and she comes over every month to check on Logan to make sure he is getting all his calories. I asked her to give me some more ideas so he can gain some more weight. I want him fat for his next Heart Surgery. So I asked her if I can give him MTC Powder she has to order some so hopefully I will get this pretty soon so I can start adding it to Logan's Baby Food. Logan is almost 21 months he is 24.2 pounds and 34 1/4 inches long. For his Height he should weigh 27 lbs so he is a little under weight and Just yesterday I bumped his tube feedings to 7 1/2 oz. and he is tolerating it so far. He has his days were he will throw up for no reason it is hit and miss with him.