Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Today was our second day of School and the Teacher said that Logan did so much better today, he only fussed for half the time he was there. He was still not wanting to get out of his wheel chair (because he feels more safe) and the Teacher told me he did not want to participate in circle time but made him do it anyway.
I am also doing a little better, I felt very nervous dropping him off this morning but it will pass.

Logan is such a cutie pie when I pick him up after School I always talk to him and ask him how his day went, ask him if he had fun, did he go on the playground to play, did he play with any kids he will always so NOOO, it's just the way he says it makes it so cute. Even though he does not talk and will not respond back appropriately and only says a few words, I still treat him like a typical child.

The girls are doing good so far no homework yet, I know that will change next week. But I am just glad that they are loving school and having a good time there.

After School we headed on over to our Church today was Activity's day and the girls put on a Fashion Show all the Mom's showed up, They walked down a made up runway and showed off clothes that they were to School. It was really cute seeing the girls show off there new outfits I bought them.

Monday, August 30, 2010

So today was the first day of School I could not believe it, these past three months have gone by so fast.

I got up this morning took a shower and I just started to cry, I just felt nauseated. I was dreading taking Logan to School this morning I was so sad. Richard was home so he was able to go with me for support which I really needed. I drop the girls off then I head over to Logan's classroom and drop him off, the teacher did not want me to stay at all. So we left and of course he started to cry. I peaked through the window one last time and then we left to go home. Amazingly I was feeling good that he will have a good time. I get home and I start to cry again. I laid down for over an hour and had a nap when I got up I was feeling so much better. I was so mentally exhausted from all the crying I have been doing these past few days.

Logan goes to School from 9:00am to 11:40am. We pick him up from School and the Teacher said he never threw up and he just wined the entire time he was there and reached for the door calling my name, Other than that he did good. He did not want any snacks or nothing to drink and really did not want to get out of his wheel chair. It will take some time for him to feel safe enough to eat and get out of his wheel chair.

We came home he eat half a PB&J Sandwich, feed him some milk through his g-tube put him down for a nap which he only slept for 40 minutes.

By this time it was time to go pick up the girls from School, they had a great day. They love there teachers. They are in different classrooms again this year. Elizabeth's Teacher is a Science freak so that means she will be doing lots of Science stuff.

I hoping tomorrow Logan will do a little better. Thanks for checking in on us.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

OK So I finally have a chance to catch up on last week's happening's.

Monday & Tuesday: Was Logan's last day of therapy in the community He will no longer receive Speech, O.T. or P.T. Since he will be starting School on Monday there is just no time, he will get it in School though but it will not be the same. I am really going to miss his therapist's I really enjoyed all of them. They taught Logan so much and he has learned so much in a short period of time.

Wednesday: I had a friend come over with her kids and we had a play date all day. My Friend Katie watches a three year old during the week so she brought him over to play with Logan and they had a good time playing together except Logan did not want to share his toys with Shawn. Shawn would get on Logan's ride a long and Logan would say no Shawn mine.. Over the past few weeks Logan does not like anyone touching his toys not even his sisters. Logan has just been a little pill lately not getting what he wants and he will start to cry and throw a fit of course that is our fault because when he is getting feed through the G-Tube and he wants something we will always give it to him so he will not scream and throw up.

Thursday: I took the girls and there best friend Maddie to the Skating rink while my Mom watched Logan. They had a great time Skating and falling down :)

Friday: It was Richard's Birthday he turned 37 wooohooo... So Richard and the girls went to the movies to go see Cats and Dogs they really liked that movie. It was also meet the teacher day, I love all of the kids Teachers and I hope they will thrive in School this year.

Saturday: I planned on taking Richard out to Dinner and a movie but Logan's Respite Nurse called and said she was sick so I went to Redbox and rented The Backup Plan and Death at a Funeral. Both movies were really good.

Today is time spent at home getting all the kids ready for School in the morning, Doing Laundry, Getting School Supplies ready and talking to the kids about going back to School and getting back into a routine. Sounds like fun right....

It is a good thing we did not go out Saturday night because Logan started to get a runny nose and now is congested, I can not believe he got sick right before School is about to start. He has no fever so far but I have been giving him Pedialyte so he won't throw up. He has been getting sick a lot lately and when he does he is sick for a week. I will take him to School in the morning because I have to talk to the RN and give her the low down on Logan and I will see what she has to say. I have a feeling he will be missing a lot of School this year. (which is fine by me).

These last few days I have been having a very hard time letting Logan go to School, I can not seem to cut the cord. We went to meet his Teacher Friday and I just broke down crying ,I could not help myself. Then last night I started to cry again and now today my stomach hurts. I found out he will be the only child with a G-Tube and the only child in a wheel chair, hearing this makes me very sad. I can see it now all the other kids are on the playground playing and Logan is stuck in his wheelchair watching the kids play, just thinking about this makes me cry. He is so very different than all of the other kids there. I just have to work even harder than I am now to get him to walk. The only reason I am sending him to School is so he can interact with other kids his age and hopefully by seeing them walk to get around it will inspire him to want to do the same thing. So we will see who does more crying tomorrow me or him...

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Not much has been going on in our household this past week, which is great. love it when it is quite. The girls have been playing with there friends, enjoying there last week of freedom before School starts August 30th.

We went out to Dinner last night at Chili's and we decided to order Logan some Mac & Cheese from the children's menu. He drank 2 1/2 oz of juice by mouth threw a straw and ate more than a half cup of Mac & Cheese, he did so good and he was able to keep it all in. We were so excited. The other day for lunch he ate half PB&J sandwich. he is really starting to get this eating down pretty good. He will no longer chew on his sippy cup to get juice out he loves drinking from a straw. But he does not know how to suck on his sippy cup to get juice out, I don't understand that one. But I guess it is easier to suck threw a straw than a sippy cup. So I will be going to the store to get the sippy cup that has a straw in it for him to dink out of for School and home use. We are just so excited at how much progress he is making when it comes to eating and drinking.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Richard and I celebrated our 11 Year Wedding Anniversary on Saturday. My Mom watched the kids while we went out and had a great night. We don't get out much together because of his work schedule and the kids so we really enjoyed ourselves. We went to the movies to go see The Expendables which was very good and then we ate at Lindo Michoacan they have the best Mexican food I have ever tasted everything is authentic and they were voted "Best of Las Vegas" six years in a row, now I know why. IF you ever get a chance I highly recommend eating there.

This past week has been crazy the girls have had there friends over all week playing. Logan is doing great. He had a high fever for a few days last week so I took him to the Doctor and they gave him a Rocephin Shot and the next day the fever was gone, he tested negative for strep throat but his throat was very red they said. SO I am just glad the shot worked he had some kind of Bacteria infection.

All the kids start school in two weeks I am super excited except for Logan, because he is so attached at the hip with me it is going to be very hard to let him go. I am very sad.

Over the weekend we got all the kids there School supplies, the kids got new clothes and new shoes for School. Let me tell you kids are VERY expensive....

Here are a few pictures from Logan's Birthday party and our Anniversary cake that our neighbor made for us, it tasted so good....

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Happy 3rd Birthday Logan!!!!!!!

Logan's 1st Birthday

Logan's 2nd Birthday

Today is your Birthday Logan and Mommy and Daddy are so proud of you and all of your accomplishments, you have come so far in such a short period of time. Today is your special day. We are so Thankful to have you in our lives and count our blessings everyday you are with us.

At Three years old Logan is:
  • 32 1/2 pounds
  • 39 1/2 inches long
  • Scooting around and getting into everything
  • Can stand against the couch all by himself for a minute
  • Starting to draw scribbles with his right hand
  • Eating anything he can find on the floor
  • Loves Dora, Diego and Elmo
  • Wearing size 6 shoes
  • Wearing size 3T shirt, 2T shorts
  • Signing about 5 words
  • Loves listening to music and dancing side to side using his arms
  • Perfecting the whine for Mommy and Daddy
  • Giving lots of love and kisses
  • Trying to mimic every word you say
  • Knows all his body parts and a couple of animals
  • Can go get a toy when asked to
  • Will let you know when he is poopy
  • Becoming his own little person with a huge personality
  • Loves to play with his sisters
  • Drinking out of a straw
  • Loves to be center of attention
  • The center of our whole world

Logan is feeling a little better this morning, his fever has come down. Thanks to Tylenol and Motrin. This morning he was up at 3am talking to himself and laughing it was the cutest thing, a few times I heard him say more more and then would laugh, It must have been his guardian angle talking to him because he was laughing away. He eventually went back to sleep and so did I.
My parents will be coming over at 4pm and we will Barbecue Chicken, Eat Cake and Open presents. I will post pictures tomorrow.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Elizabeth, Alicia and Ally

Logan is not having a good time

I took the kids and there friends to the Atomic Testing Museum in Las Vegas today, it was very interesting. I just wish I could have seen and heard all of it, we were given a tour. Logan cried and whined the entire time, he was very cranky and I had no idea why. After lunch and taking there friends home, we head home and Logan is still crying. I feed him he throws up I check his forehead and no fever so I send him to bed he takes a two hour nap I get him up feed him give him some Tylenol because he is still very cranky and crying, he gets almost done with his feed and he throws up again I check his head and take his temperature and he is running a 103.3 temp. So at this point I freak out, I always worry about his heart. I give him a luke warm bath and that brings his temp down to 99.6, at this point I am feeling a little better. After about half hour of him taking a bath I take his temp and it is back up to 103.0 I give him some Motrin hold him for a bit longer then I put him to bed. I am so worried about him especially when his temp is this high and because of his Heart condition. So I will be up all night worrying about him and checking on him. Please say some prayers for Logan tonight.

Thank you for checking in on our family.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Michelle & Logan

Nora & Logan

Logan giving Kisses to Nora

Ally and Alicia

Meagan & Elizabeth

Today was Logan's last day of Nevada Early Intervention, My baby turns 3 on Sunday so he has to exit the program and go into the School District. I am very sad to see our favorite D.S. and O.T leave. They have been coming to our house since Logan was 3 months old, we all have become good friends. Nora's last visit was last week and Michelle's last visit was today. But the good news is he met all of goals we had planned for him YEAH LOGAN...
So Michelle did her evaluation on him to see were he is developmentally and after scoring Logan these are the results.

Cognitive he is at 15 months
Language Receptive 19 months
Language Expressive 20 months
Gross Motor 6 months (only because he can not walk yet)
Fine Motor 17 months
Social & Emotional 17 months
Self Help 22 months

These scores are awesome compared to last year at this time, he has doubled in everything.
Logan is really going to miss them, every time he saw Nora he would call her (Nanny) and he would call Michelle (shell). Thanks for everything you two we are really going to miss you..

After Michelle left we went over a friends house to go swimming, Logan went in the water with me and he was kicking away. The girls got to see there friends they have not see in awhile. We had a really nice time. Then we came home with two extra girls, they wanted there friends to spend the night. So this means no one will be getting any sleep because they will be up all night laughing and telling story's. We are all going to the Museum in the morning so this should be really fun :)

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Today there were no Appointments. YEAH.. Just lounging around and cutting my coupons :)
The girls played with there friends all day, While Logan destroyed the house..

So Richard started his new run Monday night were he is home every other day, And every other week he has two days off in a row. It was been really hard. Sure it is a lot more miles, but it does not compare to how much we all miss him. He could have taken a different run but it did not guarantee him working every day and this run does. I love him so much for sacrificing for his family, There is nothing he would not do for us. That is why I love him so much... It makes me sad but I cherish every moment we have together.

Logan is doing great, His Birthday is Sunday and he will be turning 3. Logan has brought such joy into our lives and we thank god everyday for this wonderful miracle. I cannot believe he is going to be three, it seems like just yesterday he was lying on that Hospital bed having open heart surgery. We are having an Elmo Birthday party just a small get together with my parents.

Monday, August 2, 2010

What a busy week we have been having. Last Thursday Logan went to the Doctor to see his Gastrologist for a check-up and everything is great, I needed to get feeding orders since he starts Pre-School on August 30th. The School was unable to give him anything by mouth unless a Doctor wrote orders for it, They do not want to become liable for anything. I cannot remember what we did Friday. Saturday a good friend of ours Son got Baptized, what an awesome little boy.

Saturday night Richard and I took turns with Logan because he was up all night screaming his head off, his night terrors are back again. If he does not wake up during the night he will wake up very early around 4:30 just screaming. I hope it gets better very soon because I am very exhausted.

I have some great news, today Logan had P.T. All by himself using a walker he took 12 steps, I started to cry again, I am just so excited. I really believe in 6 months he will be walking with a walker all by himself. So I called the Doctor and they will be sending a prescription over for a new walker. I cannot wait. He is doing better every week.

Have you seen the commercial for Zoo Pals, they are paper plates. Every time that commercial comes on he gets so excited and mimics everything they sing, it is the cutest thing ever. When the commercial is over he will say "more" so I play it over and over and over :)

Oh I almost forgot Logan just learned to suck out of a straw a few days. I have been working with him on it and he finally mastered it. YEAH FOR LOGAN :) This is such a HUGE accomplishment for him, he will take a few sips from the straw and he will tire out but still I am just floored. He surprises me everyday with what he can do. The littlest things gets me so excited.