Tuesday, April 27, 2010


look at him holding the cup :)

Richard took the girls to Circus Circus Adventure Dome over the weekend while he was there he saw a T-Shirt that had Elmo on it, Well Logan just adores Elmo so Richard had a shirt made with Elmo and had his name put on it. It turned out so cute...

Today I was running around all day doing errands and taking Logan to Therapy. Today he went to Speech all by himself I did not have to go in the room with him, he did so good not crying for me. The Therapist said he did call my name every 5 seconds but what an improvement lets see if this happens again next week :) O.T went pretty good here are a few pictures to show you all. He loves Bubbles so in order to get him to put pressure on his hands she has him lay on the swing. It worked pretty good for a few minutes but then he started crying. I think his stomach was upset because he threw up several hours before.

Logan starts his 60 hour diet again Wednesday to Friday. He has been doing pretty good at eating more food every time. So we will see what happens.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

What a very busy weekend. We have been planting some more plants in our front yard adding more curb appeal. We added two palm trees and two shrubs. We are going to order some rock to put in our front yard and the side of the house, there is already some there but we need to add more to fill in the emptiness.
Richard took the girls and went with a Neighbor friend to Circus Circus Adventure doom. This place is so cool they have tons of rides and roller coasters and the girls will even get on the scary rides. Logan and I stayed home, I put him down for a nap 3 hours ago and I think I finally here him stirring.

Logan is so cute, I have been teaching him what "COLD" means. This past week it has been in the high 50's and very Windy, to Cold for him to go outside and play on the swing and Trampoline, so I have been trying to teach him it is to cold to go outside. Well the other day I got him up from his nap and I was changing his Diaper. I used a baby wipe to wipe his bottom, he goes and says to me Mommy "Col" meaning cold. I was like you are so smart that is right the wipey is cold. I thought that was so neat he new the difference.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Yesterday and Today the girls had Activity Day Camp at Church from 4:00 to 7:15pm. They are having such a great time they eat dinner there and they have lots of activities for them to do Yesterday they made a Marshmallow gun, Tie Die T-shirt with the Primary Colors Blue, Red and Yellow. They also put a plant in a two liter bottle, Then they made some blocks and colored them. Today they have five more activities they will be doing I cannot remember them all. It is a learning experience for them.

Logan is so funny, Huggies Pull Ups has this song that comes on the T.V. called "Do the Potty Dance" and every time it comes on he dances to it the best he can, I took a video of it this morning he is to funny. He comes scooting to the T.V. every time he hears it. Don't forget to turn up the sound... Sorry I did not have the T.V. up loud enough.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Logan had Speech and O.T this morning in the community, He did really good in Speech when it was time to say good by I told Logan to say to his Speech therapist "See you Later" if you listened very carefully he said it and the Speech Therapist was amazed. His words just kind of ran together, but it was great.
Occupational Therapy was completely different he was very defiant with his Therapist not doing what he was told and throwing toys, not putting things were they should be, he was just a little stinker. He did make up for it when he ate all of his pudding all 4 oz.

Richard is out of town again this is becoming a habit which I do not like. But I cannot complain much because he has a Job and I am very thankful for that. I just really miss him. Tackling everything at night by myself is a challenge especially when Alicia has been a challenge lately her attitude has been really bad these past few months and her anger issues. I have been doing lots of praying and trying to have lots of Patience. As a friend of mine said "Patience Patience Patience".

I am starting to feel alot better just a little runny nose and congestion, but all is good.

Monday, April 19, 2010

We had a nice and relaxing weekend. We actually made it out to Church Yesterday and it was very embarrassing for me anyway. Logan was doing great and then I go into Relief Society and he starts to fuss so I put him in the chair next to me and I turn away for a second and he pushes himself back and falls right through the chair hitting his head on the wall. Every women in there turns there head and says OOOHHH, I felt like the worst Mother ever. So I get up and take him outside and on my way out the door I ended up hitting the wall and end up turning all the lights off in the room so I try to turn them back on but am having a hard time so I just walk out the door. We have been inactive for awhile and this is our first time going back to Church in our new Ward. What a way to make an impression. I think they will never forget who I am :)

So the girls are getting Baptized May 1st @ 3pm on a Saturday, we are very excited Richard will be doing the Baptism.

I have been feeling like crap all week and getting worse so after I took the kids to School this morning I decided to go to the Doctors office and I find out I have a Sinus Infection, that explains everything. So they gave me a shot in the arm and gave me three prescriptions. Eye drops, Allergy pill and Nasal Spray which tastes nasty. It says on the box to bring your head forward and spray which I did, But the taste still got into my mouth and it took an hour for it to go away. YUCK.... I could not sleep at all last night, so I was able to take a nap when Logan did today and I am starting to feel some relief. Thank goodness. I look awful red itchy puffy eyes, sore red runny nose and Congestion.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Well I still have the Yuckies, Logan is feeling better, Alicia was a pain in the butt yesterday but I still love her to death. Richard is finally home this morning. That about sums it all up....

Last night the School had a Science fair so I took the kids and the girls showed me there exhibit. Both of there classes won first place. Then we all went out to the blacktop outside and we were supposed to see stars through the Kaleidoscope but it was to cloudy, that was a real bummer and let down.

Today after School I will be taking Elizabeth to the Eye Doctor, she has been saying that she has a hard time seeing the Chalkboard and alot of other things. So she probably just needs a stronger prescription.

Richard will be working this weekend and we have a Birthday Party to go to on Saturday for one of the girls friends.

I will try and get some more video of the kids this weekend. Thanks for checking in on our family

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

This week is just flying by so fast... Richard left last night at 11pm to Tucson, AZ I have no idea when he will be back home, Hopefully he will not be gone all week again.

Logan gave me his yuckies I am now congested and have a runny nose, I have been taking over the counter medication and it seems to be working.

I was at Home Depot the other day we had to get a new screen door for the back sliding door and new Blinds for the back sliding door, while I was there I was looking at Security Screen Doors for the front door and they are running a special right now on Installation so I gave them my Deposit and they came out this morning to measure for it. I am really excited to have it installed this way I will be able to get a cross breeze going and by Electric bill will not be so high this Summer ( I am hoping anyway). I will be going over to Home Depot tomorrow to pick it out.

Logan had Speech and O.T. Yesterday morning he is doing so good. Oh I have a story to tell. I got a call from the Company were Logan has Therapy and I was told that they fired Logan's Physical Therapist and he will no longer have P.T. until Sometime in June. I was like what I loved his P.T. Jen she was so nice and good with Logan and he also liked her. This is the third P.T. we have been through, and I also had a talk with the owner to let him know how I felt about it and he told me that he was sorry and he had to fire her because they could not come to an agreement. So now they only have one P.T. working there part time and they do have 6 more P.T. that they hired but will not start until June. Well that does not help me now my gosh my son cannot even walk or crawl yet and you are taking this away from him. I was very mad and I let the owner new I was. So for now I will do the best I can for him at home with what I have which is not much.

I am so excited the girls are finally getting Baptized on Saturday May 1st. They have taken all of the missionary lessons and are ready. I am very proud of them.

Friday, April 9, 2010



Well I finally figured out out to post a video on Blogger, I am so proud of myself :) Now I will be doing it all the time...
The Girls and Richard went and got there Hair Cut today. Alicia just had about 1 1/2 inches cut off. But Elizabeth had several inches taken off and it was layered, I just love her new hair cut it is so cute.
Everyone is doing really good. Logan's allergies are still affecting him so we have been giving him Zyrtec and Singular.
Enjoy the video...If you have speakers turn up your volume

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Logan said the cutest thing this morning, I went and did my weekly shopping at CVS and when I was in the Car sitting in the parking lot I was looking at my receipt and Logan goes and says Mama GO, Mama GO I was like what did you just say. I could not believe he said that I was so excited. He is so smart :)

Logan's Developmental Specialist came over this morning from N.E.I.S Logan had his 6 month I.E.P. review. His outcome is going to stay the same. Nothing has really changed in six months except he is babbling more and saying more words. Wait that is something huge.

Richard has not been home in 2 days, they have him shuttling around everywhere. Arizona, Utah and California. I am hoping he will be home tomorrow.

Here are some pictures of the kids, It was a nice warm day today so Logan was able to go out and play on the swing and the Trampoline. He just gets so excited when you say "you want to go outside and play" his face just lights up. He loves going outside. He still has a runny nose and congestion, I am just glad it was warm out so I could take him outside.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

My new Hair Cut

Logan's snotty nose

Eating a Peanut Butter, Butter and Jelly Sandwich

This is his favorite....

Wow what a week. Monday I was in a funky mood and did not feel like doing anything so I just laid around the house.
Logan started his 60 hour diet again were he only eats by mouth and his tube feedings are all Pedialyte instead of formula, he did pretty good about the same as last time. Shirley came over today to weigh him and he only lost 1/2 lb. We will do this again in 3 weeks. We are doing this about every three weeks our goal is to get him to get used to eating more by mouth so we can get rid of this G-tube. I am hoping in a year or so.
Tuesday I was doing much better thank goodness because it was a busy day. Logan and I took the girls to School then we headed off to Therapy in the Community he had Speech and O.T. he did such a great job in Speech he is starting to say more and more words. In O.T. Logan always eats pudding, he will feed himself this is part of Therapy. He ate the entire container of Chocolate pudding 4 oz. Way to go Logan. Also while in O.T. he was able to match his colors he would put the Yellow with the Yellow and so on. He is just making leaps and bounds.
Then I dropped him off at my Mom's house and I went to go get my Haircut, I love my new haircut. Then I Picked up Logan from My Mom's house headed on over to the School to pick up the girls came home had a snack and out the door we go again. The girls had a Church Activity at someones house it was about exercising and trying to keep your body in shape. They had alot of fun.
Today I cleaned the entire house from top to bottom, my Mom came over and watched Logan for me so I could get it all done today with out distractions. I also have about 10 loads of Laundry to do today. I always feel great when I have a clean house :)
Richard is in Phoenix and should be home tomorrow.
Logan has been feeling crappy these past few days, I am not sure if it is Allergies or he is sick. He has no fever just a runny nose and congestion. I am thinking Allergies because it has been so darn windy her lately, Alicia and Elizabeth are both having problems with there Allergies also. Last night Logan woke up every hour just screaming and throwing tantrums. He finally took a nap today. The little booger has not been taking naps these past few weeks he will just lay in his crib and talk to himself for an hour then I go up and get him and later on he is a crab.
I hope he is not out growing his naps, I know the girls did when they were 2 1/2 years old. I am not ready for that :)
Thanks for checking in on our family.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter

As many of you know I am Mormon and Because today is Easter I wanted to share a little message from the First Presidency.
Richard and I wish everyone a Happy Easter. Today we will spend time with our family and eating lots of food :)

Here are a few pictures from yesterday when the girls colored there Easter Eggs.

Just click the link below

First Presidency Easter Message - LDS Newsroom

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Before his hair cut


After his hair cut

Logan went to the Cardiologist Friday for his check-up and everything looks great, He is sating in the low 90's since his Heart Cath March 1st. And that is perfect for Logan. He is 31 lbs and almost 39 inches long.

I asked the Doctor if Logan will need to have another Surgery because his Artery is very narrow and not alot of blood is flowing through. They would have to go in and put in a stint to widen it so more blood can flow through. He said he can not tell it is to soon. He will go in and do another Heart Cath in 2 years to see how he is doing. If they do have to go in and put the Stint in they would do it during the Heart Cath, very rarely do they have to open the chest up only during extreme circumstances. So now we just wait and only time will tell. His next check-up is in 4 months.

Logan is just doing awesome he is now saying two word sentences. My Momma, My Dada, My Nana, My Baby, Mama Ball. The kids and my Mom and I went to Claim Jumpers for Lunch yesterday and I gave Logan some crayons to color with, he is still learning to hold the crayon and color he scribbles just a little bit. I gave him three crayons and I kept counting them using my fingers 1, 2, 3 over and over and over well right before we were going to leave I said one and then Logan would say two and hold up one finger. It was the cutest thing I was so amazed my jaw just dropped and I got so excited even though he said two and held up one finger even though it was wrong he understood what I was doing. Logan is really starting to copy alot of what we say, when he does copy he will not say the complete word but we know what he is saying. Last week while in the car Alicia was not being very nice and called her Sister mean, Logan heard that and he said "Mea". Minus the "n". He is just so cute and full of life.

For Easter we will be going over my Mom's house to have an early dinner and have an Easter Egg hunt. This morning the girls colored there eggs and tomorrow we will play Polk Polk with them. Richard is working and will be home tomorrow.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Logan had Speech and Occupational Therapy in the community on Tuesday, The Speech therapist says he is doing pretty good. He is really copying everything you say.
Alot has been going on in this household, Elizabeth is in big trouble and on restriction until Sunday night I will not go into details because I am so mad. And Logan has been a pain in the butt these past few days his temper has really gotten to me this morning. I have just had it with all that has been going on. I went to take him to get his haircut and he just screamed and flopping around like a fish and hitting me. He has been doing that alot lately this week just smacking me as hard as he can and when he does that over and over it really gets to me.

Anyway I took Alicia to the movies yesterday and we saw "How to Train your Dragon". It was very cute and funny we both enjoyed it. I then took her to Burger King and we had lunch and I let her play there for awhile. Today I have no idea what we are going to do. Logan's D.S. from N.E.I.S is coming over this morning to work with him for an hour.