Monday, March 30, 2009

It has been really crazy around here lately. First about the kids Logan is doing awesome still healthy and doing great in Therapy. His P.T. is now coming out twice a month. Logan has finally mastered the sitting part he can finally sit up on his own for more than 15 minutes while playing with a toy. Our next goal for him is trying to get him in a sitting position from lying down and he is half way there. Logan is now addicting to his Glow Worm Doll. My mom bought him one for her house a awhile back and never had any interest in it until my Mom showed him how to push the button to make the music come on and glow. While we were at Target over the weekend I saw one and gave it to him to see if he would want it and he loved it we went to pay for it and he screamed when I took it away from him. So this is his new favorite toy he can not live with out. When you take it away he gives you this sad face and screams at you. I am telling you Logan has really started to blossom with his personality. Always saying Nana, Mama and Dada, sometimes he know what it means.
I had a meeting with the School Psychologist last week to see what areas the girls will be pulled out for Special Ed.
Elizabeth qualified for Special Ed in Math, Reading and Writing each class is 50 minuets long.
Alicia qualified for Math only the other subjects she scored to high on. They started today with there new classes and they really liked them. I am so happy that they are getting the help they need. Both Elizabeth and Alicia are doing great. They start there Spring Break next week and I told them that it is there week and we will do what ever they want. They really deserve it and the attention.
Tomorrow Elizabeth will not be going to school she has to have a hearing test done, I am hoping every thing will go good. She has been complaining that she is dizzy I am thinking that has something to do with the ear.
Richard is doing great working every chance he can.
I am doing good, I have my over night sleep study this Wednesday night.
The weather here has been so windy my allergies are kicking me in the but. Sneezing, congestion, watery eyes.
Everyone is doing great I will post photos during the week.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Just a quick update. Everyone is doing great. I have the meeting with the school tomorrow to find out which classes the girls will be going to for Special Ed.
Also Shirley and Amy from N.E.I.S will be coming by Shirley is the Nutritionist she will be weighing and Measuring Logan to see if he gained any weight since last month, I am hoping so.

I am finally able to give Logan baths again His Dermatologist said to try it out for a few weeks to see how he does. I am hoping his Eczema does not get worse.
So this is the second bath I have given him this week and every time I have given him a bath he cries when I take him out, Yes I said cry when I take him out. This is coming from a boy that screamed when I put him in... So I let him play for a couple of minuets until his lips started to quiver then is was time to get out. I am so glad he is finally used to the water. I cannot wait for summer time to come so I can buy him a little pool. I might even enroll him in a Mommy and me class for toddlers to learn how to swim.

Friday, March 20, 2009

We have lots to report today. I went to my Doctors Appt Thursday to have all of my tests done I will find out the results in 4 weeks. But I did find out the results of my home sleep study test which is 35% of the time while I am asleep I am not getting enough Oxygen and this test was done while I was on concentrated Oxygen. So sometime next week I will go to a facility and have an overnight sleep study done to find out why? I also asked the Doctor to give me a diet pill which he did for only 2 weeks. It will help suppress my appetite to help me loose weight. This is why I am having all of these medical problems. I am just very unhappy with my weight and have to start doing something about it so I am. Wish me luck....

Logan's P.T. Nora payed us a surprise visit today she came along with Logan's D.S. Michelle and Logan did so good today. He smiled and flirted with Nora this is the second good visit we have had with Nora in 2 months so since Logan is letting her touch him now she will be coming out twice a month for a couple of months. Logan sat on the big ball and went side to side without falling over. He also put pressure on his feet while I was holding him underneath his arms, Nora was holding his Bum. We also discovered a different way to get Logan into a sitting position. Since he will not let us do it the normal way by rolling him on his side to bring him up. We decided to try this and it worked. OK Try and picture this. While Logan is laying on his back you sit in front of him, you hold out your arm with one finger at an angle, he grabs it and pulls him self up at an angle while doing this he first puts pressure on his elbow then his arm then his hand and now he is sitting up, I will have to take a picture this weekend. But I was in Tears and so excited he did this all on his own with out any help from me except holding on to my finger. I figure if I pick him up like this every time then in a couple of months he should be able to get himself into a sitting position. YEAH for Logan!!!!!

Hope everyone has a nice weekend. Thanks for checking in on us.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

We had a play date today with my good friend Kathy her baby also has a Heart Defect. Little Isaac is just a little cutie pie. Logan is a little stinker he was trying to get Isaac's attention by patting him on the Bum after that Logan was trying to turn around and ended up kicking Isaac in the stomach. It took Logan about 10 minuets for him to get used to his surroundings (stop crying) after that he was good. Smiling, babbling and pivoting around in circles. We had a really nice visit. Thanks again Kathy.
Logan had his RSV shot yesterday (Tuesday) of course he screamed and that wore him out. We have one more month of RSV shots then we are done...
Tomorrow is my Doctors appt to get all my tests done and I have to fast for it. I am hoping to find out my results from my overnight sleep study test.
Other than that everyone is doing great and still Healthy Yeah!!

Monday, March 16, 2009

First I have to start out by saying everyone is finally Healthy YEAH!!!

Logan had Therapy this morning he worked so hard, He was put on his tummy and while on his tummy for the first time he pulled his legs to his stomach for a couple of seconds he only did this once but it is a start.
Oh I almost forgot Logan learned something new last week, He started clapping all on his own. Every time I praise him "Yeah Logan" he claps I think it is the cutest thing.
After Therapy I made a trip to Target to get a couple of items. I picked up some glasses for Logan because ever time he swings the sun is in his eyes. I got the kind that straps around the head. He actually kept them on for about 10 minutes. I just think he looks so cute.

Other than that nothing new to report. Thanks for checking in on us.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Just a quick post to let everyone know how we are doing.

Elizabeth is getting much better, her fever has finally dropped around 99.0 and has been that way all day. Her Asthma on the other hand is still bothering her we are doing breathing treatment's every four hours. Everyone else is doing great.

I got a call from the School Physiologist today, he was wanting to set up a meeting with me to discuss the girls test results. I asked him call you tell me if they were going to be able to be pulled out for Special Ed classes. He said Yes but could not tell me for what classes math or reading or?? I will find out more on March 25th.
So I am very excited about this they are finally going to be able to get the help they DESERVE.
It took me awhile but I finally got what I wanted for my Girls.

My Mom came over today to watch Elizabeth and Logan all day while I did some Grocery Shopping. I hit up Walmart for the basics. Then headed on over to Smith's they are having a great sale. Then on over to Sam's Club I get all my frozen foods there. Came home put everything away had something to eat then headed back out to pick up Alicia from School. Came home and did alot of Yard work out back, It was badly needed pulled weeds trimmed bushes and trees, pulled up deed grass. Tomorrow we will lay down the Sod. We have lived in the house for 3 years now and every spring we are always laying down new Sod in certain parts of the backyard. I wish I had Kathy's backyard they have fake Grass, Of course this will only be in my dreams..... Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Hope everyone is having a great week...

I took Elizabeth to the Doctors this morning she woke up with a temp of 102.0 Found out she has Sinusitis. He gave her Omnicef for 5 days and this is what has been causing her to have a fever. She will be going back to school on Monday. She has had Sinusitis before but last time she had it half of her face was swollen. So this time I caught it just in time for that not to happen again.
I got a note from the School today saying that when they tested Elizabeth's hearing last week they found her Left Ear not to be hearing certain things. I think maybe when they did this she was just starting to come down with a cold that is why she could not hear certain sounds. I am not sure, I will be calling the Audiologist next week to set up a free appointment so she can get tested again.

Also I forgot to mention I attended the PTO meeting after school yesterday. The Girls Elementary School was one of the ones that might go year round next school year instead of nine month. I went to Protest it and they decided they are going to stay nine months 99.9% sure. The reason being was they will be losing two teachers/Classrooms and because of budget cuts. I am happy about this I like them having 3 months off for Summer. They have been in Year round School when they were in Kindergarten but then got rezoned to a nine month School and I just love it.

All of the kids are in bed so I am going to follow. I am so tired. Thanks for checking in on us.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Well Last night was a very scary night for me. Alicia wakes me up at 2am telling me that Elizabeth is very dizzy and can not go back to sleep, I wake up go downstairs touch her and she is on fire I am telling you she was so hot to the touch. I get her out of bed take her temp and it is 105.8 I was freaking out, I called my Mom and she helped me out alot. I also called the Pedi and he said to bring her into the E.R I though to myself what are they going to do that I cannot. So I gave it an hour and if her fever did not break I would take her to the Hospital. I put cool washrags all over her body gave her Tylenol and Motrin every hour for a couples of hours and kept on taking her temp every half hour and every time I did her temp slowly went down. I put her back in bed with me at 4:30am to keep an eye on her. When she wakes up in the morning her temp is only 99.0 and all day today her temp has been around 100.0 and I have no clue why she got such a high fever so fast and only at night it was the weirdest thing. I am just glad her fever went down. She is congested and has a runny nose she is very pail looking, I think I will keep her home for one more day to keep an eye on her. she said her dizziness has gone away for the most part.

Alicia and Logan are doing great very healthy. I have been trying to keep Elizabeth away from them. We will see how tonight goes.

I went to the doctors today to have my Basic Physical and get results from my blood work, everything came back fine. So now I go back on the 19th to have a Complete Health Physical. He wants to give me tests that he gives people over the age of 40. Which include EKG, Chest X-ray, Basic lab studies (liver, kidney, sugar and electrolytes), Complete blood count, Urinalysis, Thyroid function, Sex hormones levels, Adrenal hormone level, Pituitary hormone level and an Abdominal Ultrasound. I was like Crap just shoot me right here and now. Oh and since my Blood Pressure was slightly elevated (because I was nervous) he put me on another Blood pressure medication so now I am on two different kinds. This is the reason I do not like going to the Doctors. My first visit was because I am tired all of the time and now look what happens.
I also have sleep Apnea so he is thinking that maybe the Concentrated Oxygen is not set high enough so they have someone coming over Friday night to hook me up to check my saturation's(sleep study) at night. So hopefully in about a month I will find out what is wrong with me.

Well I am very exhausted so I am going to go to bed. Thanks for checking in on us.

**Please forgive me for not checking in on all my Heart Mamma's it has been very hectic around here, Love ya**

Monday, March 9, 2009

Hello everyone, I had a really nice weekend. Tuesday is my Birthday I will be 37 Gosh I am getting really old!!!! So Richard treated me all weekend long. Got up Saturday morning Richard came home from work and wanted to take me out to Breakfast so we went to I-Hop, Came home so Richard could get some sleep. Saturday night my Mom watched the kids so we could go see Phantom of the Opera at the Venetian Hotel. We had a great time it was so good, I really enjoyed it and would love to go see it again... Richard got us really good seats up very close. We got home around 11:15pm so I thought I would go shopping at Walgreen's and get all the good deals before they were gone I got home around 1am. It was well worth the trip I really made out.....
Woke up Sunday morning and we all went to Denny's for breakfast after that I went to Walgreen's again and got some more free stuff.
Not much is going on around here Logan is doing great so are the girls. My mom will be coming over tomorrow to take me to lunch for my Birthday. That's it. I am glad things are getting back to normal (for now) :)

A Thrifty Mom is having a giveaway of $474 worth of coupons. Go to her blog and leave her a comment to be entered in the drawing.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Nothing much went on today. Logan woke me up this morning at 5:30am for some odd reason. So I got up and started feeding him he was making some noises and soon before you know it Elizabeth is up, I told her to go back to bed the sun is not even up yet. Of Course she did not so we sat up watched the news then around 7:15am I woke up Alicia and the kids got ready for school. I came back home did some Scrap booking put Logan down for a nap and I get a call from my friend Kathy telling me about about some more good deals going on at Walgreen's. Just to let everyone know anyone can do this anywhere. I had to do two different transactions so here is a break down of what I did and some photos.

Ensure 6-pack-- $6.99
Use two $3/1 printable coupon Apply for full rebate here.
*Total price: $7.98 mail in 6.99 Rebate price paid after Rebate .99

Nabisco crackers or cookies -- Buy 1 at 1.99, Get 1 Free
Used 20 $2/2 coupons from Sunday paper
*Total price: Forty boxes for FREE
(Picture not shown)

Buy 1 Colgate Toothpaste at $3.29,
Get back $3.50 Register Rewards
*Total price: One tube for FREE plus $.21 in overage

Fiber One snack bars-- $1.99Used two $1.35/1 printable coupon
*Total price: $1.28 for 2 boxes

Sambucol Homeopathic Cold & Flu Relief-- $12.99
Used two $10/1 coupon from EasySaver catalog
Used two $4/1 printable coupon
*Total price: (2) FREE plus $2.02 in overage

20 OZ bottle of any coca-cola product--2/2.39
Used BOGO Free Coupon Printed
Register/sign in to your My Coke Rewards account. Click on Enter Codes and type in code: 100869373819. When done it should say that you have a special offer waiting. Then you should be able to click on the Walgreen's BOGO and click through a few links.
*Total Price: $1.10 for (2) 20 oz bottles of Sprite

Glade Motion Sensor Sense & Spray--$9.99
Used (1) BOGO Free Printable Coupon @
Used two $4 coupons from Sunday paper
Used one $4 Easy Saver c/o.
*Total price: (2) free with a $2.01 profit.

Children’s Pepto Watermelon Chewable 24ct--$1.39, on Clearance
Get back $8.00 Register Rewards
*Total price: 3 boxes for FREE plus $3.83 in overage

So I spent $13.79. I received $11.50 back in Register Rewards for the next time I shop, and I will get back $6.99 from Ensure rebates.

Second Transaction:

Sambucol Homeopathic Cold & Flu Relief-- $12.99
Used two $10/1 coupon from EasySaver catalog
Used two $4/1 printable coupon
*Total price: (2) FREE plus $2.02 in overage

Glade Motion Sensor Sense & Spray--$9.99
Used (1) BOGO Free Printable Coupon @
Used two $4 coupons from Sunday paper
Used two $4 Easy Saver c/o.
*Total price: (2) FREE with a $6.01 profit.
After I left and got home I realized I used one extra $4.00
coupon and they should have not taken it but
the computer did So I really made out.

I also had to buy a small caramel candy for .35
Because I had to pay tax on everything I bought
So I spent $3.88. And that was the tax.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Great Walgreen's Deal all month long!

He was trying to pick up with his mouth

Sitting on a stool bending over to reach!

Today has been a good day. Logan had therapy again this morning, His D.S. Michelle brought over some blocks for Logan to see is he can stack them. He not not but he does try. He just loved playing with the blocks he was having a good old time just laughing away. I got a stool and sat him on it so he can lean over to pick up the blocks on the floor to gain trunk control. He did really good today. After that I went over to see my good Friend Kathy and dropped some baby food off that Logan will not eat and she was telling me about this really good deal going on at Walgreen's. Alot of you do not know this but I am a coupon freak, well my parents and Brother know and my Brother always makes fun of me for the way I use coupons and am always looking for bargains. Well guess who he calls when he wants to find something cheep that's right me :)

Anyway so when Richard gets up I run on over to Walgreen's while the kids are still in school. In the Walgreen's ad there is a coupon for Dove soap limit 3 for .99 (even though there is a limit some stores let you get away with buying more). Well they were all out Kathy was telling me to try the trial size and I did and it worked. So all you do is buy 8 of the trial size Dove Deodorant @ .99 each or 8 trial size of the Dove soap @ $1.14 Since they were out of the Regular size Dove soap I asked the Manager if I could use the .99 coupon to get the Trial Dove soap for .99 and she said yes. So I did 3 different transactions and after each transaction a $10.00 Register Reward printed out. So now I have $30.00 in Register Rewards. Walgreen's is having a sale starting Sunday buy $25.00 worth of Huggies product and get $10.00 RR, So You know were I will be Sunday morning:)
After my Awesome experience at Walgreen's I had to take the Girls to get there shots apparently they missed there 4 year old shots I do not know how that happened so I took them after school to get 4 shots DTP, Polio, MMR & Chicken Pox. Now they are all caught up. They got 2 in each arm. OUCH!

And Kathy Thanks so much for the watches I gave them to the girls tonight and they just fell in love with them. They are so excited, they said to say Thank You Kathy!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I went to the Doctors today because I have been feeling really tired all they did today was take my blood I go back next Wednesday for the test results and also to have a Physical which I have not had done in about 3 years. My Mom met me there so she could watch Logan. I swear I can not take that boy into my own Doctors office without him throwing a fit. After that my sweet Mom treated me to lunch at Fuddrucker's did a little shopping and headed home for Logan to have therapy. He did really good. The therapist has been doing the same thing lately trying to get him to roll over on his tummy no luck so we just roll him over to give him tummy time and of course he hates it. She wanted me to get out some kitchen supplies metal bowls and spoons and of course he sat up by himself for over 15 minutes he just loved playing with the spoons and metal bowl and hear he has hundreds of dollars worth of toys sitting around and he wants to play my kitchen utensils.
Elizabeth woke up this morning with her Asthma really bothering her so she used her Inhaler then I gave her Xopenex by nebulizer and by the time she got to school it had helped a little.

I better get going my show is about to start I am hooked on Lie To Me it is really good. Richard is home tonight with me to watch it unfortunately his run got cancelled tonight there was no freight. Thanks for checking in on us.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Kids playing ball

Elizabeth sleeping because of her fever Sunday

Elizabeth seems to be doing ok, But for some reason she has been running a fever all day Sunday then at night only the past couple of days around 101.6 to 102.0 and I have no idea why. When she gets up in the morning it is 99.0 so I have been sending her to school every day this week. She has been acting fine playing outside. She is a little congested and sneezing but it has been windy here the past couple of days, I am praying her Asthma does not flare up again.
Alicia is doing great she is healthy and running around causing havic :)
Richard is also doing good working every day they just picked up a new customer at work which will bring in more freight. This is always a good thing....
Logan is Logan scooting all over the place on his back, He follows me every where I go, into the bathroom, kitchen. Throwing his toys all over the place marking his territory. It is so cute to see him getting around every where and he is fast. If this boy could crawl/walk I would be in very big trouble.
I am doing good still working on my scrap booking, my supplies finally came in the mail so now I can get back to it.
Tonight I have been cutting all my coupons and filing them there are some good deals going on this week at Walgreen's and Albertsons. So I have been cutting coupons and matching everything up so I can hit the town tomorrow :)
I also have a Doctor's Appt tomorrow I have just been really tired these past 10 months I always thought it was due to my very heavy periods loosing alot of blood. But I had my last period in January right before my Hysterectomy, So I know that is not it. Maybe my Thyroid I am not sure they will probably do some blood work. I am just tired of feeling tired all the time. So we will see. Logan has therapy tomorrow afternoon also.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Are We Done Yet!

The Girls love hello kitty and wanted there picture taken

The boys are relaxing after the walk

Heart patients wore the Red shirts

Friday I went and did all my errands while Logan's respite Nurse watched him for me and of course he screamed for 2 hours straight before he stopped. She feed him and put him to bed when I got back home he was awake talking to himself so he never did take a nap. I just hate leaving him alone because he screams the whole time I am gone. But I have to let go or he will never get used to anyone but me. So this is something I have to work on...

Saturday was a great day for us all. We went to the Fashion Show Mall in Las Vegas, NV and went to "Walk with a Heart of a Child" this is one of the biggest fundraisers that Children's Heart center has. It is a 3k walk. We walked ever inch of that mall, there were so many people there. Richard was able to come he met us there at 6:45am so he could register. We woke up at 5:30am and left the house at 6:15am. The walk started a little late 8:30am. We had such a great time. The Mall opened at 10am and that was when everything ended so we decided to stay and eat at Johnny Rockets in the mall they have very good Hamburgers there. They had people making balloons there and face painting. I felt so bad for Richard because he worked a full day that night driving 8 hours and stayed up to do the walk with us. Then we came home and he cleaned the Garage because we had alot of items to donate. He finally went to bed at 4:30 in the afternoon and slept like a baby all night. I am so thankful to have such a wonderful man. I love you Baby.
Our plan today was to go to Church but Elizabeth woke up early this morning with her stomach hurting and a fever and Alicia's stomach hurting also but no fever so I hope they are not coming down with anything. I don't think I can take any more sickness around here. I am always fumigating this house.....