Monday, September 28, 2009

Wow what a weekend I spent all weekend at the new house cleaning it with the help of my Mom on Saturday and Richard on Sunday. Richard was able to work Saturday which really helped us out.

Everything is really coming along, it should be move in ready Saturday. Painting is being done today and tomorrow the new appliances get delivered.

These past few weeks Logan has learned to do new things. My Mom taught him Patty Cake so every time you say Logan you want to play patty cake he will clap his hands and throw them in the air it is the cutest thing.
Also when you ask Logan if he is stinky he will squeeze his nose
Logan used to scoot on his back everywhere to get around, but ever since he came home from his Heart Surgery last month he has been scooting on his bottom instead and he is very good and quick at this. I don't think he will ever crawl he will just go straight to walking. When I get settled in I will have to take a video to show you.

The girls are doing good. Elizabeth had a Doctors appt today to see Dr McKnight for her Asthma, it was just a checkup she is doing really good all that medication she is taking is really helping her no flair ups yet lets hope it stays that way.

All of us are going to go and get our Flu shots next week and in October we are going to be getting the H1N1 shot as well. The Doctor really wants Elizabeth to get the H1N1 shot so that she will stay healthy and have no problems.

Thanks for checking in on us.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Our New House

As of 6:30pm tonight we are officially homeowners. YEAH. It has been a very long 3 months. Richard and I are so excited we move Saturday October 3rd. Tomorrow the Carpet people are coming to measure and the painters come Monday to start painting and Tuesday we get our appliances delivered. I plan on going to the house in the morning to start cleaning my Mom will watch the kids all day while I clean. I just cannot believe that we finally have the key.

Everyone around here is doing good not much has gone on this week just hanging at home.

Richard is going to try and work again this weekend. He will take Friday off next week so we can start taking things down.

The kids are doing really good everyone is healthy and happy the girls can not wait until they get there own room and I cannot wait to decorate.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

So we still do not have the key to the new house yet, even though we signed papers last Wednesday the bank is taking there sweet time funding. I will never use an out of state lender again that is why we are having so many problems. That and the fact of the way the economy is. A few years ago anyone that had a heartbeat could get a loan and now they are so cautious about everything.

Not much has been going on around here Richard worked all weekend I went over my mom's house to visit.

The girls missed school yesterday because we were at the Dentist half the day and Elizabeth got her tooth pulled I only had them pull one tooth it was not necessary to pull all three, So the Tooth fairy came and visited her last night and she was excited.

Logan is becoming a pill and a handful. Every time he gets mad he will hit himself in the head and bang his head on the floor or his chair. I have no idea what to do about that, I try and calm him down or I tell him no and it does no good. Every time I pick him up to change his diaper or put him in his chair to eat he gets very mad and screams, bangs his head and hits himself. I am hoping he is just going through the terrible twos.

Logan can finally move him self forward on his firetruck push toy instead of just moving back words which is the easy part I am just so excited.

Also Logan finally got his bath chair which I am excited about, the top half of it comes off so only the chair sits in the tub, this is really going to help him. Pictures are above.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Well I finally have some good news to share we signed our Loan Documents last night, Since our Mortgage Company is out of California they had a notary come to our house. The Paperwork was FedEx to the lender and we are hoping to have our keys Friday night if not hopefully Monday. As it is getting closer I am getting more excited.

Today I was at my Mom's house all day and we went shopping. I found an 8'x11' area rug to put under our kitchen table since there is carpet I wanted an area rug to go underneath.

Today for the first time Logan held a spoon and fed himself Vanilla pudding, he did not get alot on his spoon but he was doing a very good job of holding the spoon and putting it in his mouth, My Mom took like 50 pictures of him eating with his spoon we were so excited what a huge step.
It was so cute at first he had no idea what to do with the spoon it took some time and after watching Mommy and Nana he new what to do. YEAH Logan.

The girls Dentist Appointment got rescheduled for next Tuesday, Elizabeth was a bit disappointed since she will have to wait to have her teeth pulled so she can get money from the tooth fairy.

Richard has been doing good, He went out to Arizona last night and had to wait three hours for his meet driver to show up, so he got home late this morning. He had a 14 hour day. He was so tired he had to call me on the cell phone and we talked for almost an hour so he could stay awake and not fall asleep on the road. My poor hubby has been working so hard this week.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

We had a nice and relaxing weekend. Richard worked all weekend. Saturday the kids and I stayed home I was feeling kinda yucky. Sunday since I was doing better I took the kids to the Park for a couple of hours and let them run around. Richard came home Late Sunday afternoon so we went out to Red Robin for Dinner and had a nice time.
Yesterday Richard and I went to the Dentist to have our teeth cleaned, That is the only time I like going to the dentist I come out feeling nice and fresh :)

Today Logan and I are just hanging out at home I have to go by his Neurologist later on to have them fill out some paperwork, I am trying to apply for MAABD (medicaid) all of his medical expenses are very over whelming and I really hope we get some assistance.

We have nothing planned the rest of the week, oh except the Girls go back to the Dentist in the morning for a little more Dental work. Elizabeth is very excited to be having her teeth pulled out so she can get some money from the tooth fairy:)

Hope everyone has a good week.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Not much has been going on this week. Still have not closed on the house and do not know when it will happen, can you tell I am upset that is a whole other story...

Logan went to the Cardiologist this morning and had his EKG and Echo, BMP Blood test and Coumadin levels checked. Everything is good the fluid in his heart is gone so they went and took him off of the Lasex. They did not get a good reading on the EKG because he was screaming his head off. He is still waking up during the night having bad dreams and just screaming for hours last night was the first time this week he slept through the night. I am just exhausted and tired.
For some reason Logan has been really attached to me this week I am not complaining I am just loving all of the love he has been giving me. He is such a sweet little boy.

The girls went to the Dentist the other day Alicia has no cavities and Elizabeth has one cavity plus they want to extract three of her teeth because they have not fallen out yet. It will be her three top teeth in front. They should have fallen out when she was seven but for some reason they have not. They do not put her asleep for that just give her some laughing gas and she will stay home for the day. She goes in next week to have this done.

Everyone is doing good and is healthy, I hope it stays that way. Everyone I talk to has a sick kid. There are so many germs going around at school.

Richard is going to try and work this weekend if he can. I am hoping he does not have to, I always love spending time with my hubby.

Hope everyone has a good weekend. Thanks for checking in on us.

Monday, September 7, 2009

This long weekend just flew by.
Saturday we went to Best Buy and bought all new Appliances for the new house.
Sunday we went window shopping all day and Monday we went to R.C. Willey and bought new Carpet for the new house then we headed on over to Home Depot and bought 6 new ceiling fans for all the rooms and a pretty new Chandelier for the living room. I had a really nice weekend because I love to shop, of course everything we bought is going for the new house which is great.

The girls were bored of course because we were in and out of alot of different stores, I am still trying to teach the girls that shopping is a fun thing but I guess they are still to young to enjoy.

Logan is doing great, but we did have a bad night Saturday night. Every once in awhile he will wake up during the night just screaming for about 2 hours nothing you do can calm him down, then all of a sudden it's like he just snaps out of it, he will stop screaming and just look at you. I think he is having night terrors/bad dreams they are so bad.

Also I found out tonight Logan loves to help mommy with the laundry, he is such a big helper he will tip the basket up side down and then throw all of the clothes across the room and when I go and retrieve them and put them back in the basket he will sit there and laugh at me. He will do this several times up until all the laundry is folded. Isn't my son so sweet.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Nothing much going on over here which is just how I like it. This morning Logan had his Coumadin levels checked they were fine, he goes in again next Friday to be checked again along with having an Echo and EKG.

The Pediatrician called today and said his test results came back negative for H1N1 Virus which I new it would be.

After the Doctors appointment Logan and I went over my Mom's house and had a nice visit we went over to Kohl's to pick up some clothes for the girls for school and ended up getting a couple of toys for Logan of course.

He is just doing so good. Finally he is off of the pain meds, he just does not need them anymore.
He is sleeping through the night now and scooting on his bottom to get around everywhere still not sitting up but he will get there.

No surprise we did not close on our house today, for some reason Escrow is taking there sweet time. They have everything they need from us. We hope to close in about 2 weeks. I swear I am so mad right now at them.

Richard and I have nothing planned this holiday weekend just staying home and spending time with each other maybe take the kids to the movies or the park depending on the weather.

Enjoy your weekend and thanks for checking in on us.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Well Logan has been home for over a week now and he is doing great. His stomach is back to normal so no X-ray YEAH.

I put him back on his normal feed but still adding a little pedialyte, still giving him prune juice to help him poop but he is just doing awesome. He is starting to get his personality back and slowly starting to sign again. He still can not get into a sitting position from laying down because of his chest but he is scooting all over the place. It's a start...

Tuesday Logan went to the Pediatrician to get his 2 yr shots and check his Iron levels, which is fine. They also checked him for H1N1 virus just because they are checking everyone at the office.

Wednesday we went and saw the Heart Surgeon for a check up and he is healing just fine. We go the end of September to get a chest x-ray to make sure there is no fluid in his lungs and another check up in October.

I have to tell you I got home yesterday from the Doctors and I gave Logan a jar of stage 2 baby food and he ate it all in 5 minutes, then gave him 4oz by g-tube. I did it again later on in the afternoon and he ate so good. His speech therapist from Nevada Early Intervention does not want me giving him any baby food but if he eats it I am going to give it to him. It is a 100 calorie jar so there are calories.

Also he is peeing like a freight train, finally the Lasix is really kicking in now. It must mean the fluid around his heart is gone. I think by the time we go in next Friday for our Echo and EKG he will be taken off of it. I am having to change his diaper every hour. He is getting rid of all that fluid from the surgery.

The girls are doing good, they are looking forward to moving into the new house so they can have there own room and keep asking everyday. From what we were told we are supposed to close tomorrow but I am not holding my breath.

Thanks for checking in on us.