Wednesday, September 2, 2015

What a day this has been! Crazy Crazy Crazy. These past few months have been so crazy busy. I was hoping when school started that it would slow down but it has not. It seems like all I do is go to Therapy and doctors appointments. This morning Logan and I were in a car accident someone rear ended me and I have damage to my car. Thankfully Logan and I are fine. My back was a little sore but I think because I was shook up.

After that I headed to Logans Therapy, then off to pick up the girls from school. From there Elizabeth had a doctors appointment with her Nephrologist. Found out she still has a single kidney stone on her left side and developed two more on her right side. It has been a year since she has seen this doctor, he took her off her meds because her kidney stones on her right side were gone and only had one left on her left side. So now we start back at square one he put her back on her medication and we go back in 6 months for another renal ultrasound.

Hopefully over the next few weeks it will start to calm down. Logan had blood work done yesterday and I am waiting on the test results I am hoping his ammonia levels come back a little bit lower.

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