Sunday, September 25, 2016

Keto Kid

It's been one week since Logan started his Ketogenic diet and he is doing good. He is already in moderate ketosis. I got some keto stripes and I check his urine a few times a week. His nutritionist in California has been very supportive we email each other a lot. The first 4 days I noticed a change in Logan since being on this diet he has stopped stuttering completely! His therapists have also noticed. It makes me feel good knowing I did the right thing by taking him to California and finding an amazing Doctor. Unfortunately Logan's secondary insurance won't cover the costs of certain things because it is out of state. 

The transition to a low-carb diet has been difficult he is only allowed 10 grams of carbs a day. It's been exceptionally hard for me to try and find recipes that he likes and will eat. The first few days was the hardest. I had to get rid of 90% of the food in the house. It made me sick. I had a good stock pile going to. But if Logan is doing this then so are we.
The way I cook has completely changed.  We are eating things we have never eaten before. It's a good thing, we are eating a lot healthier. It has been an adjustment for the girl's. I keep snacks for school in the pantry with a child lock on it and the bread is put away so Logan does not see it. I add butter and heavy cream every chance I get to his meals. The only bad thing about this diet is it's so expensive to eat very low carb. I have to shop at Sprouts and Whole Foods.
But I do have to say the meals I have been cooking taste really good! Everyone loves it! I just need to find more side items to go with the main dish. Today I made a big batch of home made keto waffles, Logan loved them! Since he can't have syrup I add a lot of butter and he ate two of them for lunch today, I froze the rest. Logan loves steamed broccoli which is good because it's one of the vegetables he can eat. He is starting to eat cottage cheese and I found these Parmesan crisps at Costco that have zero carbs, he's not too fond of them but I bought some hummus so he can dip it. I ordered some books at the library I am hoping that will help me.

We are praying that this diet will continue to help Logan and reduce his seizures.

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