Tuesday, October 11, 2016

When managing this diet it seems to take up all of my time, thought and effort. All I do is think about it, dream about it, make it, feed it and clean it up. I spend a lot of my time in the kitchen trying new recipes because everything he eats is homemade oh and try to make sure he gets around 45oz of water so he does not get dehydrated because that is very easy to do on this diet. A week ago it seemed like his urine output was not good at all. I took him to get his labs done to check on everything and he is doing good which was a relief to hear. I also make sure I check his ketones several times a week.

We are in our 4th week of this diet and it has been very difficult to manage, you can not go anywhere do anything with out making sure his meals are planned and you bring them with you every time you go on an outing. I have been really stressed out in making sure he gets everything he needs and he reaches full ketosis. And the backlash of what other people say.

The biggest challenge with a meal is always trying to figure out how to incorporate fat. Counting fat and carbs for every meal. Before starting this diet he was doing a lot better at eating by mouth but lately as I have been trying new recipes some of them he is not liking so I have to give him a g-tube feeding the new formula is called Keto-cal which has more fat and fewer calories, which I have been struggling with. I am in constant contact with the nutritionist in California to make sure he is getting the calories he needs to gain weight. I sent 3 days of Logan's food diary to make sure he is getting enough calories, I hope to here back from her today. He did have a check up with his pediatrician last week and he has lost 2 lbs.

Several people in the community that I deal with think that I am not doing the right thing for Logan, by him being on this diet they tell me that with Logan being on a high fat low carb diet that he will gain weight. Well that's not true at all. And I have also been told that he is not getting enough nutrients like fruits and other vegetables. Yes he is very restricted on this diet. He does take vitamin supplements. I have been doing a ton of research and a lot of people I deal with don't believe in what I am doing that is fine. You can voice your option all you want, but I know I am doing what is right for my son and I see the benefits of this diet and how it effects him everyday. I know that so far he is doing AMAZING!! He still has some behavior issues but is doing so much better, he has had no seizures and his stuttering has completely stopped. So I say to those people get your facts straight, research and read about the Ketogenic Diet and learn the facts before you start judging other people.

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